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Bit of Wisdom {36}

The minute you let go, magic happens.

Let it all go…so hum so hum so hum…

TGIF, Friends!

Music to My Eyes

It’s a GOOD day! I don’t often share the successes of my clients, but maybe it’s time I do. I got this email today and it totally made my week. To give the Reader’s Digest version, she had been suffering from extreme digestive issues for years, bouncing between constipation and diarrhea. She is a vata/pitta combo. I recommended she try a tablespoon of chavanprash (a jam made of amalaki and other Ayurvedic herbs and spices) daily and here’s what she said:

“Yes, I am much better. I guess the key is to take the chavanprash every single day without fail. I bought some at my Indian grocery for about $8. I’ve taken it every day since we were in touch last. I am stable! I think people should really know that these kinds of things are meant to be a way of life, not just a “fix” when you are feeling unwell. I now see chavanprash as my vitamin and not a medicine.

How COOL is that?! Seeing results like this is music to my eyes! If you’re not feeling good, life isn’t good. Often just a small dietary or lifestyle change is enough to create an entire shift in someone’s health and therefore, their life. Gosh, isn’t it worth it?! Just a small change can make that big of a difference?

I write HeyMonicaB because a) it’s fun to write things I know will make you giggle and b) I can help people improve their lives! Fuels my fire, baby! Start injecting some of the small suggestions from my site into your life. This stuff works, you guys and it’s so easy! One little step, one little change, can amount to huge differences. My heart feels extra large and squishy tonight, enough to cover the globe and do a booty dance for each one of you. mmwwaah!




I Screen, You Screen…

…we ALL screen, to rely on screens! Jeez, those screens! Tv screen, computer screen, ipad/nook/kindle screen, phone screen, so many many screens. Even writing the word “screen” that many times on a screen makes my brain crossed into thinking I spelled it wrong. *uncross*

Most of us work on those screens all day only to come home and spend more time on screens at night. Email, online shopping, blogging, gaming, tv-ing, and of course Facebooking, are just a few examples of how these screens can sneak into our worlds and suck up our time!

The thing about screens is that they are not alive. They don’t have prana. They make us feel tired rather than energized. We might even feel like we have “no time” because time seems to vanish into the abyss of the screen and before we know it, it’s way past bedtime. Friends, screens are vata increasing. They can cause sleep problems, depression, anxiety, evoke a sense of loneliness and low self worth. And, of course, cause eye problems (pitta). We need a break from these things, so unplug each night at least 1 hour before bedtime.

Screens have their purpose, for sure! But they don’t need to trump exercise, healthy eating, healthy sleep, fun hobbies, the outdoors, and time with family. Those are LIFE! Screens are not. So, while we rely on them to get our work done and sometimes it’s fun to watch a good tv show, I encourage you to put down the screen often. It will make time go by slower. You’ll be more present. You’ll have far less FOMO so you can just appreciate what is in front of you and/or who is in the room with you. Just like the good ol’ days! ;) I challenge you to try three evenings in a row with no screens. And I want your feedback!

Most times we are just zoning out–it’s not like we really care what’s on the screen anyway. So, think of all the other things you can do. Some ideas: play music, watch a fireplace, practice yoga, write in your journal about the day, read a magazine or a book, take a bath, go for a walk, swap massages with your mate, search for new recipes, make dinner, prepare lunch for tomorrow, send a card to your grandma, call a friend, snuggle with your dog or cat, massage your tootsies. Look at that! Once the screens are out of the way, there are so many other things you can do to fuel your soul and your LIFE. Let me know when you’re all fueled up, prana-filled, and feeling fresh as the morning dew. Promise! xoxo

Hours in the Day

(sing to the melody of “The Wheels on the Bus”)
The hours in the day go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. The hours in the day go round and round and before you know it, it’s TEN.


Hey! Ever listen to my radio show? Do you know the little song in the beginning called, “Life In One Day” by Howard Jones? Don’t try to live your life in one day, don’t go speed your time away. It was my mantra song when I was in my 20s, although back then I never followed it. In fact, I’m just starting to be at peace with not getting everything done. Like most of you, I work a 40-hour a week job, I have animals, a husband, a baby, and a beloved blog (Let’s not forget time-sucking facebook, which I am trying to spend less time on). I thought my schedule before baby was busy, but the wheels have come off that bus and there is no way to maintain that once adding a wee baby to the mix. It’s time to accept there are so many hours in a day. Ten o’clock p.m./Ayurvedic bedtime comes up mighty quick these days.

I’ve been beating myself up about not posting enough. Heaven knows I’ve got gobs of ideas (don’t worry, I’m noting them), I just don’t have gobs of time. Then I get sad. But THEN I get happy. Know why? Because it’s my job to live as we all do AND incorporate Ayurveda at the same time. And in that, I think I’m doing okay! Lookey. I’m not going to stay up until midnight to write blog posts – it’s not Ayurvedically healthy! But, I am going to take time to make my daughter’s baby food from scratch – because it’s healthy! And, I’m going to do my best at my job – because it feels good. And, I am going to take the dogs for a walk after work – because it’s good exercise! And I’m going to eat dinner with my husband – because we deserve time together. And once a week, we even watch one 21:43 minute tv show on hulu – because we enjoy it (Up All Night!). And, I have to go to bed by 10:00 – because otherwise I’ll feel like crud.

The priority list of “must do’s” can be an overwhelmingly long for any one of us. But look at the contents of the previous paragraph. Highlights include, eating good food, spending time with family, doing a good job at work, exercising, having downtime, and getting good sleep. THAT is Ayurveda in practice. More than eating ghee or making time for sesame oil massage (while those are great), this is the simple foundation that makes a good life and provides good health.

What I recommend is to do just a few things that are necessary for today, a few to make tomorrow a little easier, and a few just for kicks. That is balance, my friends. Don’t forget “just for kicks!” Stay happy in your evolving world. So, I guess that while I feel bad about not enough blog posts, I can also feel good about setting the best example possible. We can’t create more hours in the day, but we can learn to become happier within the hours we have. Love you guys. xoxo