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Just pick, one.

Guys, don’t go nutso over New Year’s resolutions. Pick ONE thing in your life to do better. One. There, see? No pressure and totally doable.

Give from the Heart


A reminder to pull gifts from the heart, not the pocketbook. Give presents because you know the receiver will love it. Don’t buy gifts to spend a certain amount of money on someone to make the exchange “even.” Sometimes we do that, hey? But here’s the thing, buyers’ remorse will hit in January when you get those credit card bills so remember to use your buddhi (wisdom!) when shopping so you don’t feel bad later! Nobody wants you to go broke on gifts, and you can do a lot with a little. One Christmas when I was struggling with money, I bought my family a case of Two-Buck Chuck wine from California and brought it back to WI as my carry-on. For $24 I had presents for all my family, I also included home made San Francisco cookies (a bridge, cable car, city-scape, victorian house, etc.,) that I decorated and gave with the wine. Combined, I had fun cookies, a bottle of wine, and cute wrappings for 12 people. My family LOVED it.  Give experiences, give homemade, give small (don’t give someone else clutter), give from local shops/artists, give something you can do with your receiver – remember, they love YOU.



Holiday eatery! Once Thanksgiving commences many folks toss in the nutrition towel until the new year as they are bombarded with food, busy-ness, no time for exercise, and tons of holiday treats in the office. Gaining an extra 10 lbs seems inevitable, simply because we don’t adhere to right choices. So let me remind you that this is not a time to say, “F-it!” (As in, “forget it”…get your minds out of the gutter.) as far as living an Ayurvedically managed life during the holidays. This is a time to tap into our Buddhi and get a little wiser to stay a little healthier. Because when we feel healthier we also feel happier.

Standing around, eating, talking, drinking, all at the same time is a quick way to completely lose our minds while eating. And we know that Ayurvedic nutritional guidelines say, our mind and hearts should be on the lovely meal in front of us. We should chew enough so that we can digest the food properly (our stomachs don’t have teeth…), we should taste the food, appreciate the food and thank the food. Now, do you do all that when yapping with friends at a holiday party? My guess is no because e-gads there’s a party goin’ on! Chitter-chatter chitter-chatter, drink, chew twice, gulp, chitter-chatter…then “Wait, did I even eat?” Right! So…

Instead try this:
1. Serve yourself one glass of your favorite beverage. It should not be too cold or have ice.
2. Take a plate and have your favorite samplings of foods (yes, even if it’s small appetizers). One plateful.
3. Find a person you really enjoy
4. Sit down with that friend and eat together, enjoying the food and the company.
5. You should be full and happy!
6. Now you can chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter til your heart is content, because your belly is content :)
7. If you are having cocktails, don’t have more than 2 and space it out. More than 2 and your better judgement and wisdom goes out the window, so you are likely to overeat AND overdrink. Better still, have mocktails and you’ll feel awesome all night and even in the morning ;)


A Chance of Flurries

Who’s feeling a bit flurried during the holidays, raise your hands! Wow, too many to count! Let’s talk about why you feel the way you do. The season is vata, but you already knew that. On top of it we are in the thick of the holidays AND it’s dark and cold. The dark makes it hard for us to wake up and we get tired earlier at night too. Then there’s all this extra stuff to do like parties, shopping, time with family/friends, and cooking. So! There’s 4x more stuff going on than normal and we have about 1/2 the energy. Awesome. It’s also cold outside in many places. So! There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, with less energy, shorter days, and we are house-bound due to the weather. Frick. Not only that but the dark, the cold, and the busy-ness leaves little gusto or time to exercise. No outlet for stress. Bummer! Oh and then there’s all this extra food/candy at work, parties, and cocktails in a 4-week time span too, and since we don’t have time to exercise, it’s nearly impossible to escape without holiday poundage! With all these things adding up, no wonder we are stressballs a flurry during the holidays! Wah.

Don’t cry. I’m not telling you these things to bum you out. No way. My intent is to SHOW you exactly what’s going on during this time of year. You are not crazy or lazy, so that’s the good news. Hurrah! These natural forces (dark, cold, shorter days) flow against our desired rapid pace of Christmas completion. During the flurry, I have some quick Ayurvedic tips to keep the holidays happy and I will trickle them in over the next couple weeks.

Ready? Here’s the first one:
Keep your sleep. The stuff will get done (and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t that important). You need sleep to keep your immunity strong, your emotions in tact, your mind sharp, and your skin looking perky as possible. If you keep your “bed by 10” Ayurvedic rule, you will have more energy and gusto the next day to get everything done. Trust me! You need sleep or you’ll get sick!