A Kapha Goes to Costco


A Kapha Goes to Costco, an Ayurvedic Story.

My kapha husband wanted to disappear last night for an evening of carousing, by himself. Do you know where he went? Costco. Yes, Costco because there are BIG things in multiples there and in BIG discounts (kaphas love shopping, sales, and multiples). Kaphas are all about the accumulation and care-taking for everyone around them (cause they are so sweet). In a nutshell, Costco is kapha’s heaven and vatas want to run screaming.

So check it out. My jolly kapha husband comes home with a 5lb bag of kettle corn. Cause we need that. Popcorn is the snack of choice for kaphas and toss in some sugar (a kapha vice), they are in total bliss. Now we have 5 fluffy pounds of…bliss for the husband. He also got a 6-pack of electric toothbrush heads because we need 6 of them for 2 of us. Yes, yes we do. Six. He also got a 4-pack of sunscreen for just $9 (“At Target, these are $17 for only 2!”). And a big box o’ tupperware.

We live in a 900 sq ft apartment without many closets. Costco was not made for us. BUT my kapha husband was made for me, so I’ll just take this with humor and grace. Don’t think my pitta didn’t try to control the situation. Before his journey, I asked if he could take my car and get me gas (of course he’ll do it, he’s a kapha) in my Mini Cooper. BOOYAH! Mini Cooper + Kapha + Costco = Can’t buy all THAT much stuff ;) Mwwaaahahahaaaa (evil, yet loving laugh).

The end.

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  1. Zoe says:

    I would totally get the sunscreen, but family, friends, and I would use that up since I live close to the beach!

  2. lei says:

    I LOVE Costco =D. the thrill of buying sales AND BULK makes me so happy.
    leilani kapha

  3. Rocio says:

    Hi Monica! This is Rocio from Holland. I have a question for you, hope you really can help me…
    My upper body is thin, i have thin arms and small breasts… my under body curvy with much more fat on legs, butt and hips ;-) I have a lot of frizzy hair, a round face with big lips, small eyes with long lashes.. My skin is dry. I am always cold, never sweat, I have lots of water retention. I love to eat and always eat more than I shoud and I have constipation… I have done the test on your web and I should be a Khapa-Vata.

    My question for you is: how should I eat, not to have constipation and not to get fat… I can get heavy really easy.. I guess because of the water retention… I hope you can help me. And thanks a lot for your website. I already bought lots of spices to keep me warm!

  4. Marijana says:

    Greetings to you, Monica! i am kapha / vata dosha; the question is what to eat, when I eat something sweet during the day?

  5. Victori says:

    I know what you mean, I too am married to a Sam’s/Costco shopper and live in a small apartment.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Yup, so familiar!

    LOVE IT!!

  7. Kibby says:

    You are SO CUTE! I loved this. xo

  8. Mary says:

    I’m Kapha and have been bugging my (Pitta) husband to go with me to Costco for two weeks! He is refusing…similar situation. He knows I’ll get a little crazy loading all the great deals into the cart, and then we’ll be stuck trying to figure out where it is all going to go in our 600 sq ft apartment.

    • Monica says:

      Mary-Mary! LOL!! I am just giggling. Good luck to you and Ogi to figure this one out. Thank you for sharing your Costco confession and struggles ;) LOVE YOU!

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