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New Year’s Wish List {2}

Alrighty! As promised, this is part 2 to the New Year’s Wishlist.

So if you read the first part and are now thinking, “Sounds great! But where do I start? Wah…” I will gladly offer some suggestions. When writing out your wishlist, here are mind exploring ideas for setting intentions and visualizing your new year:

Write it down. There is a connection between your brain, your hands and ink on paper. Write it down, see it, save it.

Make a vision board. Take old magazines and cut out pictures/words that resonate. Put your story together on paper and you can see it before your eyes every day!

Who is the company you keep? Write a list of traits that describe the people you want surrounding you. Do they inspire, listen, teach, calm, energize, make you laugh, etc.,?

Where do you want to work? If you are setting sights on a new job, you don’t have to know what the job title is but just touching on how you want to feel every day helps. Do you want to feel inspired, focused, creative, strategic, etc.,? Other items to include on your wishlist are: company culture, location/commute, environment, desired salary/hourly rate. See it!

Where do you want to live? Do you visualize yourself in the city, on a coast, grassy hillside or your favorite suburb?  And within your space, do you see it as luxurious, minimalist, tranquil, bright, colorful, rustic? If you love where you live currently, does it feel as good as it should? Enough to call it your sanctuary? If not, maybe there are some simple changes you can make to evoke the feeling of your perfect home.

Travel. Maybe you don’t do enough of it! Where do you want to go? Do you see one long vacation or do you want shorter, more frequent get-aways? Adventure, comfort, outdoors, city exploration are all different types of travel.

Personal aesthetics. This includes the ever-popular resolutions including, “lose weight,” “work out more,” “eating healthier,” etc., But I encourage you to ask yourself, “Why?” Why is it important to put these things at the top of your list and how will it benefit your life? If you can get to the root of your wishes, you will push away the “should” thoughts and begin believing that the changes are true enhancements, rather than something to be dreaded.

What else? These are just some ideas and depending on what you need most, you can start with any aspects of life! The most important thing to remember is to focus on how you want to FEEL in the end. We feel with our hearts and our hearts never steer us in the wrong direction. If you can feel it, you can be it.

Enjoy your wishlist-making fun!! See it, feel it, write it down, believe it. xoxox!

New Year’s Wish List








To many of us, a new year feels like a clean slate as a time to live life a bit better than we had done in the past year. Ooo, in reading that, did your heart lift a little? Perhaps your spine straightened and you’re sitting a little taller? If so, then I’ve struck the right chord. Now, raise your hands if you’ve ever set new year’s resolutions. 1, 2, 3, ok lots of you. Now keep your hands up if you’ve ever failed on your new year’s resolutions. 1, 2, 3, still lots of you. The thing about resolutions is, we feel like a failure if we don’t follow through.

Last year I gave some handy doshalutions, which includes some easy and helpful ideas on creating resolutions based on your dosha(s). But instead of resolutions (or doshalutions) this year, I decided to do something different. I decided to set my eyes on 2013’s prizes and created a wish list instead. Soooo twinkley! And I know that by visualizing it, I can achieve it. I really do. When I set my sights on something, it’s only a matter of time before I get it (sounds cocky, but it’s not. It’s faith). It’s kinda like I can rely on the sky being blue, if even underneath the clouds. I know I will see blue sky if not today, then sometime soon. I just know it. If you have that outlook on your wishes and intentions, they will unfold before your eyes. The coolest part is that you won’t necessarily know how you got there, you will suddenly look around and all the pieces just fit together to result in what you pictured. Don’t worry about the puzzle pieces, see the picture. Got me?

Anyway, as fate would have it, this year my husband and I each bought each other inspirational journals for Christmas presents. It’s our space to doodle, write out visualizations, set intentions, and form in our minds what we see in 2013! To celebrate our synchronicity and kick things off, we did a little exercise yesterday to envision what 2013 could be, if we set our minds free and let our imagination soar, without constraint or judgement. I normally do this by myself annually but it was fun to also do it together. We talked about jobs, our home, travel, and even subtle things like having more happy scents! Ha! Something so small can really shape our world, right? Off to get those fumey sticks in the little jar…

If you are inclined to ditch resolutions this year (I won’t tell or judge), then maybe this will resonate better. Visualize. Imagine. Create. And write it all down. Have you ever written down your new year’s intentions/wish list before? How did it feel to write it all out? And, did your wishes manifest? Do share your stories with us–what better time of year to inspire and ignite each other! XO!

This is just part 1. Part 2 will include several ideas to create your new year’s wish list. :)


Bit of Wisdom {47}


I saw on facebook the other day that a friend of mine created a mini felt Christmas tree for her 2-year old daughter, fully enhanced with homemade felt ornaments. I was inspired after reading her post, “Hoping this keeps my daughter’s paws off the family tree. Yep, I found my crafty bone….It was actually a great little project that got the laptop off my lap.” (Ahh…getting the “laptop off my lap.” A phrase that is music to my Ayurvedic eyes!)

My first thought was, “I love it! Er…how would I ever have time to do this?” My brain quickly got pouty and overwhelmed by all the things I would love to do and don’t have time for  like painting, sewing stuffed animals, podcasts, making pretty art for heymonicab, taking more classes, reigniting my violin lessons, and the list goes on. Truth is, I want to make sure I am a focused parent during my 1.5 hours per day with my daughter. My time is limited! And that makes me sad. I wish I had limitless time…don’t we all?

I felt like a piece of me was neglected, which is not living optimally or Ayurvedically.  I’ve always done some sort of design or creative projects, always! *pout* The good news is, it’s just in my head. I can change it! After much introspetion, I came to the conclusion that being a “focused parent” (as I judge myself) doesn’t mean that I have to sit and stare at her.  Her blooming mind would love to see the fun things I can create with my hands. I’m sure she would like to stick a piece of gluey felt onto another while getting glue on her hands. With a switch of the mind, I moved myself from “pout-space” to “sprout-space” and started my tiny felt tree tonight. Whee!

Life is busy (for all of us!), but it sure feels good to wake a part of our lives that has been sleeping. Maybe some of you feel stifled with the limited time you have. Does your creativity and recreation take a back seat? We know a balanced life includes good work and good fun, but it’s up to you to make the change. Nobody is going to hand you more fun time, you have to take it. Overall, this is a reminder that healing comes from the inside out. We have everything within ourselves to succeed, heal, change course, and evolve. If you are an ace at making time for the things you love, please share with us! We would love to know how you do it all! And for the rest of us, perhaps all we need is to change our mind and the time will appear :) xo!