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Macrocosm and Microcosm

Simply put, the Universe is made of 5 great elements (ether, air, fire, water earth) and so are we! From outer space all the way down to the reproduction of our tiny cells, it’s all made of the same ingredients.

On our first day of class, Dr. Apte showed us a cauliflower and said it was the Universe. Huh. Then she picked a piece off…still looked like cauliflower. Then another smaller piece, still looked like the big one, then smaller…then she said, “This is us.” There was no difference between that tiny piece of ‘flower or the big one.

That’s how we roll in Ayurveda. Macrocosm and Microcosm are the same. So, it makes sense that when we go in accordance with nature, it is best for our mental, physical and spiritual health. The doshas are in flux during certain stages of life, certain seasons, and certain times of day. Once we learn how nature works, we will know how we work. And from there, we can always be in charge of our own health. Empowering, hey?

Gray vs. Rainbow

Hey there speedy, what’s the rush? I ask myself this question all the time. And it doesn’t always slow me down, but sometimes it does. I went to a very cool yoga workshop today, taught by Kimberly Wilson (she’s one of my hero-ladies) about finding your creativity and how creativity goes hand in hand with yoga. During a discussion, I talked about how I am in what I call, “gray” space. A cool gal in the class said, “Gray seems a little sad…I like to call that ‘rainbow’ because you have all these possibilities.”

OMG really!? I can be in RAINBOW if I want?! I LOVED that and it made me feel so alive! I thanked her and said I’d take it, so I grabbed it out of the air and put it in my pocket.

I think often we can get caught in black and white. At least for me, I am usually starting something or ending it. Start. End. Start. End. It’s very predictable yet super exciting (and annoying) because things are always happening. Now I find myself in an amazing relationship (it started and it’s not ending…) and a bit in flux career-wise. Er, where, what, when, why, how fast…all these questions constantly buzzing at me.

My mom wrote me an email that said (this is still about gray before I knew about rainbow), “Enjoy the gray…it can be unsettling until you are used to it. I might like it better than black and white. It gives you freedom, freedom to think imagine and become different as a result.” Whoa. Smart woman. I’ll take that too…yep, in the pocket.

So, I felt like I was in gray…but now I see it’s a RAINBOW thanks to kindred spirits out there. There is no rush. Life is long, enjoy it and see all the colors…and you don’t even have to pick one, you can enjoy them all. I always wanted to leap immediately out of the gray, but I don’t want to leave rainbow any time soon. Love it. Thanks cool gal in my yoga class. Namaste.

A Light Dinner

We all know we should eat a light dinner. Even western nutrition advices this.

Here’s why. Since dinner time is kapha time, agni is weak and the body cannot digest a lot of food. Our bodies are winding down for the evening and don’t want more tasks! How would you feel if you came home from work and someone gave you MORE work at 7:00pm than they gave you all day?! You’d probably put the pile of work down and say, “Forget this, it’s too much, I’m not gonna do it.” Well, our agni says the same. Agni is tired at night and starts to prepare for nighttime fasting so putting a lot of food on it will make it want to give up. And it does.

BUT! Almost always when I tell people to have a light dinner they say, “But that’s when I’m home and cooking with my family.”

I know, I totally know. So here’s my suggestion. Take the time preparing and cooking the food with your family (friends, dog, whomever). Enjoy recapping the day and each other’s company. All this positive energy and enjoyment will go into the meal (yes, energy goes into food!). Then when you sit down, eat just a small serving. And take your time! You will likely feel more satisfied from quality time with your loved one(s), that you won’t need a lot of food. Just eat enough so you are not hungry.

Your agni wil be able to handle a small amount of work (like you would emails or bill paying in the evening). You will be able to wake up refreshed, with no heaviness or grogginess. If you have problems getting up in the morning, try to lighten your dinner. It will make a world of difference.

Kapha does not mean fat!

Dude! I have to clear this up right away. Too many times I have heard, “I’m the fat one so I must be kapha.” Stop it! That’s not true!

Just because a person is a kapha does not mean they are (or should be) fat! And just because a person is overweight, does not mean that they have a kapha constitution. Vatas can be overweight because their mind won’t stop, so they may overeat to add earthy elements (subconsciously) and calm themselves. Pittas may overeat due to stress and since Pittas gain and lose weight easily, there ya go.

Kaphas have a tendency toward weight gain, but if a kapha is balanced they will be sturdy, not fat. The thing to remember is that any dosha can get out of balance even though it’s not your natural constitution. Therefore, people who are overweight may have a kapha imbalance, but they are not necessarily “kaphas.” Make good sense!?