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Hiyeeeee! I miss you guys !! Just a quick update I have had my hands full with a tiny bundle of love for the past couple months. I’m loving every minute of it, but often I don’t have my hands! And when I have my hands I usually choose to shower or eat or nap :) So I apologize for the lack of new goodies on here in a while, but it’s a blip on the radar and time I’ll never get back. So I’m choosing to hold, massage, smooch, and snuggle with my baby girl.

That said, my brain is exploding with cool post ideas as we enter vata season! But my hands, well, they’re just full. ;) In a couple weeks things will get back on track because my husband will start his paternity leave – and I’ll have some hands sometimes! I wish I had a computer that would type and make graphics simply by thinking about them!

I also apologize for the lack of new radio shows lately, but I’ll be creating new ones real soon. I was hoping for this week, but it’s not gonna happen. And that’s okay. Catch up on the old stuff if you haven’t yet and I’ll be back soon with juicy topics and more fun guests too! Miss you lots and hope all is well and happy. And Ayurvedeey. ;) XOXO!

Oil is Thicker Than Water

Friendlies! Vata season is quickly approaching! Here again we find ourselves in ritusandhi or, the joints between seasons. Right now, we are ending summer and quickly moving into fall so it’s important to start incorporating vata habits now so that when the end of September arrives, our body-minds are conditioned for it.

One of the things you can do is start incorporating more oils into your diet. Vata is very dry and so is fall and winter. Since like increases like in Ayurveda, that means we have to balance the dryness with wetness. And not even wetness, but unctuousness (oily!). Don’t get me wrong, drinking lots of water is great, but it doesn’t really “lubricate.” It helps to cleanse and nourish our bodies, but it doesn’t plump anything up or provide elastic cushion like oil does.

Think of it this way, if your skin is dry would you put water on it as a moisturizer? Or, if your wagon has a squeaky wheel, will you put water on it to lubricate it? No way Jose! You would use some sort of oil! (please note: most moisturizers and lotions have water + alcohol as the first ingredients, which just makes the skin drier!).

In Ayurveda, oils are used a lot to keep the outer AND inner bodies supple. Our tissues really like it when they become more lubricated around the joints as well as nice and stretchy so that we can extend into our yoga poses. Oils help aid digestion, pooping, massage, it keeps us mentally grounded, and keeps our skin soft and wrinkle-free. Now, I don’t mean just put oil on the outside and rub-a-dub as a massage. That’s good too but vatas (and during vata season where vata balances rise in all of us) really need to start eating more healthy oils and fats in their diet. **Kaphas don’t need as much oil because they are naturally oily and too much oil will imbalance them.

Types of oils
– internal and external for vata and pitta. Use it as a cooking oil (has a high smoke point) to fry veggies in, as a spread on bread, melt in oatmeal, melt in soup, be creative! The sky is the limit. And if you’re bored, try some ghee-licious flavors!
Sesame Oil
(cold, expeller pressed) – massage on vata skin
Almond Oil
(cold, expeller pressed) – massage on pitta skin
Safflower Oil
good in case kapha skin gets dry during vata season
Olive Oil
vata and pitta can have plenty! Cook and drizzle with it
Flax Seed Oil – you can’t cook with this stuff but you can drink it or drizzle it on warm foods like a veggie & rice bowl

Also, if you have a problem with constipation and water isn’t helping, try oil! You can take 1 tbsp of ghee and melt it in a small amount of warm water or warm milk. Drink! Do this in the morning on an empty stomach and soon you’ll be pooping happy :D I’ve heard that Italians also do this with olive oil, although I don’t think they use a chaser. You can also try flax seed oil (liquid or gel caps) to lubricate and butter up the insides!

Mother Nature

 Mother Nature. Earlier this week my daughter was fussing. She was fussing fussing fussing, which is not really like her. I looked at my husband and my Ayurvedic brain kicked in…fussing or pain = vata. I said, “Let’s give her a little bath!” Sure enough, 5 seconds after we put her in the warm water, she stopped fussing. She even started cooing as she enjoyed her little time in the tub. Then! I gave her a little massage with a very light bit of almond oil. Still cooing – yeah! The cherry on top was when I put her in the moby wrap and took her for a walk outside. Fussiness cured! Saweeeet! New mom high five!

Let me tell you why this worked. Mother Nature nurtures us!! Remember, we are made of the same 5 things nature is: space, air, fire, water, earth. I chose the warm bath and warm oil massage so that I could balance her vata immediately. Using my Ayurvedic tools, I know that one of the fastest ways to calm vata is through the skin, so warm water and soothing touch was just what she needed. Note: Probably, the massage should have come first but I don’t think she would have tolerated a massage at that point. Water was instant and it totally worked.

Also. Nature nurtures (yes I said it again)!! I cannot stress enough, how important it is to get outside EVERY single day. Even in the winter, bundle up (vatas, put those hand warmers in your mittens and boots) and take a walk. Step on the snow and listen to it crunch or slush. Better yet (and my favorite), step on paper thin ice with the toe of your shoe so that it sounds like breaking glass. LOVE that!

In the summer, open the windows, sniff the air even if it’s hot. Take a walk in the early morning or enjoy a calm walk in the moonlight. You can enjoy the outdoors in any season, so don’t get caught up in the world of computers and tvs! Those are not nature and are opposite of what we need. Getting outside in nature brings our body back “home” because it’s familiar and it’s comfortable because it’s part of us. When we put ourselves into nature, stresses, worries, concerns, and any negative emotions melt. We start to take in prana and suddenly feel a bit more balanced. Our whole bodies relax with a sense of ease. Heck, we might even think of great ideas as our minds open up! Creativity, invigoration, calm, balance, serenity, peace, motivation…all these positive emotions begin to invade our body-minds as we float in harmony with the prana and nature we are taking in.

There is a reason it’s called Mother Nature. It takes care of us, just like a mom should. So, please please please next time you have any neggypoo emotions or fussiness, take it outside. :) It’s free, it’s abundant and it’s all for you to use as much as you want. We would be silly not to take advantage of something so embracing, loving and healing. Mother Nature indeed. Namasté.