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Ayurvedic Thanksgiving

I thought you might enjoy 10 tips for an Ayurvedic Thanksgiving! Not to worry, these tips are easy to incorporate and don’t require any special preparation. More than anything, it’s a reminder to incorporate our Ayurvedic rules even (and especially) on a day like Thanksgiving. Give  them a try! And let me know if you notice a difference between this and your non-Ayurvedic Thanksgiving. XOXO!

1. Open your eyes and write a list of 25 things you are grateful for (it’s ok to write the list while cozy in your bed).
2. After drinking a glass of water, go for a brisk 30 minute walk in the crispy fall air.
3. If you have breakfast, make sure it’s very small and warm. Otherwise skip breakfast and drink ginger tea with honey.
4. Have 1/4-1/2 tsp Indian appetizer 30 minutes before dinner to stoke agni.
5. Avoid walking around and eating, stay mindful of what goes in!
6. At dinner, serve others before you serve yourself.
7. Bless your food!
8. Pick only your favorite foods and build your plate according to your dosha.
Instead of eating until you are full, eat until you feel satisfied.
9. Go for a leisurely walk after the meal to aid digestion.
10. Drink ginger tea and fast Friday morning to let your agni digest all the food from the day/evening before. Don’t eat again until you are hungry.

Product Review |

Heyo! I have some funzie products to share from the folks at barefootyoga. They are a great resource for enhancing your yoga practice and zen space, especially during the upcoming holidays when life can be a bit hectic.

Mysore Practice Rug: I really like this earthy soft little rug. Put it over your yoga mat (otherwise you’ll slide around the floor) and it provides extra cushion, absorbs sweat so you don’t slip, and is extra long. It’s just perfect for savasana so that your ankles don’t hang over the mat, know what I’m sayin’? In a pinch you can also fold and use for extra support under your shoulders during plow pose or shoulder stand. I have to admit, carrying it around as my “yoga blankie” is a comfort and…I absolutely love the smell. It smells like earth. Rooted. Grounded. It’s like an added sensory experience while surrendering to child’s pose and becoming one with the earth.

Silk Eye Pillow: Yes please! I love this! This super soft flax and lavender pillow is a little piece of heaven. It’s SO soft! It feels delicate yet weighted, which is perfect for calming tired computer-laded eyeballs at the end of the day. By relieving tension in the eyes (governed by pitta), stress levels decrease, tightness in the jaw releases, and it can even help prevent headaches! If there are any ladies on your gift-list who like a little luxurious pampering, this is probably not something they would buy for themselves. It even has a pretty zipper pouch that it can “sleep” in. Luscious!

Bit of Wisdom {46}

A story: My 16-month old had to ride in a wagon with 2 other toddlers on the way back to school from the park. They were being selfish and started pushing, shoving each other out of the wagon! The teacher said, “We don’t move unless you all hug!” They immediately sat down and squeezed each other tight while laughing their heads off until they got to their destination.

Choosing a route of hug and laughter will still get you to your destination, only you’ll have much more fun getting there. 

Bit of Wisdom {45}

On the train this morning I noticed a guy who was standing super rigid, hanging on for dear life. Every time the train would slow down or speed up, he would lose his footing and fling around (almost steptin’ on my toes). The rest of us had bent knees, slouched shoulders, were reading books or playing mobile games, and we rocked and swayed easily with the train. What a great reminder to surrender, let life rock you back and forth. Enjoy the ride :)

You need sleep

Hey! Did you know you need sleep? Well, you probably did. But, did you know that not getting enough sleep is one of the causes of vata imbalance? It’s true! Even if you are not a vata person naturally, you will begin to experience vata symptoms like forgetfulness, moodiness, worry, panic, anxiety, depression, and a general sense of feeling “ungrounded,” without enough sleep. In our busy worlds we stay up late working, watching tv, Facebooking, or maybe working on projects. But there is no better project than YOU! So get your booty to bed by 10/10:30 and enjoy your zz’s. Try it without fail for one week and see if you feel renewed energy! Has anyone tried getting more sleep in their quest to be more Ayurvedic? How is it working?

Please note: coffee is not a proper substitute for sleep, it’s a bandaid. And underneath that bandaid is someone who just needs sleep. :)