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Almost Done!


Dude. Do you know how EASY it is to write a blog post after spending the past year, nose down, writing and designing a 235 page book? Blog posts all day long, baby. They are EE-ZAY.

Right. So! My book is out for proofreading while I’m putting all the touches on the design. I’m almost done. Whee! The pretty parts is what is left! This thing has grown to be WAY bigger than I ever thought. Last May I was like, “I wanna make a cool, pretty, 45-page Ayurvedic workbook with big graphics!” Um no. Apparently I can’t shut up about Ayurveda cause this thing is pretty mighty. The crazy thing — As I wrote, I only got ideas (and new knowledge) for more books in the future. Heeeeeee.

Want to know more about the book? It’s a happy journey through all the parts of Ayurveda stemming from the foundation to nutrition (new-trition!) to home therapies (om-therapies!). My favorite part is that it’s a workbook! Handbook I guess. I want to call it a handbook because work sounds…worky. Anyway, you can learn a bit and then answer questions about your own life. Are you eating all the foods best for you? Are you following the daily routine? If not, that’s cool. So where can you improve? Things like that. Think of it as if you took your life and sat next to Ayurveda’s life and you compared notes – just like that! So yes, it will teach you all about Ayurveda but will also teach you about YOUR life in comparison.

As a mega-bonus, I am completely honored and blessed because the whole thing has been reviewed by the 2nd American licensed Vaidya (Ayurvedic doctor) for Ayurvedic accuracy against the classical Ayurvedic texts. So not only does it have my shenanigans and modern day twists, but it’s got the pure authentic goods as a root. Big, great awesomeness to unfold soon!

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Meantime, it’s SUMMER and it’s HOT outside.

Enjoy some summer pitta-balancing tips:

• Walking in cool grass in the evening soothes the eyes

• Coconut water makes a wonderful cooling drink

• Make a watermelon mint shake as a treat

• Enjoy fruits of the season, but remember fruits are best eaten alone. Solo. Like a rebel.

• Stock up on some of the best summer foods

• Keep rose water on hand and spritz your face, arms, legs, or your coworkers (you only get points if you take them by surprise. just kidding)

• Skin is governed by pitta so use that sunscreen and wear a big hat!

• If you haven’t read it or aren’t sick of it yet, read up on Pitta Seasonal Bloom. It’s old (what an endorsement, hey?) but it’s still pretty decent.

• Don’t forget your daily meditation and just sit for 5-10 minutes. Even if you do nothing but breathe, it will do a world of good to calm the mind and help you remain peaceful enough to ENJOY this beautiful season!!

Okay back to it! See you guys soon – and sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss a beat!