A Light Dinner

We all know we should eat a light dinner. Even western nutrition advices this.

Here’s why. Since dinner time is kapha time, agni is weak and the body cannot digest a lot of food. Our bodies are winding down for the evening and don’t want more tasks! How would you feel if you came home from work and someone gave you MORE work at 7:00pm than they gave you all day?! You’d probably put the pile of work down and say, “Forget this, it’s too much, I’m not gonna do it.” Well, our agni says the same. Agni is tired at night and starts to prepare for nighttime fasting so putting a lot of food on it will make it want to give up. And it does.

BUT! Almost always when I tell people to have a light dinner they say, “But that’s when I’m home and cooking with my family.”

I know, I totally know. So here’s my suggestion. Take the time preparing and cooking the food with your family (friends, dog, whomever). Enjoy recapping the day and each other’s company. All this positive energy and enjoyment will go into the meal (yes, energy goes into food!). Then when you sit down, eat just a small serving. And take your time! You will likely feel more satisfied from quality time with your loved one(s), that you won’t need a lot of food. Just eat enough so you are not hungry.

Your agni wil be able to handle a small amount of work (like you would emails or bill paying in the evening). You will be able to wake up refreshed, with no heaviness or grogginess. If you have problems getting up in the morning, try to lighten your dinner. It will make a world of difference.

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