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Bit of Wisdom {48}

We are all students, we are all teachers. Learn and teach something every day – you will help the world go round in harmony. 

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Bit of Wisdom {46}

A story: My 16-month old had to ride in a wagon with 2 other toddlers on the way back to school from the park. They were being selfish and started pushing, shoving each other out of the wagon! The teacher said, “We don’t move unless you all hug!” They immediately sat down and squeezed each other tight while laughing their heads off until they got to their destination.

Choosing a route of hug and laughter will still get you to your destination, only you’ll have much more fun getting there. 

Bit of Wisdom {45}

On the train this morning I noticed a guy who was standing super rigid, hanging on for dear life. Every time the train would slow down or speed up, he would lose his footing and fling around (almost steptin’ on my toes). The rest of us had bent knees, slouched shoulders, were reading books or playing mobile games, and we rocked and swayed easily with the train. What a great reminder to surrender, let life rock you back and forth. Enjoy the ride :)

Bit of Wisdom {44}

Shine on little sunbeams!! xoxo. TGIF!

Bit of Wisdom {43}

Rather than acting/reacting, sometimes the best route is to kick back and be the observer. Watch the craziness unfold around you and the path will be clear. Effortless Effort.

Ayurveda is not magical

Hey guys! Often when people think of Ayurveda, they associate it with the image below. Seemingly magical remedies that really don’t make logical sense.

The girl has Shirodhara treatment - indian oil massage.

Am I right? It might seem mysterious, exotic, pretty unattainable, maybe luxurious or elitist, and even a little weird. Like gross, who would put their head under warm oil while it drips all over their HAIR! Eu! And then how do you get it all out?! ;)

Well, shirodhara (SHEE-ro-DAR-uh) is the name of the therapy where the oil flows onto the forehead from one side to the other, almost in an oval pattern. Unlike all the photos you see, there is actually a person (or should be) moving the oil stream from side to side. Anyway, my point is that while this therapy is truly awesome (if you could feel it’s awesomeness, you would BEG for oil to be dripped all over your hair), it’s a teeny weeny part of Ayurveda! Shirodhara is not accessible to most people, it can be expensive for treatments, and it’s not something you can do daily.

I have good news. Ayurveda is so much more than shirodhara, herbs and other “magical” remedies. 90% of all imbalance can be corrected with diet and lifestyle. Do you know what a magical remedy is? Eating really good food that comes fresh from the earth, not from a lab or a GMOed seed. Another magical remedy is getting enough sleep each night and turning off computers early enough so we can unwind. Sleep does magic for the mind to help it rest as the body restores itself. One of the best magical remedies is getting daily exercise (yes daily, discipline!) even if it’s a 20 minute daily walk. Drinking enough water to keep the body supple and flowing is also another magical remedy. It keeps the mind clear and focused, channels flow easily, and our bodies stay buoyant instead of shriveled. My favorite magical remedy is breathing. It’s so magical and easy that we forget it’s even there ;)

Friends, when you think of Ayurveda and talk about it to your comrades and loved ones, remember that Ayurveda is simple. Ayurveda is life. Ayurveda is nutrients, rest, movement, hydration, and taking in enough oxygen. If you don’t have these things, then don’t bother with the fancy shirodhara therapy, the spas, the herbs, or the massages. Start simple. Start with what you already have within your power. And if you aren’t doing those simple things yet, then start practicing :) That is where you will find your results and where you will live your best life. And once you get the hang of that then run, do not walk, to your nearest Ayurvedic spa for an indulgent shirodhara session :) xoxo!! You can DO it!!!

If you want to practice the real deal (it’s accessible, simple and fun!), you might want to check out my book IN YOUR ELEMENTS. It’s a workbook! And I talk like you! Ain’t no mystery or magic, it’s chock full of real life, easy ways to keep you feeling awesome every day.

Bit of Wisdom {42}

The Wise Chia Pet

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Bit of Wisdom {40}

Know a good energy switcher-upper? Instead of thinking what you can get, think about what you can GIVE. Give purely, from the heart ♥

Bit of Wisdom {39}

Just got off the phone at my day job with someone who was having a rough time. I told him to HOLD HIS FAITH, HOLD HIS VISION. Just because his eyes don’t see it in front of him, things are happening behind the scenes. Always believe that – send out your wish and then know that forces are working to make it happen – even if your eyes don’t see it at the moment. Believe.

Bit Of Wisdom {38}

For those of you just beginning to use Ayurveda, start slow and take it one step at a time. If you are headed in the right direction, all you have to do is keep on walking. A healthy body and healthy life will begin to unfold for you.

Bit of Wisdom {36}

The minute you let go, magic happens.

Let it all go…so hum so hum so hum…

TGIF, Friends!

Bit of Wisdom {35}

Bit of Widsom {35}

Health isn’t something you “achieve.” Rather, health needs to be maintained daily, forever! So, don’t be in a race to achieve health (fad diets, short gym memberships) because there is no finish line. :) xo!

Bit of Wisdom {34}

A quote from one of my favorite books, If The Buddha Got Stuck by Charlotte Kasl.

Benjamin Franklin’s Schedule

On last night’s radio show (episode 12) we were talking about how to calm down chaos and focus on what really matters so that we aren’t lost in the spinning spinning spinning of life. We breezed over what my routine is in my busy-busy world and we also talked about managing everything when there’s SO much to do.

Most importantly we talked about the Ayurvedic daily routine and how important it is to stick to a schedule! After the show my highly resourceful husband shared Benjamin Franklin’s schedule with me. It made me want to cry! Look at it compared to the daily routine. They are pretty much the same!! Look at the sleep times. Look at the work times. He took time for lunch. He took time for some sort of spiritual outreach in the morning. He spent the evenings relaxing, cooking, and putting things in order from the day. He did not work longer than 8 hours a day. He did not go home and do more work. He did not let the stress of the day overshadow an otherwise pleasant evening.

MOST importantly, look at the questions he asks himself. In the morning he writes, “What good shall I do this day?” and in the evening he writes, “What good have I done for today?” WOW. Is that simple and full of heart or what!? I was so inspired by this because in no way was Mr. Franklin unproductive, nor was he bored, NOR did he seem stressed! He just did what he loved and organized it in a way that he had a pretty perfect work-life balance. He took time to just “be” and look how immensely productive and effective he was in his lifetime. Truly inspiring. And who knows, the man was really smart…maybe even he knew a little something about Ayurveda :) xoxo.

Bit Of Wisdom {33}

I was writing to a friend of mine about blogging and I said, “Be patient and consistent, nothing is instant!” I thought that was a good thing to remember …even about changing our health habits too, right? xoxo. Stick with it everyone – slowly we make the changes.