Fast After The Feast

fast_after_feastAlrighty! Show of hands, who ate too much yesterday? Ohhhh, that’s a LOT of hands! Ok. If you ate too much on Thanksgiving, today is an awesome day to eat much much less. I know it sounds un-fun when there are leftovers calling your name, but this is the key to eating in a balanced way. Most likely you didn’t wake up hungry, right? Good, so take that as a clue that your body is not finished digesting yesterday’s feast yet. The goal is to make sure all food is digested, used, and the rest pooped out. Then you’re ready for another meal! Until then, drink ginger tea in the morning and/or warm lemon water, but don’t eat anything. Around lunch time (only if you are hungry), enjoy your leftovers with reasonable portions. Either skip dinner or if you are really hungry, have something small like a glass of milk or some fruit.

That’s it! Keep it lean today, folks! You’ll feel better. ALSO, it changes our mind so that we don’t just say, “F-it! It’s the holidays now so I’ll just keep on snacking and gain 10lbs.” No no no no. You already know that’s a bad idea, so don’t let it happen. Use your buddhi (wisdom!) to keep you adhering to right choices!


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  1. tmice826 says:

    Speaking of fasts, and the New Year coming ahead, I read your post on mini cleanses with mono eating, which sounds wonderful. I’m wondering if this type of cleanse is recommended for children, especially as the spring season ensues and we all in my family suffer from seasonal allergies. Suggestions on Types of cleansing for older children and adults alike would be greatly appreciated.

    • Monica says:

      Hi! Mono-diet does help cleanse the body and get all systems running in the right direction. So, it definitely helps keep the body in good health. But think of it more of an “oil change” and not a full tune up. Panchakarma (the Ayurvedic cleanses) are more like a full tune up to rid the body of excess/imbalanced doshas, rather than just managing them to behave a little better. Have a listen to my radio show on cleanses – these are more in depth and should be done under supervision of a reputable Ayurvedic practitioner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Still making lives better :-) …happy holidays Monica, hope you and the family have a wonderful time…xo

      • Anonymous says:

        Still making lives better :-) …happy holidays Monica, hope you and the family have a wonderful time…xo Steve Mc

      • Monica says:

        I MISS YOU GUYS!!! I’m trying, Steve! I need to not have a 3 hour daily commute and I could do more. Doing the best I can. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

  2. Monica says:

    Hi! Well, keep drinking your water, nothing wrong with that. So…what about fats. Are you eating the right amount of healthy fats? Water is good for hydrating, but oils give suppleness to the body. Oils keep the body lubricated, more than just hydrated. Does that help?

  3. tmice826 says:

    Great reminder tip. Thanks for thinking about us. Question, as a vata/pitta what are some ways to actually feel hydrated from ALL the water consumed? It seems to just go through me, leaving me feeling just as dry internally and externally as I started. The end result is just a lot of trips to the bathroom to flush my kidneys.

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