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In India

Hey! I’m in India (well, not yet but I am en route. well, not really but tomorrow I will be!). I am going with a group of Ayurvedic students and will be led by Dr. Shekhar who is the Founder of Ojas Wellness Center in Allentown, PA. I’ll be there until mid-February.

First we are going to a place outside of Chennai to work at a medical camp for 6 days. One of Dr. Shekhar’s life goals is to treat 100,000 people for free in his lifetime :) After that we fly down to Kerala where we get in-depth and hands on training for panchakarma (the fancy cleanses).

I don’t think there will be wifi for the first part of the trip, so I probably won’t be blogging until I get to Kerala. Even then, I will be focused on my studies and soaking in my surroundings so I may not blog as much. But I PROMISE to keep a detailed journal and learn lots of great things to bring back and share with you. That’s the main reason why I’m going afterall, so I can bring this back to YOU!

THANK YOU my dear readers for having interest in Ayurveda. It all starts with a little interest, which spreads and creates more interest…and before you know it there is a little community! Together we can grow Ayurveda into something more mainstream and accessible for all people. That is MY dream! I take that intention to bed with me now cause it’s certainly past 10 ;) Namasté friends and be well. xoxoxox!

Tip: StudyTime

Hey Students (and learnees of all kinds)! Studying in the early morning for one hour is equivalent to studying in the evening for 3 hours. Why? Because the mind is empty in the morning and it’s ready to absorb information! In the evening after a full day, we may have difficulty concentrating because of the day’s events racing through our minds. It might feel like our minds are already full, and that’s because they are! Studying in the morning also gives us the opportunity to review the information throughout the day. And in repetition, there is learning. Yeeha!

So avoid the pitta trap of staying up past 10:00pm and studying late. Your clock will be backwards. At about 10:00pm pitta comes in and cleans house of all thoughts, emotions and food from the day (while we sleep), so that we can wake up empty. Therefore your hard work from the night before just left the building. When the mind is fresh we will spend less time studying and get more out of it. Three cheers for studytime!!

Crazy Blessings

Hey! Do you have anybody in your life that drives you crazy? I mean, CArrraaazy? Rather than thinking bad thoughts and getting frustrated, try blessing them. Are you looking at me funny?

Here’s a little story. When I was freelancing as a designer a couple years ago, one of my my managers was consistently rude and quick tempered with me. She was always kinda rude to everyone, but this was the “last straw” and I got very angry with her. She kept pickin’ on me! Anyway, I had Ayurveda class that weekend and I said my classmate Rose, “My manager is SO rude and unprofessional and I can’t stand working for her. I need to find something else.” Rose said, “Bless her.” “WHA!?” She cupped my face with her hands and said, “Just bless her.” Ugghhh, are you kidding me!? I have to bless her!? She’s the one being crummy and I have to bless her? I didn’t say anything else. But I decided to try it, figuring it couldn’t hurt.

Monday I sat at my computer with lingering feelings of anger from the Friday before, I clenched my eyes, gritted my teeth and thought, “I bless you, I just bless you, I friggin bless you…” and after doing that a couple times, it actually began to feel genuine. I blessed her for working too hard and for being lonely and seemingly sad. I blessed her because I know that she is not mean-spirited, she’s just lost. I sent good wishes her way in hopes that things would lighten up for her. I also blessed myself and went through a gratitude list.

HERE’s where the magic comes in!! Within 20 minutes she called and asked me to come into her office. Now get this, SHE APOLOGIZED about being short with me on Friday! Unreal!

I share this story with you so the next time you have someone driving you batty and you think you can’t handle any more, send them a blessing. Bless the crud out of them and be sincere. Find a place in your heart where you can shift from frustration to love. It’s not easy, but it’s also not as hard as it sounds.

When your energy shifts, you shift the energy of the world around you. Health comes from the inside out, not the outside in. We cannot control other people, but we can control ourselves. It’s within our power to choose the path of love and forgiveness rather than anger and frustration. Next time you’re at your wits end, send a blessing. I bet things will change for you. xo

Cinnamon Oatmeal with Almonds & Milk

YAY! I love The Joyful Belly! They have great Ayurvedic recipes and you can create an entire menu just for YOU! All their recipes break out according to your constitution (vata, pitta, kapha), so their meal plans are totally individual. Just like Ayurveda! AND it’s free to sign up. How ’bout them apples!?

Their recipe of the month is Cinnamon Oatmeal with Almonds & Milk. MM! Oatmeal is perfect to balance the vata energy of winter. It’s warm, grounding, heavy and sweet. It’s also sattvic which helps fight droopy winter feelings of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Remember to enjoy a small breakfast* because we want to stoke our agni (digestive fire) for the day. If we put too much food on agni, it will get put out. And if we ignore our hunger, agni will get smaller because it has nothing to burn.

Enjoy the oatmeal and be sure to check The Joyful Belly often for new recipes. They are great folks there and will also answer any questions you may have. Happy Oateys!

*If you at a large dinner and you are not hungry in the morning, don’t eat. You may not have digested dinner from the night before! Let your body catch up and drink ginger tea instead.

Monica B’s Top 10 for 2010!

Happy New Year! And Happy NEW Decade! So, have you come up with a resolution yet? I always go back and forth on whether or not I like resolutions. I feel like we should be mindful of our health every day all year long, so why only focus only at the beginning of each year? Then again we have to start somewhere, right? We are constantly evolving and if the resolution is simple enough to adopt as a life-long habit, then I say do it!

As we know Ayurveda has an individualized focus, recognizing each one of us as a special combination of space, air, fire, water, and earth. However, there are some basic rules that apply to everyone too. In my lectures and in my healing practice, it is usually the most simple things that I tell people to hold on to.

Below I have listed my top 10, most helpful and most easy changes. Choose ONE (just one, only one, no matter how badly you want to do three) and try it for a week or a month. See how you feel. The reason why I say choose one is because often my clients want to change five or six different things and they end up failing because they can’t stick to them. Pick ONE and do it well. If you get ONE down pat and it becomes a habit, add another. This is how we slowly make changes and adopt new healthy habits. Perfect health does not come overnight (nor does ill-health, fyi!), but if we work at it slowly, we will make HUGE strides. I promise!

And if you try one, let me know how it goes. I would love to hear your success stories. Go get em!! Rah!

Monica’s Top 10 for 2010

1. Do not resist your urges | Resisting urges reverses our natural flow. Don’t hold your pee, a sneeze or your hurt feelings. Let it out!
2. Eat a light dinner | Lose weight, wake up energized, reduce toxins, think clearer
3. Bed by 10:00pm | Don’t wait for your 2nd wind, it’s against nature’s clock
4. Write a gratitude list once a day
5. Omit ice water | hampers digestion, counterintuitive for good circulation, shocks the body
6. Wait to feel real hunger before eating | Sip herbal or ginger tea if you are not sure
7. Stoke your agni! | malfunctioning agni is responsible for 90% of all disease
8. Walk 20-30 minutes a day | Without fail, just put on your shoes and do it
9. So Hum meditation for 5 minutes a day
10. Do Kapalbhati 5-10 minutes in the morning before breakfast | good for weight loss, energizing start to your day, mental clarity, spirit clarity, creativity, and it’s a cardio work out!