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Vata Windmills in Your Mind


This poor vata guy. Does anyone else feel like him with a whizzing and whirling of the mind? We are in the midst of vata season, afterall. Just a little funny to lighten your wintery, vata selves. ;) xo!


Mood Food


Hey! Did you know that the food you choose directly affects your mood? Maybe you did, cause you are so Ayurvedically smart (if so, permission to *high kick* with pride!). You should know that every morsel we put into our body has energy connected to it. Consider it mood food. Yessiree that energy is what we ingest and therefore what we become. If foods we eat are made from bummer ingredients, we are going to feel like the world is one big bummer. Flip that and instead if we eat lively, fresh foods, we are going to feel lively and fresh. You might be thinking that’s a really literal way of assessing food, but man, it’s totally true.

Do you remember our friends sattva, rajas and tamas? In Ayurveda, these are the trigunas or three qualities, of the mind (download the chart). A quick recap, sattvic foods are pure harmony and help us make right choices. Rajasic foods create turbulence, competition, and are goal-oriented. Tamasic foods create darkness, stagnation, and lifelessness. Download this handy dandy list of sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic foods for reference. Just as important as foods right for your dosha, are the trigunas of the foods. Our food MUST be high quality – it’s essential!! We are built of the stuff!

Foods that are highly sattvic are veggies, fruits, and grains. Notice anything these foods have in common? They all come from plants! Plants are always happy, they have no emotions or stresses. They know that the sun will come out, rain will give them a drink and they grow while they reach for the stars. Pretty great, right? Wouldn’t you like to be like that too? Me too. Happy and reachin’ for the stars, I say!

Now! Let’s look at the other side. Foods that are highly tamasic are red meat, alcohol, canned, stale foods. These foods have no life. They have never seen sun, or if they have, the prana they had originally has been processed-to-death. Literally to death. For a second, let’s look at meat. Are animals always happy? Not necessarily. Do they live in the sun? Mmmm…they might, but not guaranteed. Animals have emotions, fears, stresses, anxiety and panic. Whatever life that animal lived, we eat it. True for us, if we eat those animals that lived under stress, we will become the same. Please make sure your meat comes from happy animals. And if you aren’t sure, don’t eat it.

SO! What foods create good moods? Plants! Veggies! Grains! Fruits! Ghee from happy cows (<– like from my man Sandeep! They’ve been making grass-fed ghee for generations!). AND, dairy if it comes from a good place. Always buy full fat and local organic dairy, if possible. In addition to foods, make sure to drink plenty of water. Plants wither and animals throw their water dish around when there’s not enough! Your body withers too, but your mood will be affected first, as a warning sign. Aren’t our bodies so smart to give us warning signs? Love the bodies. So, be thankful for being an evolved being who gets moody enough to know that you’re not eating the right things :) Incorporate more happy foods, full of sun, nourished by water and nature will give you peace, happiness, and innate knowing that all is well.

Who has questions!?!? xoxoxo!



question_mastheadI’m a vata/pita girl. Vata is most present. I eat as following: breakfast (8.00) mostly oatmeal with fruit, raisins, spices and nuts. lunchtime (13.00) I eat my diner and @dinertime (18.00) I eat soup with one slice of bread. In between (10.30 and 15.30) I try to eat as less as possible, fruit with some nuts but I notice it’s not enough because @ 16.00 I’m mostly very, very hungry. And because of that the change is higher that I eat not so healthy things like chocolate in the evening. What should I do?

Great question! First of all, whenever you are hungry, eat. The body is telling you it needs food. Now, there are guidelines. For a vata-type person, they could easily spend the day snacking away, which is not good. So! Make sure you are eating enough lunch, remembering it should be the biggest meal of your day. If you are having a nice, hearty lunch and are still hungry at 4:00, then have a snack. If you eat dinner in super-starvation mode, you will likely overeat too late at night or have munchy chocolatey things :) It takes 4-6 hours for us to digest a meal and it sounds like you are doing that in about 4 hours. No problem, just honor that hunger by having a substantial, hearty lunch and/or a snack around 4:00pm to tide you over. Does this help?

Tri-Dosha Menus


Tri-dosha menus

From my hands and heart to yours, here are three dosha menus in ONE post for your downloading and sharing ease. Groovytown!! *high kick!* These menus are not meant to box you in, rather, they are created to expand your mind into the world of foodie concoctions that are awesome for you.

Something to keep in mind, if you eat a “wrong-for-your-dosha” food, don’t stress about it! Just do better next time, it will not kill you. In fact, someone once told me, “You cannot kill anyone with Ayurveda.” SCORE! Well, I suppose if you struck the wrong marma point hard enough you could, but that’s beside the point. If your body responds well to the food you are eating, keep doing that! If you are not digesting well, try some of the menu recommendations according to your dosha and see if you begin to feel better.

Again, there are a myriad of foods we can choose and frankly we should have a diet balanced in all six tastes, organic when possible, and eat with a happy mind. If you do all those things, you will be in far better shape than you did before you found this crazy lil site :) Enjoy your dosha menus and if you like these, please please share!

Any other questions I can answer or Ayurvedic information you are dying to know about? Email me! XOXOX!





Tip: Natural SPF


Tip: Using a bit of sesame oil (not the toasted kind!) on your face in the morning will moisturize, smooth fine lines, and is also a natural SPF!
We love you, Ayurveda!

Kapha Menu

E-gads! My sweetest, dearest kaphas, please accept my apology for the delay in creating your lovely menu (print print print & share share share). But here it is and maybe at theee perfect time. For those of you who want to eat lighter after holiday, following a kapha-balancing menu will be wonderfully balancing. Free of dairy, heavy, oily, and starchy foods, kaphas will enjoy foods that are light, warm, and spicy. Kaphas, are the most sensual dosha (it’s all that water in them) and are true lovers of food. They indulge, savor and appreciate every smell, texture, and spice in a meal. Because of their sticky nature, kaphas can tend to overeat because they want the experience to keep going (sticky-sticky-sticky) for as long as they can. Bland foods do not excite them, but bring on the spice (garlic!) and your kapha will be dancing in the streets.

Kaphas do best with a vegetarian diet and light grains that also serve as protein, like quinoa and soba noodles. The trick for kaphas will be to nurture and nourish themselves as they do for every one else. Kaphas, shine the spotlight on YOU for once and cook yourself some yummy meals. Spice it up! You will feel light, full of energy, and fresh as the morning dew when it’s time to wake. Any questions?! Please please ask me! xoxox!

Note: When you download, you’ll get all 3 dosha menus. Kapha is on page 3 :)


Resolutionary Ideas!


I don’t know about you, but resolutions tend to feel like some sort of punishment. Like, “Oooooooo, you ate too much cheese over holiday so now you must lose weight. Here are 7 tips for weight loss!” And then you think, “Ooooooo, I should do that! Cause I ate too much cheese and clearly, I suck!” And then comes the verbal confirmation of, “I resolve to lose weight since I thouest sucketh for eating thine cheese.”

Ok. That might be a little snarky. But really, why do resolutions feel like that? Maybe because the idea is coming from the OUTside instead of the INside. Someone in an email, commercial, facebook ad, or whatever is telling you that you have to do something radically different and make a change. And darn it, lose weight! Sheez. You had extra cookies afterall, so lose weight (I snark)!!

I say why not change that messaging to, “I will enjoy 5-10 more minutes a day of physical activity.” Or “I will bring my lunches to work 3 times a week.” Or “When I am stressed, I will allow myself to take a break for 10 deep, slow breaths.”

SEE how that feels different?! Nourishing, nurturing, and most of all something to look forward to! You can achieve the same goal of losing weight (if that’s truly what you need), but put the focus on what you are going to DO to get there. So much focus is on the result instead of the steps to achieve the result. I mean, only 8% of resolutions are actually adhered to anyway, making wads of people feel like they are failures very quickly into this lovely new year. What an instant bummer way to start the year! Let me tell you, you are not failures, lovelies. You have good intentions, just let your intentions and desires come from withIN not from withOUT. And make them bit-size, so you can fit them into your day. Extract them from your heart. And if you don’t have anything to change right now, FINE! You will adjust and evolve when you are ready…and that might be in May. :) 

Whatever your outlook on resolutions, the new year is a delicious time to indulge in some reflection and intention-setting. This should be an enjoyable process, and might not even include …a scale! *gasp* (snark)

Fun, soul-filling, RESOLUTIONARY IDEAS!
Wishlists! – dream up your favorites, write them down
Dosha-lutions – resolutions for your dosha

Dissin Discipline – how to adhere to those juicy goals you set
New Year New You 2014 Tranquilosophy Seasonal Podcast – My girl, Kimberly Wilson‘s teleclass (recorded & at your own pace). It’s wonderful! She’s wonderful!

Happy New Year. Love you guys.

It’s Your LIFE.

your_lifeIt’s your LIFE! Um. Can I get an “AMEN!?” I found this card which induced a flurry of heart backflips while instant hot tears sprung to mine wee eyes. Ah, and that’s when you know it’s good. A real stunner for the soul.

In case you didn’t know what’s been happening, for over the past year I spend 3 hours a day commuting to my day job and then come home to my curly-toddler-spriteypoo only to fall on my face exhausted at 8:30pm…and start again in the morning. The days are long and I’m constantly running. Where is my yoga, my writing, my podcasts, my violin, my potion-making with aromatherapy (mmmwaahaha…evil laugh cause I love the potions)? Where is MY Ayurveda, my LIFE? Sheeeeat, a whole year has gone by…poof. I didn’t even let myself blink. But, I have an Ayurvedic job to do and life to live, so here we go…

It’s a new year, people! NEW YEAR as in clean slate, blank canvas, and ready for all little life buds to start unfurling into bloom. My heart and soul has done some may-hay-hay-jor explorations even over the past 24 hours and I’m DANG excited for 2014.

What about YOU? Any of this resonate? Did you let anything slip past your awareness last year? Do share. We’ve all done it and might have some ideas to get you back on track.

Don’t let a year go by without blinking. Better yet, don’t let a MINUTE go by without blinking. Bring your mind and heart into what you are doing, eating, breathing, sharing, communicating, all of it. Stay present, soak it in, this is YOUR life and it is to be LIVED. Your way. And no less.*BURST!!*