Ama and my dosha

I got this question last week on my radio show when we were talking about ama and how to avoid getting sick. If you missed it, check out episode 9 to catch up! I missed Karen’s question and promised that I would answer in a blog post. Thanks for your question Karen!

Karen D. asked: You may have answered this already, but does the location of ama depend in part on one’s primary dosha?

To recap (although I highly suggest listening to le show), ama is toxins in our body-minds. Karen’s question was brought up because I was talking about when we have ama in our bodies, it seeks out weak tissues and based on who we are (doshas) ama will lodge in those tissues and create disease. I used examples of a vata person might find that ama settles in their bone tissue which might cause dry joints, causing cracking or stiffness. A pitta person might have ama in their blood tissue which may cause acne, rashes or herpes. A kapha person might have ama in their fat tissue which can cause low quality but high quantity fat, causing weight gain.

SO! Now that you’re all caught up, let’s answer Karen’s question. She is correct, it does in part have to do with one’s natural dosha(s) balance AND it may also have to do with a dosha that becomes imbalanced. They key here is to look at the tissues not the doshas. Uh oh, did I just confuse you? Let me simplify. Knowing what type of dosha(s) you are will help HUGELY in preventing ama in the first place, so then you don’t have to worry too much about where your ama goes…cause you shouldn’t have any :D

So yes, based on what your dosha is, you can anticipate where ama might go if you have an issue. I say, leave figuring all that out to your Ayurvedic Practitioner should you get to that point. YOUR job is to a) recognize ama b) clean it out when you know it’s there c) pay attention to what you’re made of (take the test!) and d) Follow the daily routine and lifestyle recommendations for your dosha.

Thanks for the question Karen!! I hope this helps! xoxoxo, MonicaB.

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  1. […] your tongue with a tongue scraper seven times to get off any night crud, check for ama. If there is ama, do not put oil in your mouth. Head straight for warm water and ginger tea. Drink up and do not eat […]

  2. Salma says:

    Hi Monica !

    You said a vata person might find ama settles in the bone tissue. I think I am a kapha person with mostly vata imbalancies and I have been having bones problems as a child (especially in the back, but it also lead to some problems in the hips and legs) and still have often pains in the back and shoulders. Could this be a sign that I am right and that I have vata imbalancies ?


    • Monica says:

      Hi Salma!
      Yes so if you have pain in your joints and bone problems, that’s definitely a vata imbalance. Warm oil massages, paying special attention around the joints will be good for you. Also follow vata-balancing life style, keeping warm and well-oiled. In the spring, when kapha is strong, lessen the oils/lubrication or kapha might feel too heavy. Does this help shed some light? XOX!

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