Ayurvedic Football?


Okay before you think I’ve lost my Ayurvedic marbles, let me explain. A LOT of people love football and when football season begins, they feel like all is right in the world because their team is back on the field. It’s true and it seems so silly, but I am one of them. Don’t judge! I can like football and be Ayurvedic and here’s why :) It’s part of mine and so many others’ lives! So, since Ayurveda is all about LIFE, then maybe football is a little Ayurvedic (I’m totally ready for all the comments of people who think I’ve lost it), hey?

Hear me out. When football season starts, sooooo many people have a renewed sense of community. You feel it when hollering at the TV with your friends or high-fiving strangers in the stands. This “community” feeling (and sometimes you even get goosebumps!) come from our first chakra. The first chakra is our root or “tribe” chakra, which gives us a sense of home and common ground. Our root chakra is the chakra that says “you belong here.” Heck we might even say being a football fan for our favorite team is “part of our roots.” We are rooted in this as a routine or way of living based on those surrounding us. That’s what the first chakra does–it unites us. When we are little kids, we view our family, maybe our church, our graduating class or even yoga class as being our “tribe.”  A great example is when we sing the national anthem! Everybody knows it, everybody puts their hand on their heart, and everybody sings. It’s the space we consider home and includes others who feel the same thing. Make sense?

Sports fans all have the game in common. Often we see people hugging in the stands, clapping, screaming, jumping up and down…they don’t even know each other! The game unites us, giving us an excuse to get together with a common goal in mind. And no matter what differences we have, for that moment while the game is on, we are all one. Together all as one, we sing the chants, clap our hands, boo the referees, cheer with excitement, and share disappointment if our team loses. We are not independent, we are together.

See? I’m not that nutcakes. But you tell me, do you think this connection through sport is Ayurvedic? Maybe not football exactly (although more of those guys are doing yoga and some are even vegan!), but I have to admit, the ever-famous Lambeau Leap is the epitome of using our first chakra :) Packer fan or not, there’s something awesome that happens when we watch good ol’ LeRoy receive hugs and “atta boy” pats from the hometown fans. So good, so home. What are your thoughts?

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