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Bit of Wisdom {28}

Our repetitive thoughts manifest in our bodies, whether good or bad. If we replay traumatic events, angering or stressful situations, our bodies will respond as if we are reliving them over and over. These stress patterns will eventually appear in our physical bodies as disease. Breathe. Move on. Detach. Forgive. Love. Be at peace with this moment, enjoy the now and look forward to the future.

Scrappy yet Healthy Summer Pizza

Lately my fiancé and I have been hooked on making our own pizzas with leftover scraps (that sounds bad, but you know what I mean) from the fridge. They are SUPER easy, healthy, and way better than any pizza I’ve had in LA. Sorry LA, your pizzas have yet to impress me. I’ll be kind and blame the water! We use any veggies we’ve got laying around and any cheese we have hanging out in the fridge. Most of the time we wing it with what we have in the house and it always turns out amazing.

Bonuses about making your own pizza:
A!) Use any veggies from the farmers market! If you have left over veggies that you need to use, slap them on the pizza. Healthy and balancing! When we buy from farmers markets, we ensure that we’re getting the freshest seasonal produce and our bodies LOVE it.
B!) Use the bbq so you don’t heat up your home. That’s what we do and the pizza has a nice “brick oven” flavor to it…only it’s not. It’s bbq. So maybe I could just say it has a nice “bbq” flavor…
C!) It takes LESS time to whip up your own than it does to call the pizza dude. It tastes better, it’s healthier and it’s cheaper!
D!) Divvy up the pizza as necessary so everyone has their favorite ingredients on their portion.
E!) Never underestimate the joy of yummy leftovers.

Lookey. Here are some pics of one I made recently. One side has red sauce, spinach, red peppers and a little shredded mozzarella. The other side has pesto as the sauce, fresh mozzarella blobs, and grape tomatoes.

Here’s how to make it. Keep in mind, I am the laziest “cook” in the world. Lazy. Pants.

Oven instructions
1. Get some pizza dough from the grocery store (Trader Joe’s has whole wheat and herb doughs in addition to plain!). You will probably need to let it sit for 20 minutes before smooshing it flat. You can take a walk or do yoga while it sits :D
2. Smoosh the dough flat onto a floured cookie sheet or round pizza pan.
3. Add sauces (homemade pesto, olive oil, ghee, or red sauce), a little cheese (a little goes a long way, keep it healthy and don’t “over cheese”), and veggies galore!
4. Stick in the oven 10-12 min. DONE!

BBQ instructions
1. Smoosh dough on a well floured cookie sheet (to shape it) and flip the pan so that the dough lands flour-side down onto the grill. It will lose it’s shape, you may need to restretch a little. It cooks quickly, so wait like 1 minute and check the bottom. When the bottom looks toasted, remove and bring inside (the top will be a little raw).
2. ****Most important part**** Flip it over so that the grilled side is facing up and the undercooked side is on the bottom. Add your sauces and toppings.
3. Place back on the grill so that the bottom can cook. Wait til cheese bubbles in the middle and DONE!

You can also add pepper flakes, garlic flakes or make a garlic oil with olive oil and garlic in a pan. The sky is the limit. My personal favorite is: Carmelized onion, dates, and a little bleu cheese on an olive oil crust. HEAVEN!!

Have fun and use what you have. That’s what life is all about afterall. You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to make something great. Often what you already have is greater than anything else you can find out there :) xoxo!

10 Organic Pesticides

Hey Gardeners! 10 Homemade Organic Pesticides! Neem (an Ayurvedic herb which soothes skin problems and high pitta problems) tops the list. Personally I’m a fan of chili powder. Keeps cats from poopin in your garden too…just sayin.

Challenge: Mindful Munching

HOHkay, I think this challenge will make a huge impact for you. I

For 1 week, do not eat while standing, walking, or sitting at your desk

My friends, I’ll tell you why it’s important to put your mind in your food.
Numero Uno! We will actually pay attention to taste. Digestion starts in our mouth with saliva and teeth. When we taste, it stokes our agni and preps us to digest food. Healthy agni is key to heath!
Numero Dos! We will be able to feel when we are full and therefore will less likely overeat (overeating is a huge factor in causing disease). When we calm down the other senses, our mind stays with our food
Numero Tres! You deserve time to eat for crying out loud! Sheez. Who said that we have to work through lunch? Last I checked (and I am a recruiter by day), the law says that you must take a 30-60 minute lunch break for every 8 hours worked. Take that break because it’s yours and you deserve it.


And if you want a piece of candy, take it from the dish, walk with it, sit down in a chair (if you are at your desk, face away from the computer), unwrap it and TASTE the darn thing. You might love it and be satisfied with just one. Or, you might decide that Hershey’s kisses taste like wax and they aren’t worth it ;) Whatever the outcome, at least you are fully aware of what you’ve eaten. And THAT is mindful munching :) xo. Tell me your results!!!



Happy Independence Day Weekend!! I am back in Milwaukee (my hometown) this weekend to celebrate in 4th of July festivities with family and friends. The journey started out a bit rushed and I didn’t get to eat breakfast on the first leg of the trip. During our stop over in a pretty major city, I was excited to find a little deli sandwich and maybe a piece of fruit cause I was staaaaarving.

UM!! no.

What I found was Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, Panda Express, and Ben n’ Jerrys. I got instantly sad. I looked around and the lines were pretty long at each of these places. I got sadder. I felt bamboozled, like the fast food places were laughing at me (insert scary clown face) saying, “Mwwahahaa MonicaB, you think you make it easier for people to choose wisely for themselves in life. Well now you’re out of California and even YOU have no choice. mwwaahahaaa…” I felt awful and duped! Duped. Not an apple, banana, bagel, wrapped sandwich, yogurt, nothing!!

I got rockin angry. And thought, ” OMG we really are at the mercy of corporate America and what they make available for us to eat!”

Or are we?

I was so starving but refused to get that food. I walked a little further and found a Schlotsky’s Deli. I got a veggie and cheese sammy on warm wheat bread. That works! “‘Mmwwaahahaa’ back at cha clown face in my head, nothing stops MonicaB from taking care of herself!”

My friends we have a choice. You and I choose every day what goes in our bodies. Use your buddhi (booDEE), your wisdom to make right choices. You can DO it! Nobody else will do it for you, nor can you rely on outside sources to make decisions about your heath. It might seem like, “Duh, if these places are in business they can’t be that bad for you.” But our nation is getting sicker and sicker. OUR nation. WE. US! U.S.!!! And we know it.

Remember that YOU are independent. YOU make your choices. YOU have the power in your entire being to take care of yourself! Start choosing the right foods, not just the “easy” foods. If you get confused, a basic rule of thumb is eat as close to nature as you can. If you know where a food came from, you’re in pretty good shape. If you don’t know where the food came from, how it was made, or the full ingredients, make a different choice.

Sorry for the little rant, but I love you and I want you to take CARE of yourself!! I will change this nation, even if it takes til I’m 90! I swear I will because we deserve better!!! (sigh) Ok, huggies. Nightey-night.