A Chance of Flurries

Who’s feeling a bit flurried during the holidays, raise your hands! Wow, too many to count! Let’s talk about why you feel the way you do. The season is vata, but you already knew that. On top of it we are in the thick of the holidays AND it’s dark and cold. The dark makes it hard for us to wake up and we get tired earlier at night too. Then there’s all this extra stuff to do like parties, shopping, time with family/friends, and cooking. So! There’s 4x more stuff going on than normal and we have about 1/2 the energy. Awesome. It’s also cold outside in many places. So! There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, with less energy, shorter days, and we are house-bound due to the weather. Frick. Not only that but the dark, the cold, and the busy-ness leaves little gusto or time to exercise. No outlet for stress. Bummer! Oh and then there’s all this extra food/candy at work, parties, and cocktails in a 4-week time span too, and since we don’t have time to exercise, it’s nearly impossible to escape without holiday poundage! With all these things adding up, no wonder we are stressballs a flurry during the holidays! Wah.

Don’t cry. I’m not telling you these things to bum you out. No way. My intent is to SHOW you exactly what’s going on during this time of year. You are not crazy or lazy, so that’s the good news. Hurrah! These natural forces (dark, cold, shorter days) flow against our desired rapid pace of Christmas completion. During the flurry, I have some quick Ayurvedic tips to keep the holidays happy and I will trickle them in over the next couple weeks.

Ready? Here’s the first one:
Keep your sleep. The stuff will get done (and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t that important). You need sleep to keep your immunity strong, your emotions in tact, your mind sharp, and your skin looking perky as possible. If you keep your “bed by 10” Ayurvedic rule, you will have more energy and gusto the next day to get everything done. Trust me! You need sleep or you’ll get sick!

2 Responses to A Chance of Flurries

  1. Tmice826 says:

    Have you been spying on me? : ). Yes life is a flurry, it’s cold and snowy in my parts. The hustle of the holidays has already caused me a full week of poor sleep habits and increased vata. It’s hard to get to bed by 10 during these times. Will napping the following day help bring some balance? I’ve noticed that the late bedtimes causes me to wake earlier than I’d like, feeling dry and thirsty. Looking forward to any other tips and tricks you have. Thanks

    • Monica says:

      Ha! I love it when you guys ask if I’ve been spying. It means that we are harmonious! Flurry cold and snowy for sure. STay warm on the inside and delegate your hustle if you want! Nap yes, but it has to be short like 20-30 minutes. In Ayurveda, laying on your left side for 30 minutes after lunch is called Vamakukshi and it helps aid digestion! But don’t take a big ol’ nape cause that’s kapha increasing. XO!

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