A Game! Find 8 Ayurvedic Things Wrong


Inspired by my daughter’s Highlights Magazine, when we “find all the things that are wrong in this picture,” I thought it would be fun to play an Ayurvedic game. Wanna play!? Life and learning is more fun with games! Come on let’s go!

THE GAME: Our friend Lenny does not know anything about Ayurveda. There are 8 ayurvedic things wrong with how or what he is eating. Hint: the answers have nothing to do with his dosha.

When Lenny gets to work at 9:00 am, he happily eats a whole bagel with cream cheese for breakfast that his thoughtful coworker brought in for the team. Lenny is not hungry for lunch until 1:30 pm at which time, he dashes out to grab a small salad and eats at his desk before his 2:00 meeting. Lenny leaves work at 5:00 and heads straight to the gym before coming home at 7:00. He’s starving! He prepares a nice big bowl of pasta drizzled with olive oil and adds steamed broccoli, zucchini and salt & pepper. The pasta bowl is accompanied with two soft garlic-butter breadsticks and lots of water to rehydrate after that workout. Smiling *rubbing his hands together*, he turns on some lovely music and sits down to eat at 7:45, enjoying and finishing every bite.

8 THINGS ARE WRONG: What are they? Go!

And, let’s be kind. There’s really no “wrong” in life, we’re just trying stuff to see what works. So, no judging Lenny. Through your teachings, he’s about to learn a whole new way of eating. Yay Lenny!
SOME THINGS ARE RIGHT: Lenny has also done some things right, hasn’t he? Feel free to call those out as well.

1. 9:00 am breakfast, a bit late & too heavy
2. Lunch at 1:30 is late
3. A light salad is not enough for lunch: lunch should be biggest meal
4. Eating at desk: don’t eat & multitask
5. Too much bread/sweet taste (heavy) especially at dinner & all day
6. Too much water with dinner, will douse agni
7. Dinner is too late
8. Dinner is too big in quantity

10 Responses to A Game! Find 8 Ayurvedic Things Wrong

  1. Shenika Keis says:

    Great Blog. I really enjoyed your blog whenever I am reading. On your blog Leeny daily routine and my daily routine are almost similar. So, now I follow all tips which you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing these useful and important tips.

  2. Esther says:

    Fun exercise!

    1. Balance portions of carb – protein – fat according to your dosha. None of them has soo much carbs in them as for the suggested breakfast and dinner.
    2. Eat lunch around noon.
    3. Eat diner between 5-6 pm.
    4. Eat your biggest meal at lunch.
    5. Small salad for diner.
    6. Do not eat behind your desk.
    7. Sport in the morning.
    8. Drink plenty of warm water in small amounts during the day.

  3. Diane says:

    Lenny could wake up before the sun and enjoy a small breakfast before work.
    Heavy breakfast make agni work to hard doesn’t fuel it
    Lunch is too small and lacks nutrition to keep him going all day
    Mindful eating is necessary, two things at once not a good idea.
    Oh nothing to eat after salad and the gym , so hard nothing left for energy to work out
    Too much and heavy dinner
    eats very late
    Waters down agni, then going to be up too late.

    • Monica says:

      GREAT, Diane!! There’s some good stuff in here. I’ll be back tomorrow with all the answers :)

    • wendy says:

      Drink a big glass of room temp water when he wakes up (can add lemon if he wants).
      Eat what is in season.
      Feed his Agni with a small breakfast, large lunch, small dinner.
      Chew well.
      include all tastes in his meal, sweet,sour, salty,pungent, bitter and astringent.
      learn his dosha and eat accordingly.
      Eat lightly cooked veggies instead of a salad for lunch.

  4. Denis says:

    Bagel and cream cheese too heavy. Agni is just getting going. Put some kindling on there Lenny

    Lunch is too late. Try eating when the sun is at its peak just like your digestive fire.

    Just a small salad Lenny? That won’t be enough fuel to keep you going. Especially if you want to hit the gym after work.

    Also, maybe try some mindful eating away from your desk so that you are not distracted or stressed by work email. Your deserve some time for lunch after all.

    Also rushing to grab lunch and eating quickly is not a great idea. Take some time to savour your food. Also, who made the salad? Did they prepare it lovingly? Perhaps.

    Off to the gym with no fuel? You’re going to burn your Agni right to the ground.

    Too much food late in the day. All that food is just going to sit in your gut.

    And what with that music? Save if for after dinner when you meditate.

    And all that water? Just dousing the digestive flames Lenny. If you must drink water maybe add some lemon or apple cider vinegar to help with digestion.

    You ate all that Lenny? You should listen to your body and only eat until you are satisfied. Over eating isn’t good.

    Maybe you should go for a nice walk now Lenny to help move some of that food around. And don’t forget to get to bed by 10pm.

  5. shivani says:

    Game!! Yayyyy..:D so let me take the first shot at it –
    1. Have an earlier & a more nutritious breakfast.
    2. Following step 1 will ensure he is hungry by noon which is the best time to have lunch since agni is at its peak
    3. This is a big dinner which is being eaten rather late. It’s lovingly prepared at home which is great. If he could just have an earlier lighter dinner at 5:30 that would be ideal. But then how does he manage his workout??
    4. And no drinking lots of water before and after the meal. Sipping a little water during the meal is ok

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