3 Ayurvedic Post-Cleanse Do’s and Dont’s

We finished our community kitchari cleanse yesterday and I gotta say, I am SO proud of you!! As we begin eating normally again, you should know about these 3 Ayurvedic post-cleanse do’s and dont’s. Just because the cleanse is over does not mean it’s over! We need a transition period to keep our agni strong. No dumping fried chicken, french fries and hot fudge sundaes into our bellies to celebrate that we did a cleanse ;) Nope. That’s not the way. Check out these tips below.

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  1. angie betz says:

    I LOVED the cleanse. I have eased back today. Eating only when I am hungry. Had kitchari with 3 eggs whites and 1 whole egg for lunch. I will incorporate kitchari into my meals and do a cleanse more often.

    Thanks for doing this with us Monica!

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