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Exercise for your Dosha

Exercise for your dosha

This weekend I felt super sluggish . But the thing is I wasn’t just tired, I was kinda…lifeless (I know my body enough to tell the difference). It was time to combat the sluggies by moving my body.

I did a nice 30 minute session of ballet legs, pushups, tricep dips and booty exercises. After all that, I got in a great sweat and ended feeling awesome!! My friends, for those of you who feel consistently sluggish, you HAVE to start moving your body!! You really have to. I don’t kid. I promise this is the key way to get energized. We are not meant to sit for hours on end in front of a computer or tv – it’s just not natural! Since we are little beings of nature so we need to move, sweat, and tone our bodies. It’s great for keeping disease and sickness away (immunity booster) and it tones all the tissues of the body. Food and exercise are the building blocks that keep us healthy. So if we’re only doing one of those things right, we are only half way. That said, I know it can be frustrating when you know you need to do some sort of exercise, but you’re not sure exactly what is best for you. But that’s what I’m here for!

Since Ayurveda is individualized, each dosha does better with certain exercises. If the word dosha is foreign to you, definitely take the dosha quiz. That will help determine what makes you tick.

Exercises for vata.

Vatas, you need to slow down. Slooooooooooow dooooooowwwwwn. Okay, even slower. ;) Because vata is so wiggly, windy, scattered, and variable, they need to stay steady, grounded, and intentional. I always like to think that if vata has both feet on the ground, that’s a pretty good exercise for vata (unless balancing in tree pose or warrior 3). Seriously, the more vata can stay still and move with intention the better.

Vatas need a nice balance of strength and flexibility. Weights/strength training, yoga, pilates, ballet-inspired and bar classes (not the kind with martinis!) would be great. Anything too cardio intensive will increase the already swift motion in their mind-body and will stiffen muscles and joints. The key for vatas is to sloooooow dooowwwwnnn…xoxo.

Exercises for pitta.

Pittas, you need to cool down and destress. The thing about pittas is that they are naturally muscular and pretty good athletes so they actually seek out physical activity. They really like the physicality of exercise so a pitta doesn’t need a whole lot of motivation to get moving. However, they need to stay cool and stay away from anything too competitive, stressful, or too hot. {Speaking of stress, stress can take away from pittas motivation to exercise. If a pitta person is stressed at work, they will put exercise lowest on their priority list because they have to achieve, achieve, achieve at their jobs first. This is not balance.}

Pittas will do best with a combo of cardio (they love to sweat), like cycling or swimming and a consistent yoga practice is very helpful to destress. Cool air and cool water will make pitta feel like they’ve had an awesome workout but will not overheat them. Pittas should NOT exercise in the sun or do bikram yoga!

Exercises for kapha.

Kaphas, you need to move and sweat. Kaphas are the most sluggish of the three doshas and getting a move on will help them feel SO alive and energized! They tend to be on the lazy side, so kaphas can easily get in a rut…and stay there. It’s not easy to get a kapha to move, but by putting on some good music and grabbing a good buddy, kapha will feel happy and full of gusto! You’ve probably guessed, but cardio is best for kapha. Cardio can range from run-walking, power walking, elliptical trainer, or anything aerobic. They need to move because they tend to be heavy in both body and mind. Moving the physical body will help lighten both of these.

Kaphas should not lift heavy weights (they are already very strong and don’t need denser muscle tissue, nor will they stick to a regimen if it makes them too sore/uncomfortable) and even some yoga is too slow for them. The hardest part for kapha is to stick with it, but this is exactly what they need. Even if they do 20 minutes a day of power walking in your neighborhood, that is awesome!! Just do that. You will feel fantastic in no time!! But please, get moving!

Gestalt Prayer


I bet some time in your life, you’ve met someone who drives you nuts. You’ve probably even met someone you even didn’t like all that much. Kay. Now what happens when this person is part of your life whether you like it or not? What happens if you can’t simply walk away or shoo them out of your life?

Many of my sweet clients have talked to me about someone in their life that rubs them the wrong way, yet they are stuck with them. And, while there may be reasons like karmic lessons (we evolve from these wrong-rubs!), self-evaluation (one finger points at someone else…but three fingers point back), opening of the heart and practicing compassion, sometimes these folks just really piss us off. And despite knowing that there are reasons for everything and praying that we come to like them some day, we just can’t get over it. No matter what it is, please try to learn from it. Look from the heart with compassion. Maybe they have had a hard time in life or haven’t evolved enough to realize they are stuck. So, please find it in your heart to bless them.

And then, you can set them free and release your energy with this little prayer:



Yoga Talk on HeyMonicaB

Hey! I’m really excited. Tomorrow night on HeyMonicaB Radio I’ll be joined by special guest star, Kimberly Manthey, seasoned yoga teacher and yoga expert. I know her from taking her yoga classes (waaayyy back in the late 90’s, maybe early 00’s), but I originally met her from our silly community theater group back in Wisconsin.

We had hootey fun (as Kimberly would say) on stage and now we’re bringing that fun to YOU with good intentions of health and well being. I learned a lot from her during my fascination with yoga and now years later we bring to you the two healing sisters, Yoga & Ayurveda, along with our knowledge, full hearts, good intentions, and of course, hootey fun. Talk to you tomorrow! xo

—– Archive of the show here ——

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Ahhh…this past weekend we went up to San Francisco to see some of our friends and family. What a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively)!! We moved to Los Angeles almost 3 years ago and prior to living in SF for 5 years, I lived in Milwaukee for the first 27 years of my life. I don’t consider myself as someone who’s moved around a lot, but I definitely have emotional roots in two places (SF and Milwaukee). Then I find myself praying for a private jet so that I can see my peeps in both places any time I’d like :D

Right now, it’s easier than ever to move wherever in the world we want to! And we do! Maybe we go to college far from home or maybe our job transfers us to another city. We might even be inspired to move to a different country. When contemplating leaving, we probably tell ourselves that the internet, text messaging and phone calls will keep us comforted and connected. However, after not too long we realize all of these communication tools don’t make up for having a real human connection. And then the loneliness might set in…

Loneliness is a big problem in America and can cause depression, anxiety, panic, low self worth, improper eating, and lethargy. When it wasn’t so easy to move from place to place, there was a sense of belonging, community and support. There were birthday parties, bbq’s, baby showers, housewarming painting parties, and of course, lots of hugs. When those ties are severed (no matter how fabulous the adventure), we can feel isolated and like we’re wandering around all by ourselves.

Now, I’m not saying don’t take fabulous adventures or make new life changes. Please do!! But also be aware that loneliness is REAL. If you suffer from negative emotions of any kind, take a look inside and ask yourself if it’s loneliness. Don’t think of it as a lame excuse or that you should be tougher than that. If you find that loneliness is one of the roots of your sadness, it’s definitely something to pay attention to and remedy the best you can.

Some tips to help loneliness:
• Seek out a new community. Some examples might be yoga workshop, church choir, community theater, work colleagues, a volunteer group, knitting class, a professional group (like Ladies Who Launch), an art class, or an outdoor fitness class. And there are a bizillion more! *Despite the title of the post, do not visit your local tavern each night for drinks. It’s not Ayurvedic*
• Get a landline. Cell phones have a small but very significant delay and they can drop when you’re in the middle of something important. Landlines help us feel closer to the person on the other end.
• Use saffron. Make saffron rice or make a warm saffron cocktail. Saffron nourishes and stablizes the heart.
• Be open to a relationship. It might be more important than you think. I’m not saying any ole’ crappy relationship, but a good one. Stay open, stay looking, stay smiling and stay positive.
• Plan to see them. Even if it’s months away, having a weekend planned to see your comrades (meet in the middle) will boost your spirits knowing you’ll see them soon.
• Abyhanga (massage). It calms vata and the nerves. The sense of touch is instantly comforting. Use warm sesame (vata), almond or coconut (pitta), or sunflower (kapha) oil. Warm the oil and apply toe to head, all strokes toward the heart, clockwise around the joints. Then shower and pat dry.
• Do So Hum daily. It will shift your energy, open your heart, and rid any negative emotions.


Holy nuggets! My last post was on May 3rd?! Boo. I’ve spent the last week feeling slightly neglectful about the time between posts. But today I realize, it’s a-okay to take a rest (my kapha husband tells me this all the time and I like to run myself ragged).

Lately I’ve felt much slower, more tired and a little emotionally overwhelmed with upcoming motherhood. Not to mention, my lovely day job that used to feel snuggly, comfortable, and productive has been turned on its head. Okay turned on it’s head and then spun in circles, while hitting the corner of a wall sometimes. The whole company re-org’d and essentially I have to learn my job over again (me and everyone else). I thank my lucky stars that I work with awesome coworkers so we can weather this storm together. But the whole thing is really hard all of our minds, bodies and spirits. So there’s that.

And then there was yesterday. Yesterday should have been a nice Saturday but I ended up crabby and crying…a lot. I sat in my bed and cried for most of the day. I also slept. I tried to write emails, but my energy was so low that I didn’t want it soaked into a note to anyone else. Since I’ve felt 99% great these past 30 weeks, I decided to honor my feeling like junk, knowing that maybe the crying was cleansing/releasing. For once I wasn’t running from here to there, I was just sitting still for a long period of time on my lonely island, which was kinda nice. By evening I felt much better and today, I feel like myself (*high kick*). I just wish tomorrow was another Saturday! I’m not going to kick myself though for feeling like poo. No regrets – I just needed time.

So here’s my advice. Sometimes we need downtime! And by downtime, I mean, it’s okay to be down! And tired. Or slow. We cannot always be everything and be everywhere for everybody! Cannot do. Us Americans don’t stop for anything. We push and push and push and push until we physically or emotionally break down. It’s one of the reasons why this country is so sick! We need time to rest and recoup. And I’m not saying that lightly. I’m saying, every day we need to make time for exercise (!!), rest, relaxation, and create some open space.

Rest is not an option or a luxury, it’s a necessity. When there is space, creativity will reappear. Surrendering to a well needed rest allows our bodies and minds to rejuvenate so that we can actually evolve and become stronger! We know this. It’s logical. However we tend not to listen a lot of the time because we are so busy jumping to the next thing. So whether it’s sitting out your volleyball rec league for a couple weeks, declining a party invite, or reduce the amount of yoga classes you teach each week (maybe you should take more of them and teach less for now), take the time you need for you. If we don’t take care of ourselves first, we are no good for anyone else. It’s true. Never forget that all healing comes from the inside out :) I will now take my tired butt to bed. Normally I like to make a pretty graphic but all I can muster is some green type :) Namaste friends and be easy with yourselves.

Getting Unstuck!

In case you aren’t following the HeyMonicaB radio show (why not dude? just kidding), I wanted to let you know what’s been happening. I think you’ll like it. For the past two weeks we’ve been talking about getting unstuck. Since it’s spring many of us are inspired by the thought of renewal, rebirth, upgrades, and spring cleaning. That’s what spring is all about after all! And if you haven’t yet, check out Seasonal Bloom for Kapha for more goodie info on spring.

Part of moving to a place that is renewed, refreshed, upgraded and cleansed is…mooooovvvvvving from the space we are in currently. And sometimes we feel stuck! Last week, I talked about some tools to help us get unstuck and this week, I had Heidi Kraft, leadership coach, on as a guest to give us her expert opinion on how to move energy.

These past two weeks were so much FUN that I wanted to share them with you in case you missed them.

Check out Episode 17 | Getting Unstuck & Episode 18 | Creating the space and time you want with Heidi Kraft

Hopefully you’ll find them inspiring. You can also download any HeyMonicaB radio show from iTunes!! Just search, HeyMonicaB. Namasté sweet readers (and listeners)!!

Bit of Wisdom {34}

A quote from one of my favorite books, If The Buddha Got Stuck by Charlotte Kasl.