Benjamin Franklin’s Schedule

On last night’s radio show (episode 12) we were talking about how to calm down chaos and focus on what really matters so that we aren’t lost in the spinning spinning spinning of life. We breezed over what my routine is in my busy-busy world and we also talked about managing everything when there’s SO much to do.

Most importantly we talked about the Ayurvedic daily routine and how important it is to stick to a schedule! After the show my highly resourceful husband shared Benjamin Franklin’s schedule with me. It made me want to cry! Look at it compared to the daily routine. They are pretty much the same!! Look at the sleep times. Look at the work times. He took time for lunch. He took time for some sort of spiritual outreach in the morning. He spent the evenings relaxing, cooking, and putting things in order from the day. He did not work longer than 8 hours a day. He did not go home and do more work. He did not let the stress of the day overshadow an otherwise pleasant evening.

MOST importantly, look at the questions he asks himself. In the morning he writes, “What good shall I do this day?” and in the evening he writes, “What good have I done for today?” WOW. Is that simple and full of heart or what!? I was so inspired by this because in no way was Mr. Franklin unproductive, nor was he bored, NOR did he seem stressed! He just did what he loved and organized it in a way that he had a pretty perfect work-life balance. He took time to just “be” and look how immensely productive and effective he was in his lifetime. Truly inspiring. And who knows, the man was really smart…maybe even he knew a little something about Ayurveda :) xoxo.

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  3. Lisa McClain says:

    I love this article… Well said, and must follow in order to have a balance life… Thanks Moncia

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