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Journey of the Spirit

Make A Plan!

Hooray! I have been blocked, but after class this weekend, I think I know the problem. I don’t have a plan! Dr. Apte, my Ayurvedic doctor and teacher, says that actual work doesn’t take that much time, it’s the planning of the work that takes time. aHAH!

Think about it. Making dinner is easier if you already have the ingredients and know what you are going to make, right? So why not make a plan on Sunday and create a grocery list of things you will need for the week. Ta-da! So easy. NOT to mention, it is economical. We often go out to lunch not because it’s extra tasty, but because we don’t have anything ready to grab from home.

Also, what about packing your gym bag at night so you don’t forget your socks (or worse, shoes!) the next day. Plan out your vacation – I started saving a certain amount per week now so that I have money for India next December.

I have also committed to writing 4 posts a week (holy crud I actually wrote that down. That means I have to stick to it) starting next Monday. I am going to make a design plan and a posting schedule. That way, I know what I am writing about and it will be certain that the whole darn thing has flow. Yeah!

Also, it’s a great idea to make a list at the end of the work day (vata time), so that when you arrive the next morning (kapha time) you can just follow the list.

It also takes anxiety away. Just look at the list or the plan! The answers are there for you. Plan now and you won’t have to worry later!

New Year’s Blockage

Happy New Year! 2009! Yes. We are off.

For some reason I am blocked from writing. The topic of Ayurveda is intensely exciting and equally overwhelming. And I have frickin’ stopped writing because I feel stifled. So much knowledge to share, yet so little time (I feel, but really there’s decades of time. So what I am I trippin about?). It’s vata season so my mind tends to be more scattered, but truly I feel it’s my job in this life to help as MANY people as I can. And that’s a big job! Or maybe I am making too bit of a deal about it? Maybe I should just focus on one-by-one and quit worrying? Beh.

I told a dear sweet friend of mine today (he was way worried about the future and job-stuffs) to just look in front as far as the headlights go. And not to race in front of the light, because there will be darkness and uncertainty. But if you stay within the headlights you will, if even for a short time, see exactly where you are going. It brings us back to present, or at least not too far forward.

I race forward in thinking of what beautiful art, illustrations, and photos I want to create for HeyMonicaB. And the knowledge I want to share. And the time I don’t always have, to push colors and images around in the way I want. And to write everything that’s in my head. And I freeze. (i.e. vata imbalance. I totally have it)

SO! In 2009, I ask for persistence and endurance (kaphas have it, vata’s don’t). I will do my best to be more steady. I have a LOT of knowledge to share and a LOT of love to give through my teachings. You deserve to know it, and I deserve to share it.

Very good then. Tally ho! And onward to more blossoming of HeyMonicaB and most importantly, YOU, in 2009!!!