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Fast After The Feast

fast_after_feastAlrighty! Show of hands, who ate too much yesterday? Ohhhh, that’s a LOT of hands! Ok. If you ate too much on Thanksgiving, today is an awesome day to eat much much less. I know it sounds un-fun when there are leftovers calling your name, but this is the key to eating in a balanced way. Most likely you didn’t wake up hungry, right? Good, so take that as a clue that your body is not finished digesting yesterday’s feast yet. The goal is to make sure all food is digested, used, and the rest pooped out. Then you’re ready for another meal! Until then, drink ginger tea in the morning and/or warm lemon water, but don’t eat anything. Around lunch time (only if you are hungry), enjoy your leftovers with reasonable portions. Either skip dinner or if you are really hungry, have something small like a glass of milk or some fruit.

That’s it! Keep it lean today, folks! You’ll feel better. ALSO, it changes our mind so that we don’t just say, “F-it! It’s the holidays now so I’ll just keep on snacking and gain 10lbs.” No no no no. You already know that’s a bad idea, so don’t let it happen. Use your buddhi (wisdom!) to keep you adhering to right choices!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy THANKSgiving! What a great thing, thanks AND giving. Hello life, you are awesome. Enjoy your friends, family, food and good love today! XOXO!

Sickness Tea

I’ve been inspired to share my Ayurvedic sickness tea with the world. Dude! Who caught this got this nar-sty cough/snot/ache/fever thing going around?! Show of hands! 1, 2, 3…omg that’s just too many. That’s IT! I’m fed up. It’s time to take action and make a video!! Oh yeah, and what I failed to mention in it, is to strain the tea (you don’t have to drink soggy cardamom blobs or clove bits) and take as many steam showers as you want! I did 3 steam showers and 2 pots of tea in a day. Last time I was sick, I beat the thing pretty quickly. This time, it’s taking a little longer to kick. Regardless it’s sooooo much fun to share Ayurvedic recipes and remedies with you…I wanted to bring some extra LIFE into it! What do you think? warning: the husband called me the Swedish Chef of Ayurveda.


Pitta Menu


As promised, here is the pitta menu! Overall, pittas tend to have great digestion. But! Let us not abuse thine great digestion, dearest pittas. Just because you can digest a tin can, doesn’t mean you should. You can digest a lot of things well, including red meat. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. And, well, because you like rules, I know I won’t have to preach too much about you eating the right things because you always want to do right. But I also know you can be stubborn. So, mold the ideas on the menu according to your likes, but really try to adhere to the main foods that are good for you. A steak once in a blue moon will not kill you. A steak once a week won’t kill you either, but you’ll probably end up with heartburn and unwanted pounds. See what I’m sayin? Balance, my good people, balance. Ok I’ll stop yapping. Pitta menu (click to download and print it) !!! Share share share! xoxoxo!

Note: When you download, you’ll get all 3 dosha menus. Pitta is on page 2 :)


Ayurvedic Toddlers




I was wondering just how early doshas can begin to be known and addressed in children? I have two 2 1/2 year olds with very different but very definite temperaments — are wee ones able to eat following doshic principles that seem to apply to them? Just what is it like to be an Ayurvedic toddler in our world?

Please know that they are already being fed the most nourishing and healthiest foods and are very healthy and thriving. Just thinking about making sure foods aren’t aggravating or causing anxiety, etc. or seeing how to add foods that decrease this, etc. This kind of thing.

Hey hey! This is a grrrreat question. First off, our prakruti (unique doshic combination) is created at conception! So your little ones already have their doshic balance in place now. That’s why they are so different from each other :) Wee ones will thrive when following doshic principles, yes, however they are also in kapha stage of life. Kapha remember is the builder, creator, lubricant, and structure. The little ones are growing at a rapid pace and need support in building a healthy foundation. Mostly with the little ones, they will let you know what they need. For example, have you ever seen a toddler chow down on a stick of butter? Mine did that last week (with ghee of course!) after a series of days where she didn’t eat much, and she finally just wanted fat. “More ghee on my bread please, mama” and then she would lick it off, not eating the bread. Two minutes later, “More gheeeeee please, mamaaa…” and she flapped the soggy bread at me. And to honor her lil bod, I kept piling on the ghee. I figured she needed it because eating-like-a-bird (vata) the previous days were not nourishing enough for her. Suddenly, she needed fat, structure, and lubrication, mamaaaaa. ;) My point is, don’t over think it too much. The little ones are likely to tell you what they need because they are still in their naturally balanced state, so they will likely make the right choices.

I try to really honor what my daughter is craving (she doesn’t eat junk), because she must need something in it. However, we are the guide, the boss, the mentor, the ultimate in their tiny eyes, so there are some things we can do to help them live more Ayurvedically.

Some tips on how parents can help toddlers live Ayurvedically:
• Tots need sleep. A good lot of it, or they will fall to emotional and mental pieces.
• A consistent schedule (that’s no mystery, hey?) where we lead by example including wake up time, meal times, nap time, sleep time.
• Make sure they are pooping every day.
Eat with your tots, don’t let them sit at the table by themselves.
• Tots should eat what you eat, so they can taste everything and feel part of the community (1st chakra! the root). And, it will help you adhere to good choices on your plate too!
• Tots need a variety of healthy food choices (organic when possible) of veggies, fruits, healthy carbs, dairy and meat if you choose. Meat, more or less, is to let them try it. They will eat it if it jibes with them and if not, they’ll turn their nose. Always offer, but don’t force.
• Favor nourishing foods like organic whole milk, ghee, dates, bananas, mushy and easy-to-digest carbs. Favor warm foods.
• Do not mix milk and fruit. Give fruit at least 30 minutes to digest before giving milk.
• Do not mix yogurt and fruit. They don’t need yogurt (please refrain), although if you want them to have some, make a tasty lassi.
• No milk with meals, water instead.
• Oil (almond or coconut are my favs) massage after or before bath. And note: if you do before bath, choose bath toys that can be easily cleaned because the oil sticks to them.
• They need enough fats. If they don’t have enough fats, they can get cranky, constipated, acid reflux/heart burn, and poor sleep.
• Most of all, lead by example. In all you do, what you eat, what you say, how you say it, how you go potty, how you dress for the weather, how to get ready for bed, how to give to others, etc., ALL of it! They are following you because they think you are the coolest thing on the planet – they love you SO much. They are not only digesting their food but in the many ways you are showing them how to live. Powerful mama you are in so many ways! :)