Monthly Archives: September 2012

Red Light, Green Light


Ok so, I had to laugh. Recently I was crossing the street and a big, “Whonk! Whoooonk!” caught my attention as this sassy car was honking and jolting to get around another car (there were no other cars on the street). As it drove away jerkily (literally and figuratively), a half block later it had to slam on its breaks for a red light (hehe). By the time the other car got to the light, the light turned green.

Be that green car. Stay steady, consistent and balanced. Trying to force a situation either emotionally, mentally or physically, will likely lead us to more roadblocks. If something isn’t going your way, it’s most likely because there’s a better solution that you don’t know of yet. Just like if sassy car had taken it slower, he would have been able to coast through that light.

Take life one peace at a time :) It’s all good. You’ll still get there, but it will be soooo much easier. xoxo!


Ever feel completely derailed from the practices you know keep you most healthy? That’s about where I’m at. As most of you know, my family and I moved two weeks ago, hence the drought (cue the tumbleweeds) in recent articles. When life brings a new job and a long distance move while having a toddler, husband, and pets, time is pretty sacred. I’m sure you could tell me a major life change (Do tell! How did you keep it together?) when you’ve changed course, and it shook you up a bit!

Over the past couple weeks, my Ayurvedic disciplines have slacked. Here are all the non-Ayurvedic things I’ve been doing lately: I started drinking more coffee because I am not sleeping as much and I need to be on my game at work. I also don’t exercise (yoga or barre), but I still manage to walk/jog with Blossom each morning before sunrise. My commute is an hour now instead of 5 minutes and it’s not always a comfy ride on public transit. I work when I get home sometimes and am on the computer past 9:00 pm. I have not been bringing my lunch, instead spending too much money and racing to grab and eat on the go. I’ve been kinda moody. And I don’t drink enough water. I also don’t breathe much (consciously) any more or write in my journal. So sad. Sound familiar? Any of this currently happening to you? It’s certainly a very common scenario of how most Americans live and most of us don’t bat an eye. Well, my eyes are batting because I know better. I am consciously aware that I feel like junk when I live like this.

The good news? We can change any time (and it’s only been a few weeks) :) We have all the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves to make a change! So! I am going to commit to a few things this week. You are welcome to make a few changes in your world too and ride along with me if you want. Remember, when making long lasting changes, it’s important to do just a couple small ones at first so that they become habit.

Here’s what I’m going to start this week to get back on my Ayurvedic track:
1) Have just one cup of coffee (truly a mugfull, I don’t drink 16oz coffees) instead of two
2) Drink 2 full bottles of water, daily. I have a purple nalgene bottle, which is 36 oz so it’s easy to track.
3) Bring lunch
4) Breathe slowly on the train and/or if I have a place to sit, write in my journal

Who’s with me?! And what are YOU going to do to live more Ayurvedically as an American? XOXO!