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Chews Wisely

What’s Ayurveda’s view on chewing gum? I’m a vata dominant and I chew gum after every meal (sugar free wriggles ones that are meant to be good for your teeth) Is this ok? Thank you!

This is an awesome question! Chews Wisely! Chewing gum is something we may overlook because, well, gum is tiny. And we don’t swallow it. It’s kind of like nothing. So why would we consider chewing gum as any sort of influential factor in staying balanced? And I’m going to say, “Because in Ayurveda, everything counts!” :)

The answer is that chewing gum is vata increasing. Sorry for the news. But if you think about it, it’s kind of like fidgeting (also vata) except with our mouth. It’s constant motion, constant action, and it’s rather subconscious because we do it without really paying attention. It’s mindless action (especially for those gum snappers!) which is a quick way to increase vata because vata IS action/motion. On top of it, digestion starts in the mouth with salivation, so you are jump starting that process over and over as well as swallowing lots of air. This can cause gas and bloating (yes that tiny piece o’ gum) and also create a sense of anxiousness in the mind. Vata is the energy of movement…so the more movement you have (albeit a wee tiny piece of gum), the more that energy will increase.

Bit of Wisdom {44}

Shine on little sunbeams!! xoxo. TGIF!

So, Here’s The Scoop

Hi friendlies!

I gotta tell ya what’s goin on! Sorry I’ve been little MIA but life just keeps on…lifing (I think I made up a new word)! I’ll fill you in quick. My family and I are moving from Los Angeles to the SF Bay Area at the end of this month. I also changed jobs a few weeks ago and went back to my old company (love them!), so I have a new/old job. We’ve been trying to get day care, apartment, a job for my husband, moving company, packing, and all the other logistics that a big move brings. Hence, blog posts have been…lacking lately.

Also…I can’t get my subscriber button to work! ARRGG! You guys, I might lose my mind. I am clearly technologically challenged and this subscriber thing has been the bane of my online existence for quite some time. I’m so sorry for those of you who want updates – trust me, I want you to have them too. Send some good vibes my way – send me an easy solution – or send me someone smart who can help me fix it. Anyway, that’s your Ayurvedic homework for this week. On the inhale think <<<Subscriber button>>> and on the exhale think <<<work>>>. Totally kidding, but I will be doing some extra so hums so that I can figure it out and right quick.

I’ll be back with more frequent posts again real soon. But in a nutshell, new/old job is great – moving to our favorite city is great – not having an extra brain and set of hands is not so great but we can only do what we can do. And LIFE comes first! :)

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