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Ayurvedic Shopping

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Ayurveda touches every part of our lives, right? So it would make sense that Ayurveda even touches on shopping! Is that the best news you’ve heard all day? Ayurvedic shopping! Permission to shop. Healthy, personalized shopping?! Yep, you betcha.

As you are learning more about the doshas, it’s super fun to watch them in action. People-watching is one of the most fascinating things in life, so toss in some Ayurvedic knowledge and you’ve got entertainment for years.

You remember our doshas right? Vata, pitta, and kapha are the three doshas that govern our personalities, physical builds, emotional tendencies, and the nature around us. Let’s take a peek into the shopping world of the doshas.

How they spend

Vata shopping: Vatas will spend money as fast as they make it. Like the windy beings they are—*whoosh*—cash goes flying out of their fingers as soon as they walk out the door. Vatas are most prone to impulse buys, which may result in buyers remorse, because they didn’t think through their purchases first. Or, maybe they just changed their mind. They will promptly return the item to get the cash back, and then buy something else just as quick. A vata wardrobe has a lot of variety so they can look like a different person any time they wish. Vatas have the hardest time deciding what to wear in the morning and will try on several outfits (often making a mess) before they settle and head out the door in the nick of time, or even a teensy-bit late.

Pitta shopping: Pittas don’t love to shop. They only shop out of necessity and they usually know what they want to buy ahead of time. So, a pitta person will show up at the store, have someone help them find what they need (if they don’t call ahead and put it on hold first), pick it out, and go home. They do not lurk, browse, or window-shop. Nada. They just want to get what they need and move on with their day. Pitta wardrobes tend to be the least creative and they might wear the same thing often. They like to rely on simplicity in their wardrobes so they don’t have to have to think about it too much—their time is better spent on other things. Plus, reliable clothes keeps them punctual—a pitta’s favorite thing.

Kapha shopping: Kaphas love to shop. They love to saunter, browse, touch, linger, and enjoy. They also really like stuff (kaphas are the sticky dosha, and like to collect things). Kaphas are inspired by the creativity and loveliness of items in stores–it brings them lightness and happiness. Once a kapha finds something they love, they will buy the same thing in navy, khaki, red, and black. Even if multiple colors are not available, they might buy an extra piece just in case. They have elegant tastes and will spend on high-quality items. Just the same, if there’s a sale, it’s a kapha-extravaganza and they will buy all the multiples of things at the sale to keep them in a closet (for a rainy day that never comes) or give them away as gifts.

Now, you might be curious to know what kinds of clothes these specific doshas will buy? Just as different as their spending and shopping habits, their clothes will be different, too.

What to buy

Vata: Vatas are almost always cold, so they like anything fuzzy, puffy, fleecy, sweatery, hooded, and thumb-holed (it keeps their little wrists covered). Vata’s clothes will likely have a baggy fit, which makes them look bigger than they are (for them that’s good because vatas tend to be small-framed) and more importantly, allows for movement, so they can continue to wiggle around in true vata fashion. Vatas like to wear layers because they tend to get cold and change their mind. Colors that are best for vatas include warming colors that absorb heat like black, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, reds, oranges, purples, corals, and hot pink. These colors also compliment their olive skin and are “autumn” colors, which is also vata season.

Pittas: Pittas will look for clothes that compliment their muscular build, are well made, a good fit, and of good value. Because pittas run hot and sweat easily, they do best in soft, breathable, natural fabrics with a proper fit. In the heat, pittas will opt for loose, flowing clothes. However if clothes are too loose, pittas will feel “sloppy,” and if clothes are too tight, pittas will get hot and crabby. Colors that are best for pittas are cool spectrum colors found in nature like teal, sky blue, cobalt, pale blue, emerald green, sea foam green, white, and yellows. These colors also compliment their naturally pink skin and are “summery” colors, which is pitta season.

Kaphas: Kaphas always look put together. They accessorize with jewelry, shoes, purses, and head ensembles (as if their awesome looking hair isn’t enough). Kaphas will wear clothes that usually hug the lower body and are blousy on top. This shows off their rockin’ curves and gives their upper body room to breathe (for their big chests—to hold their big hearts). If anything around the chest or stomach is too tight, they will not feel good. Kaphas feel best in dark and warm colors but the fabrics should be lightweight, so they don’t weigh down kapha. Colors that are best are oranges, purples, reds, pinks, blues, and greens. Any colors that evoke vibrancy are great for kapha, since these colors are “spring” colors, which is also kapha season.

I manifested our house!


My mind! She’s blown! I manifested our house! It’s quite the miracle story, good enough to share and hopefully inspire.

For anybody who doesn’t know what is happening in the San Francisco bay area, there is a MAJOR tech boom goin’ on. People are moving here in droves to capture a piece of “the boom” so it’s crazy expensive, ultra competitive and uber-piled with people. I did not move here for this reason, I find it annoying and could give a rip about tech. I moved here in 2003 because to me it’s the most beautiful land in all the world. I feel like I have a wing span miles wide when I am here—limitless in thought, creativity, expansion, and possibility.

So knowing this place is a freakin’ gong show at the moment, let’s bring in some magic. Or manifestation, if you prefer. I enjoy the word ‘magic’ because when I see the word I hear, “blliiiinnnngggg!” and I see twinkles of glitter. Since our eyes are sometimes able to interpret a better story than our words, this is going to be a visual story.

About two weeks ago, my husband found a sweet little house listing and IM’ed it to me at work. Instantly the poor man’s IM was inundated with “IT’S MY HOUSE!…MINE!…THIS IS MY HOUUUUUSE…I’VE ALWAYS SEEN IT…HOLY…” Fill in the gaps with shitcakes, holy nuggets, and a few f-bombs because my mind, was totally blown. I’m sure my enthusiasm was endearing (or obnoxious) but he really didn’t understand at the time that I had seen this house in my mind for years.

Below is an excerpt of the love letter we wrote to the seller…

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 10.51.26 AM


We submitted our offer at 11:00 am on 10/3/14. By 3:10 pm our offer was accepted.


You saw the drawing, right?  Now…see the house below.





We beat 4 other offers! One was an all cash offer with a higher bid than ours and zero contingencies. And still, WE GOT IT!!! We had an amazingly supportive and speedy team of realtors and a stellar mortgage broker too, but the determining factor was the seller. She used her HEART to decide. I have no explanation as to why we got this house. We were even denied putting in a pre-emptive offer and thought for sure we were goners. What I know is that I never let go of my vision, nor did my confident ground shake as I stood strong amongst the competition. I was slightly nervous but not barfy or overly anxious. I threw the decision up to the stars and kept telling myself, “I KNOW this is our house.”

So here we are, in the thick of escrow, and in two weeks we will have the keys. NUTS?! Today our house was appraised so we got over that hurdle with these exact words from our real estate agent, “Hello Monica, In 23 years doing real estate, this is fastest freaking appraisal I ever got.” The stars have clearly aligned and we are moving fast…but not furious. Fast with graceful confidence I would say.

How awesome will it be to finish writing my ayurvedic book in this super pretty space!? I can’t wait to get in there at the end of the month! I still don’t know how I got it…well, or maybe I do. I emailed this story (with letter and house pics) to my former life coach and said, “My higher self is seriously shitting bricks. Actually, my physical self is shitting bricks. My higher self is nodding and grinning because she knew all along.”

Who else has a story like this!? I know so many of you do. Please share!!! Can we please rally with our fun stories of what our higher self knew before we did? XOXO. Eternal thanks goes to Harriet, Ana, Pascal, Ted, Anet & Pat!

Ayurveda Life Series


To those of you who have found your way here through prAna or Banyan Botanicals, WELCOME! Namasté! *high kick!* And for those oldie moldies who have been reading for years, Heyo! Glad to see your shining face! *smooch!*

You guys I’m kinda beside myself. A couple months ago, totally out of the blue, I was invited to be a contributing author as part of a project prAna and Banyan Botanicals were working on together. UmlemmethinkYES! It’s been a hard secret to hold in! So now that I can flap my gums (pun intented) about it, let me tell you what’s going on. Banyan and prAna partnered to create a blog series called “Ayurveda Life” where they will be sharing loads of articles with their audience on Ayurveda. I believe it will be for a full year and they’ve selected a handful of fresh, new articles I wrote to share as content. I am humbled to the core to be part of this elite group.

Please enjoy the first article I wrote for the “Ayurveda Life” series on the doshas. You’ll recognize the art :)

I am excited for 18 million reasons, but the biggest reason is between prAna and Banyan and myself, we should be able to reach MANY more people. SHINE that light on Ayurveda!!! It brings tears to my eyes that this came out of the blue—I never could have planned it. I could not have dreamed up something so perfect. Here are two of my most favorite companies with such large hearts and pure intent to make it a better world. And I get to rally with them!? I could not be more lucky. Thank you prAna and Banyan–Squishy warm hugs and tons o’love!

I will share more articles as they post. Meantime, send me good book-writing vibes (115 pages now!). Back to it!

Time Out. Writing an Ayurvedic book!


It’s time! I’ve had my beloved HeyMonicaB site for almost six years now and it’s time to evolve and grow. I’m writing an Ayurvedic BOOK. Yay! As you know, I still work a full time 40-hour a week job in San Francisco with a 2.5 hour daily commute (that commute is not Ayurvedic in the slightest). I also have a family. So instead of doing new content for my site, I will preserve my time to focus on creating the most beautiful and impactful Ayurvedic book in the world. Ha! ;)

I’m not going to disappear, there is plenty of Ayurveda to share. My site is chock full of Ayurvedic information, so continue to read and learn. Ask me general questions if you have them:

So keep visiting here and let’s stay connected:
• I will be posting “The Best Of” on my site!
• Email and ask me general Ayurvedic questions:
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Since I am prone to changing my mind and absolutely love giving you guys good information, I might sneak in a new post here and there. But I’m going to try and stay focused. So much love to all of you!! This is exciting! Thank you for reading. There will be  MUCH MORE SOON! *mmmmwwwaaaahhh*

A Kapha Goes to Costco


A Kapha Goes to Costco, an Ayurvedic Story.

My kapha husband wanted to disappear last night for an evening of carousing, by himself. Do you know where he went? Costco. Yes, Costco because there are BIG things in multiples there and in BIG discounts (kaphas love shopping, sales, and multiples). Kaphas are all about the accumulation and care-taking for everyone around them (cause they are so sweet). In a nutshell, Costco is kapha’s heaven and vatas want to run screaming.

So check it out. My jolly kapha husband comes home with a 5lb bag of kettle corn. Cause we need that. Popcorn is the snack of choice for kaphas and toss in some sugar (a kapha vice), they are in total bliss. Now we have 5 fluffy pounds of…bliss for the husband. He also got a 6-pack of electric toothbrush heads because we need 6 of them for 2 of us. Yes, yes we do. Six. He also got a 4-pack of sunscreen for just $9 (“At Target, these are $17 for only 2!”). And a big box o’ tupperware.

We live in a 900 sq ft apartment without many closets. Costco was not made for us. BUT my kapha husband was made for me, so I’ll just take this with humor and grace. Don’t think my pitta didn’t try to control the situation. Before his journey, I asked if he could take my car and get me gas (of course he’ll do it, he’s a kapha) in my Mini Cooper. BOOYAH! Mini Cooper + Kapha + Costco = Can’t buy all THAT much stuff ;) Mwwaaahahahaaaa (evil, yet loving laugh).

The end.

Crossroads of Should and Must

For anyone who is struggling to either find their life purpose or GO FOR their life purpose (when you know darn well what it is), this is a read for you.

WOW. So I was on the bus yesterday and I checked my phone. Normally I just enjoy the ride or do a meditation. But for some reason, yesterday, I checked it. Know what I found? This AWESOME article from my husband awaiting my inbox.

Please enjoy The Crossroads of Should and MustI almost started crying on the bus ride home and could not read fast enough. It’s a healthy read…about 20 minutes or so. Love you and Happy Friday! We only get ONE LIFE!


Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 9.41.14 PM


Spring in your step

Friday afternoons are meant for inhaling deeply, giving gratitude for a productive and great work week, and jamming to some good tunes while looking forward to the weekend. Get a spring in your step with my groovy Ayurvedic spring playlist (also found in the kapha seasonal bloom!). A bonus? In Ayurveda, music is considered a therapy. Break out into therapy song and dance! GROOVIN!


Seasonal Bloom: Kapha

kapha_2013_iconHAPPY Kapha Season! Kapha season goes from late winter through spring, and the time is now! If you have already read the seasonal bloom in the past, maybe take another look! And then pass it along to a friend :)

NEW inside this one, I created a kapha playlist! That’s right, music to shake your booty to while spring cleaning. Nothing better to get a kapha moving than some great tunes! *shake it!*


I also ask that in return for reading, absorbing and hopefully loving the information, that you share this with at least three of your friends or family. We ALL need more Ayurveda in our lives. It’s my passion, it’s my life’s work and I am grateful I can share this with you. Please share with more people so my reach gets larger!

Vata Windmills in Your Mind


This poor vata guy. Does anyone else feel like him with a whizzing and whirling of the mind? We are in the midst of vata season, afterall. Just a little funny to lighten your wintery, vata selves. ;) xo!


Resolutionary Ideas!


I don’t know about you, but resolutions tend to feel like some sort of punishment. Like, “Oooooooo, you ate too much cheese over holiday so now you must lose weight. Here are 7 tips for weight loss!” And then you think, “Ooooooo, I should do that! Cause I ate too much cheese and clearly, I suck!” And then comes the verbal confirmation of, “I resolve to lose weight since I thouest sucketh for eating thine cheese.”

Ok. That might be a little snarky. But really, why do resolutions feel like that? Maybe because the idea is coming from the OUTside instead of the INside. Someone in an email, commercial, facebook ad, or whatever is telling you that you have to do something radically different and make a change. And darn it, lose weight! Sheez. You had extra cookies afterall, so lose weight (I snark)!!

I say why not change that messaging to, “I will enjoy 5-10 more minutes a day of physical activity.” Or “I will bring my lunches to work 3 times a week.” Or “When I am stressed, I will allow myself to take a break for 10 deep, slow breaths.”

SEE how that feels different?! Nourishing, nurturing, and most of all something to look forward to! You can achieve the same goal of losing weight (if that’s truly what you need), but put the focus on what you are going to DO to get there. So much focus is on the result instead of the steps to achieve the result. I mean, only 8% of resolutions are actually adhered to anyway, making wads of people feel like they are failures very quickly into this lovely new year. What an instant bummer way to start the year! Let me tell you, you are not failures, lovelies. You have good intentions, just let your intentions and desires come from withIN not from withOUT. And make them bit-size, so you can fit them into your day. Extract them from your heart. And if you don’t have anything to change right now, FINE! You will adjust and evolve when you are ready…and that might be in May. :) 

Whatever your outlook on resolutions, the new year is a delicious time to indulge in some reflection and intention-setting. This should be an enjoyable process, and might not even include …a scale! *gasp* (snark)

Fun, soul-filling, RESOLUTIONARY IDEAS!
Wishlists! – dream up your favorites, write them down
Dosha-lutions – resolutions for your dosha

Dissin Discipline – how to adhere to those juicy goals you set
New Year New You 2014 Tranquilosophy Seasonal Podcast – My girl, Kimberly Wilson‘s teleclass (recorded & at your own pace). It’s wonderful! She’s wonderful!

Happy New Year. Love you guys.

It’s Your LIFE.

your_lifeIt’s your LIFE! Um. Can I get an “AMEN!?” I found this card which induced a flurry of heart backflips while instant hot tears sprung to mine wee eyes. Ah, and that’s when you know it’s good. A real stunner for the soul.

In case you didn’t know what’s been happening, for over the past year I spend 3 hours a day commuting to my day job and then come home to my curly-toddler-spriteypoo only to fall on my face exhausted at 8:30pm…and start again in the morning. The days are long and I’m constantly running. Where is my yoga, my writing, my podcasts, my violin, my potion-making with aromatherapy (mmmwaahaha…evil laugh cause I love the potions)? Where is MY Ayurveda, my LIFE? Sheeeeat, a whole year has gone by…poof. I didn’t even let myself blink. But, I have an Ayurvedic job to do and life to live, so here we go…

It’s a new year, people! NEW YEAR as in clean slate, blank canvas, and ready for all little life buds to start unfurling into bloom. My heart and soul has done some may-hay-hay-jor explorations even over the past 24 hours and I’m DANG excited for 2014.

What about YOU? Any of this resonate? Did you let anything slip past your awareness last year? Do share. We’ve all done it and might have some ideas to get you back on track.

Don’t let a year go by without blinking. Better yet, don’t let a MINUTE go by without blinking. Bring your mind and heart into what you are doing, eating, breathing, sharing, communicating, all of it. Stay present, soak it in, this is YOUR life and it is to be LIVED. Your way. And no less.*BURST!!*

A Chance of Flurries

Who’s feeling a bit flurried during the holidays, raise your hands! Wow, too many to count! Let’s talk about why you feel the way you do. The season is vata, but you already knew that. On top of it we are in the thick of the holidays AND it’s dark and cold. The dark makes it hard for us to wake up and we get tired earlier at night too. Then there’s all this extra stuff to do like parties, shopping, time with family/friends, and cooking. So! There’s 4x more stuff going on than normal and we have about 1/2 the energy. Awesome. It’s also cold outside in many places. So! There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, with less energy, shorter days, and we are house-bound due to the weather. Frick. Not only that but the dark, the cold, and the busy-ness leaves little gusto or time to exercise. No outlet for stress. Bummer! Oh and then there’s all this extra food/candy at work, parties, and cocktails in a 4-week time span too, and since we don’t have time to exercise, it’s nearly impossible to escape without holiday poundage! With all these things adding up, no wonder we are stressballs a flurry during the holidays! Wah.

Don’t cry. I’m not telling you these things to bum you out. No way. My intent is to SHOW you exactly what’s going on during this time of year. You are not crazy or lazy, so that’s the good news. Hurrah! These natural forces (dark, cold, shorter days) flow against our desired rapid pace of Christmas completion. During the flurry, I have some quick Ayurvedic tips to keep the holidays happy and I will trickle them in over the next couple weeks.

Ready? Here’s the first one:
Keep your sleep. The stuff will get done (and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t that important). You need sleep to keep your immunity strong, your emotions in tact, your mind sharp, and your skin looking perky as possible. If you keep your “bed by 10” Ayurvedic rule, you will have more energy and gusto the next day to get everything done. Trust me! You need sleep or you’ll get sick!

Power Outage

A story.
My little family and I were out for a morning of fun and came home for lunch. We were going to heat up some leftovers only to find that when we walked in the door, the power was out. Boo. My husband had a message from the power company saying that in three hours they would know when we would have power again. I instantly felt tension. There were things to do! I wanted to reheat lunch, I did not want to be disrupted by a power outage. And! Three hours is a long time. And! I wanted to redesign my website! What a bummer. My shoulders were tight yet there was nothing I could do (Pitta‘s shoulders get tight when they don’t have control…tis why they turn to cleaning things! They can control that.) Cheese sandwiches it is. As I was cutting our sandwich in half, *ZING!* music started playing, the oven beeped and a wash of relief washed over me. Then I thought, “Dude, really? All that tenion, MB, for 20 minutes of outage?” And in the end, it was all okay. I should have just surrendered instead of letting it affect me.

This lead me to thinking that we have power outages in our lives too, don’t we? Like when we realize we may be powerless through a string of bad luck and every where we turn it seems there is a closed door. My mom always said (and I know you know it too), “This too shall pass.” When nothing seems to be moving forward (or even sideways), we can break things down to the bare minimums (like peanut butter sandwiches and candles!), letting time pass, and breathing into surrender. Just like the peanut butter sandwiches and candles, it’s not ideal but it’s not permanent. And, it’s also not that bad.

When you’re in a life power outage, light candles, be cozy, breathe a lot, knowing that it will not last forever. It’s also a time to realize that when the power is on, life is pretty darn good. Maybe that’s the reason for the outage in the first place–to give a little perspective. Before you know it *PING!* the lights will shine, the oven will beep, and the radio will blast an Earth, Wind, and Fire song signaling that all is well again :)

Turn the World Around


Happy Earth Day!! It’s one of my favorite days because of the awesome reminder that we are just a small piece of this big world. And in Ayurveda, we know that nature is made of all of the same things we are (space, air, fire, water, earth). As a tribute to our mother earth, I would like to share a personal story of celebrating our earth and each other.

Perhaps I’m a big dork, but almost nothing makes me happier than The Muppets. Ayurveda might make me happier than The Muppets, but they are pretty much neck and neck. I grew up with The Muppet Show and would wait with anticipation every Saturday night. Each show seemed to last a whopping 5 minutes before it was over – it would go by so fast! Then I’d have to wait a whole week before I could see the flying zucchini brothers put another chicken in the cannon (that is not Ayurvedic, btw, but I thought it was a riot).

One episode, in particular, left me completely awestruck as I sat glued to the tv with all hairs standing on end and tears in my eyes. I had to have been, maybe five years old.  It was the one with Harry Belafonte as the special guest star where he sang a song with dancing African masks. I’ve never forgotten it. Even when I was in my 20s, I rememberd that episode and told friends that it was by far my favorite. I recalled the song was, “Turn The World Around.” You know how something that seemed so magical when you were little, doesn’t seem as magical when you’re older? Well, I assure you this is completely opposite of that.

I knew my husband had The Muppets dvds, but didn’t know he had the Harry Belafonte episode, so with great excitement, we put it on. Keep in mind, I didn’t discover Ayurveda until I was 32, but somehow the root of what Ayurveda is (I finally see this now) has been with me forever.

(Here’s where, at the age of 37, Monica B’s mind explodes. Cue the goosebumps. I can barely write this – my fingers want to move so fast to stay with the stride of my brain, heart, and soul.)

Mr. Belafonte talks about a storyteller, referencing an ancient tradition in Africa, who told him about the fire, which means the sun. And about the water and about the earth. “And he [storyteller] pointed out that all of these things put together, turn the world around. All of us are here for a very very short time. And in the time we are here, there really isn’t any difference in any of us, if we take time out to understand each other…cause if we do, together we can…turn the world around.

I leave you with my favorite song of spirit, authenticity, love, and all that is this great nature called earth. Thanks to Harry Belafonte & The Muppets.

Water make the river, River wash the mountain, Fire make the sunlight
Turn the world around

Heart is of the river, Body is the mountain, Spirit is the sunlight
Turn the world around 

We are of the spirit, Truly of the spirit, Only can the spirit
Turn the world around 

Do I know who I am, do you know who you are? 
See we one another clearly, do we know who we are?
WhooaaHO, so is LIFE…

From my spirit to yours, let’s honor ourselves and each other. And turn the world around.
Namasté and love to all, Monica


The Ayurvedic Donut.


An Ayurvedic donut? About 5 years ago when we were moving from San Francisco to LA, my friend got me a card — on the outside was a big glazed donut* with lots of colored sprinkles. The inside read, “Keep your eye on the donut, not the hole.” When we were moving back to SF, I found the card in a pile of “special stuff.” Over the past months, with constant busy-ness, scheduling challenges, a new role at my job, and other challenges that life brings, that lil’ donut saying keeps running through my head.

Isn’t it true? That lil’ donut gives such a great reminder to stay focused on all that is good and yummy about life, because when we do that, the hole doesn’t matter. In fact, we don’t even notice a hole! Practice that enough and the hole will shrink. In my job, I teach my team to focus on strengths of the self and others. We choose to pull out the positive in seemingly impossible orders so that we can fill them. We work on getting to yes rather than giving an immediate no. “What can we do?” My point is, don’t worry about the garbage that drives you nuts or what’s missing in your life. Focus on the donut and life will be much sweeter :) xo.

*Donuts are not Ayurvedic. Well, if you made them with mung dahl and rice they might be. ;P

10 and 10


Last week my boss, Susie, came to San Francisco to work with myself and my team. One of the busiest, hardest working people I know, she’s also an awesome teacher, a positive coach, and tireless cheerleader. She’s a mom and wifey too. In an after-work dinner convo, I turned into her Ayurvedic counselor (cause I am) and suggested that she take more time for herself because she gives so much out! We started yapping about time (or lack of), momhood, work priorities and we both griped that we didn’t have enough time to exercise as much as we would like. It bummed us out because we love to do it, but our time is so limited (jee, sound familiar to anyone else?). I have a couple DVDs that I do, but only a couple times a week, not daily.

She said, “There were two times I can think of when I was in really good shape. One, was right before my wedding (when I trained her and taught fitness classes in our office – ha!) and the other, was years back when I just did 10 minutes of cardio a day. Just 10 minutes…and I ate less too.”

Inspired, this weekend I took my dog Blossom on a quick run instead of a walk. And by quick run, it was 10 minutes. Her doggie face was happily panting and I actually had some sweat beads on my nose. I told Susie on Monday that I did 10 minutes of cardio the past two days, and would she like to join me on my crusade to cardio? She accepted, but then she threw in 10 push ups too. Dang it! Overachiever. Ok fine, so 10 minutes and 10 pushups a day.

I have to say, I LOVE IT! It’s not hard AND it gives me a warm up in case I have to sprint to the train! The point of all this is, take baby steps, but CONSISTENT baby steps toward your goal. If all I can muster is 10 minutes and 10 pushups, then I’m going to do it. Without fail, daily. The other thing that is helpful is to have a buddy. We know that when we have a buddy, we are more likely to be accountable for new habits we are trying to form. So now we send IM chats at work, “10 and 10! Done!” or “10! and I still have to do 1o.” or “I did 10 sets of squats 10 times and sometimes held my daughter…does that count for cardio?” To which I responded, “Yes and you will probably not be able to walk tomorrow (overachiever.)” ;)

What do you think about our little crusade to cardio? Do you have any mini crusades you can take on? We would all love to hear your creative ideas to life-enhancement! xo

Two Hearts

When giving hugs, hug people over their left shoulder instead of their right. Then you will be heart to heart!! It feels totally different, better. Try it! Afterall, two hearts are better than one!! (Anyone have Stacey Q in their head now?!)


I saw on facebook the other day that a friend of mine created a mini felt Christmas tree for her 2-year old daughter, fully enhanced with homemade felt ornaments. I was inspired after reading her post, “Hoping this keeps my daughter’s paws off the family tree. Yep, I found my crafty bone….It was actually a great little project that got the laptop off my lap.” (Ahh…getting the “laptop off my lap.” A phrase that is music to my Ayurvedic eyes!)

My first thought was, “I love it! Er…how would I ever have time to do this?” My brain quickly got pouty and overwhelmed by all the things I would love to do and don’t have time for  like painting, sewing stuffed animals, podcasts, making pretty art for heymonicab, taking more classes, reigniting my violin lessons, and the list goes on. Truth is, I want to make sure I am a focused parent during my 1.5 hours per day with my daughter. My time is limited! And that makes me sad. I wish I had limitless time…don’t we all?

I felt like a piece of me was neglected, which is not living optimally or Ayurvedically.  I’ve always done some sort of design or creative projects, always! *pout* The good news is, it’s just in my head. I can change it! After much introspetion, I came to the conclusion that being a “focused parent” (as I judge myself) doesn’t mean that I have to sit and stare at her.  Her blooming mind would love to see the fun things I can create with my hands. I’m sure she would like to stick a piece of gluey felt onto another while getting glue on her hands. With a switch of the mind, I moved myself from “pout-space” to “sprout-space” and started my tiny felt tree tonight. Whee!

Life is busy (for all of us!), but it sure feels good to wake a part of our lives that has been sleeping. Maybe some of you feel stifled with the limited time you have. Does your creativity and recreation take a back seat? We know a balanced life includes good work and good fun, but it’s up to you to make the change. Nobody is going to hand you more fun time, you have to take it. Overall, this is a reminder that healing comes from the inside out. We have everything within ourselves to succeed, heal, change course, and evolve. If you are an ace at making time for the things you love, please share with us! We would love to know how you do it all! And for the rest of us, perhaps all we need is to change our mind and the time will appear :) xo!



Product Review |

Heyo! I have some funzie products to share from the folks at barefootyoga. They are a great resource for enhancing your yoga practice and zen space, especially during the upcoming holidays when life can be a bit hectic.

Mysore Practice Rug: I really like this earthy soft little rug. Put it over your yoga mat (otherwise you’ll slide around the floor) and it provides extra cushion, absorbs sweat so you don’t slip, and is extra long. It’s just perfect for savasana so that your ankles don’t hang over the mat, know what I’m sayin’? In a pinch you can also fold and use for extra support under your shoulders during plow pose or shoulder stand. I have to admit, carrying it around as my “yoga blankie” is a comfort and…I absolutely love the smell. It smells like earth. Rooted. Grounded. It’s like an added sensory experience while surrendering to child’s pose and becoming one with the earth.

Silk Eye Pillow: Yes please! I love this! This super soft flax and lavender pillow is a little piece of heaven. It’s SO soft! It feels delicate yet weighted, which is perfect for calming tired computer-laded eyeballs at the end of the day. By relieving tension in the eyes (governed by pitta), stress levels decrease, tightness in the jaw releases, and it can even help prevent headaches! If there are any ladies on your gift-list who like a little luxurious pampering, this is probably not something they would buy for themselves. It even has a pretty zipper pouch that it can “sleep” in. Luscious!

A dosha match made in heaven

Match Made in Heaven. Ayurvedic heaven that is.

 A little match made in heaven: I received this email from one of my dear readers who was curious about inter-doshic relationships. Just as food, exercise and nature influence the doshas, people do to! Here is a sweet story about how a vata/pitta person and a kapha person form complete unity and balance each other. I’ve highlighted areas in orange italics to demonstrate why compliments attract :)

I’ve (vata/pitta) recently gained a very special friendship with someone who is pretty much kapha (everyone loves a kapha). She’s down-to-earth, happy, easygoing, curvy physique, etc. She’s all girly and about clothes and has perfect hair (kaphas love to look nice and have nice things). I’m older and a smaller person who prefers sportswear—I feel I’ve got my shoes covered because I have one pair brown and one pair black (pittas like comfy clothes and keep it simple so their mind can focus on more important things). So we walk along, rather quickly (vata/pitta making kapha move quickly – great!), and we talk about everything under the sun (talking and listening is therapy – tridoshic).

Her Kapha-like personality and my Vata/Pitta thing has made for a few interesting observations on my part. One day I was hovering in the ether, all anxious and stressed (vata problems) about something that, “wasn’t quite right” in my world. (vatas are the most intuitive) I was walking along, waving my arms, ranting and fussing (vata, vata, vata). She let it all play out and then just said something like, “People just sometimes don’t cooperate. Good thing we have you around to keep us all on track.” (kapha, always keeping the peace and giving an ego boost at the same time) Then gave me a big hug (kaphas give the best hugs), which, of course she is very good at, and I, of course, crave (vata is pacified by physical touch). I have to admit I chuckled to myself later when I recalled that episode (laughter is some amazing medicine – tridoshic).

This is proving to be a very great friendship for us, as she’s offered love and nurturing to me (kapha qualities), and I’ve been able to offer objective, realistic advice (pitta qualities) as well as keep her moving with regular exercise, and listen to stories of her past that she still grudges about (kaphas hold grudges if pushed far enough).

Thank you for sharing with us, dear reader! Sounds like a match made in Ayurvedic Heaven :) Anybody else have an example of someone who balances you? xoxo.