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Julia, 23 vata-kapha from Brazil asked a question about ayurvedic fasting. Goodie! Thank you, Julia! xo!

Hey Monica! I’m from Brazil, I’m 23 and I’ve been practicing ayurveda for 3 months now. Could you please speak a little more about Ayurvedic fasting, and the different ways of fasting? As I said, I’m a kapha-vata and my kapha is a bit out of control, so I put some weight during the last year and my agni is veeeery low. I tried fasting (with ginger tea, and other types of tea) but I couldn’t manage to do it – I felt anxious, tense and hungry (maybe emotional). Is that because of my vata constitution? Only “pure” kaphas can fast? Being a kapha-vata makes me mad sometimes! Hahaha. Thank you sooo much! And good luck with you time/energy managing! I’m sending you good vibes from Brazil!

Ah yes! Fasting in our modern world might sound a little torturous (is that a word?) but it’s really one of the best things we can do for our digestion. And! In Ayurveda, optimal digestion is crucial because it affects evvvvverything else! The reason why fasting is good is because it gives our digestive fire (agni!) a chance to digest any extra food we have hanging out in our insides. Think of it as cleaning out your closet. If you ignore it, you will collect stuff you don’t want, don’t need anymore, AND you won’t have room for good new stuff. Same with food and our digestion.

Depending on your dosha, you will have to fast in different ways. Let me briefly outline for you.

Vata Fast: three square meals
Pitta Fast: fruit/veggie-fruit juice fast
Kapha Fast: at least once a week (think: skip dinner one evening and breakfast the next day)

As a vata-kapha combo, Julia is torn between the vata fast and the kapha fast because they are opposite! She is getting light headed without food because vata can’t handle that, however her kapha really needs a break and her agni a boost. So my advice, Julia, is to do a kitchari cleanse :) Kitchari is the BEST EVER cleanse in Ayurveda. It completely cleans out residue oldy moldy food stuffs, stokes agni, and you’ll be eating so you won’t feel hungry. I suggest doing this cleanse for 3-5 days and you can repeat as often as you need. Hope this helps, Julia!






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  1. Lia says:

    Hi…found this blig today and I can’t stop reading it! I am a Vatta/Pitta so how should I go about fasting? Thank you for any advice!

  2. Julia says:

    Sure!!! :)

  3. Julia says:

    Hi Monica! Just to say I’ve tried the kitchari cleanse and loved it! Actually I’ve only done it for 3 days – the taste was lovely (my parents were jealous of my food), but I just couldn’t keep eating the same thing for a longer time (vata!)
    I’ve done it from thursday to saturday. Today I went to see my Ayurvedic Practitioner and guess what? She examined me and said I had no ama :) Hehehe
    Thank you Monica! Wish you all the best! Xx

  4. […] ♥ Fasting- Ayurveda Style – For all doshas – The wonderful MonicaB is back and ready to accept questions and dish out the scoop in her fun, savvy and inspiring way.  I did a Kitchari day last week and loved it.  Monica provides a link on INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE KITCHARI CLEANSE. […]

  5. Kibby says:

    SO GLAD to see you’re back, Monica! Have missed your presence and insight. I am sharing this link on my Thoughtful Thursday post this coming week. Look forward with more from you. XO

    • Monica says:

      Thanks Kibby!! I’ve missed you guys too! THANK YOU for sharing on your site – I’ve had a few people come to me through your site. MANY blessings and here’s to more posts *clink* (<-- that was chai). xo

  6. Liss says:

    Such a nice, to-the-point post. I’ve recently been dealing with a Vata-Kapha Vikruti (imbalance). My ayurvedic doctor recommended a three-day Kitchari cleanse to help stoke agni and balance the Kapha. As it turns out, I strongly dislike kitchari (something about the mouthfeel) so she suggested a modified mono-diet:
    Breakfast: 8-grain hot cereal breakfast with fresh ginger, a small amount of ghee, and a few raisins. Eat until completely satiated.
    Lunch: cooked rice, cooked lentils (in chicken stock), a single cooked vegetable (e.g. leeks, asparagus, kale) with fresh ginger, black pepper, ghee, and a bit of warming spices (e.g. turmeric, cumin). Eat until completely satiated.
    Dinner: same as lunch (maybe a different vegetable). Eat until completely satiated.
    Take Triphala before going to bed.
    Follow for 3-5 days.

    The no snacking was the hardest part for me. (and not eating dairy). Well, and eating at the same time each day (routine: curse of the vata!).

    The effects were pretty incredible. My agni picked right up, my tongue was a pretty pink in the morning, I had energy and I actually felt hungry at mealtimes (rare beforehand). So … I guess what I’m saying is these mono-diet style cleanses are pretty awesome.

  7. Julia says:

    Monica, thank you SO MUCH for asking my question! I’m really delighted!
    Congratulations for your beautiful work!
    Aaand… gonna try kitchari cleanse asap!!!

  8. Sarah says:

    How about a Pitta-Vata?

  9. Serenity says:

    I needed to see this. As ALL Kapha, I fast every Tuesday (unless I have my ….) I sooooooooo didn’t want to fast today, but I am because of this post. I see it as a confirmation I’m doing whats right for my body

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