An Ayurvedic Interview on Well + Good

Happy Friday! Recently I had an Ayurvedic interview for Well + Good NYC, on which workouts are best for your dosha(s). Lisa was super duper and many many thanks to her for getting the great word out about Ayurveda and how we can loop it into our modern lives. Yay! Check out the interview here. And in case you missed them, I have a couple other posts on exercise for your dosha and what to do when you are a vata craving exercise (because vatas need to slooooow down). Be healthy, live according to YOU, and have a super weekend! xoxo.

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  1. Karina says:

    Hi Monica,
    I’ve been on the site for the whole morning and I’m very much enjoying the read. I’ve worked out that I am pitta/kapha. I’ve been struggling to maintain a balanced exercise routine for the past couple years now. What I’ve mainly done in this time is high intensity aerobics, and high rep light weights with cardio, and occasional boxing. I tried bikram for the first time not long ago and really enjoyed it. However in the article you mentioned that this is not good for Pittas. Since I am part kapha does this mean its okay for me to do? I gave myself a knee injury in the past from the high impact stuff including running.

    Because of injury I’ve become a bit disheartened with intense excercise. What would you recommend I include/eliminate in my excercise routine that would benefit both my doshas? I do love the intense stuff but I tend to overdo and burn out… then comes the sluggish unmotivated kapha self. This cycle keeps repeating! Please help :)

    Many Thanks!

  2. Babita says:

    Great article. But I have a question – which dosha do you exercise for if you have an imbalance? For example, I am generally very much a vata with maybe a little pitta. I walk a lot and do yoga. But lately I have a kapha imbalance – (sluggish, gaining weight, etc). Do I do my usual exercise or add is stronger cardio?

    • Monica says:

      Hi Babita, good question. In general we ALWAYS want to balance the dosha that is increased – in exercise, diet and lifestyle – until that dosha comes back to balance. So if you are feeling kapha heaviness, definitely do more cardio. Break a good sweat, girl! Cardio it up! Because you are naturally vata/pitta, you will probably see a change fairly quickly. Keep me posted!

  3. Liz says:

    Awesome, Monica! Great info…you look really cute in the picture, too;)

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