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Bit of Wisdom {43}

Rather than acting/reacting, sometimes the best route is to kick back and be the observer. Watch the craziness unfold around you and the path will be clear. Effortless Effort.

Ayurveda is not magical

Hey guys! Often when people think of Ayurveda, they associate it with the image below. Seemingly magical remedies that really don’t make logical sense.

The girl has Shirodhara treatment - indian oil massage.

Am I right? It might seem mysterious, exotic, pretty unattainable, maybe luxurious or elitist, and even a little weird. Like gross, who would put their head under warm oil while it drips all over their HAIR! Eu! And then how do you get it all out?! ;)

Well, shirodhara (SHEE-ro-DAR-uh) is the name of the therapy where the oil flows onto the forehead from one side to the other, almost in an oval pattern. Unlike all the photos you see, there is actually a person (or should be) moving the oil stream from side to side. Anyway, my point is that while this therapy is truly awesome (if you could feel it’s awesomeness, you would BEG for oil to be dripped all over your hair), it’s a teeny weeny part of Ayurveda! Shirodhara is not accessible to most people, it can be expensive for treatments, and it’s not something you can do daily.

I have good news. Ayurveda is so much more than shirodhara, herbs and other “magical” remedies. 90% of all imbalance can be corrected with diet and lifestyle. Do you know what a magical remedy is? Eating really good food that comes fresh from the earth, not from a lab or a GMOed seed. Another magical remedy is getting enough sleep each night and turning off computers early enough so we can unwind. Sleep does magic for the mind to help it rest as the body restores itself. One of the best magical remedies is getting daily exercise (yes daily, discipline!) even if it’s a 20 minute daily walk. Drinking enough water to keep the body supple and flowing is also another magical remedy. It keeps the mind clear and focused, channels flow easily, and our bodies stay buoyant instead of shriveled. My favorite magical remedy is breathing. It’s so magical and easy that we forget it’s even there ;)

Friends, when you think of Ayurveda and talk about it to your comrades and loved ones, remember that Ayurveda is simple. Ayurveda is life. Ayurveda is nutrients, rest, movement, hydration, and taking in enough oxygen. If you don’t have these things, then don’t bother with the fancy shirodhara therapy, the spas, the herbs, or the massages. Start simple. Start with what you already have within your power. And if you aren’t doing those simple things yet, then start practicing :) That is where you will find your results and where you will live your best life. And once you get the hang of that then run, do not walk, to your nearest Ayurvedic spa for an indulgent shirodhara session :) xoxo!! You can DO it!!!

If you want to practice the real deal (it’s accessible, simple and fun!), you might want to check out my book IN YOUR ELEMENTS. It’s a workbook! And I talk like you! Ain’t no mystery or magic, it’s chock full of real life, easy ways to keep you feeling awesome every day.

Bit of Wisdom {42}

The Wise Chia Pet

What About Sprouts?

Recently I got a question from one of you pittas about sprouts and sprouted bread. Sprouts in general are in pitta phase of life so they increase pitta. They are not a seed (kapha), nor are they yet a plant (vata). So sprouts or sprouted seeds of any kind are stuck in puberty! They can create digestive problems (bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, cramps) and skin problems too! You would be better off having a nice healthy grained bread or any grains (all good for pitta) without the sprouts. :)

Bit of Wisdom {41}

Guest on Active Hands Yoga

Hey Guys!

Bettina from Active Hands Yoga (aalll the way in Germany!) so kindly had me as a guest on her Yogis Talk Radio show. Bettina is the creator of where she has lots of other fun interviews too! In our 30 minute segment, we talked about the 3 doshas and how to quickly identify people of different doshas in yoga class :) We had a great time and hope you enjoy! Thanks for having me on, Bettina!

Listen here!

Independently Healthy?

Whoa! Once again I was reading my favorite Ayurvedic book, Absolute Beauty by Dr. Pratima Raichur, and once again my mind went spinning into inspirational delight. It’s a timely read just after Independence Day in America, where abundance in food, material things, and freedoms flow easily. But are we independent enough in our thinking and right-choice making in order to keep ourselves healthy? After I read the paragraph below I was like, “RIGHT ON!” Yep, that loud. Then I doodled a bunch of stars in the margin.

Ironically, most Americans have plenty to eat, but few eat well. We not only eat the wrong kinds of foods, but we often eat for the wrong reasons. Influenced by advertisers who promise us sexier, happier, more sociable, and exciting lives if we buy their brands or serve their products, we eat to look good, feel good, have a party, soothe our hurts and loneliness, or distract ourselves from the problems of life. Many times we eat just to get it over with and get on to the next appointment on our busy schedules. Rarely do we eat consciously for the one reason we must eat; to supply nutrients to our cells. It seems that the more privileged we are, the less mindful we become of the gift of life contained in every morsel of food. In so doing, we starve the body and the spirit, no matter how many calories we actually consume. -Pratima Raichur

Whattaya think? True hey? My friends, read it again. I’ve mentioned eating well before, but this really makes me want to jump up and down with a cowbell. Millions of people search from the outsides to fill what is missing on the insides. But the truth is that everything comes from the inside out. I hope we learn how to become conscious participants of our own health. THAT is the best independence we can have!!