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Tip: Natural SPF


Tip: Using a bit of sesame oil (not the toasted kind!) on your face in the morning will moisturize, smooth fine lines, and is also a natural SPF!
We love you, Ayurveda!

A Chance of Flurries

Who’s feeling a bit flurried during the holidays, raise your hands! Wow, too many to count! Let’s talk about why you feel the way you do. The season is vata, but you already knew that. On top of it we are in the thick of the holidays AND it’s dark and cold. The dark makes it hard for us to wake up and we get tired earlier at night too. Then there’s all this extra stuff to do like parties, shopping, time with family/friends, and cooking. So! There’s 4x more stuff going on than normal and we have about 1/2 the energy. Awesome. It’s also cold outside in many places. So! There’s a lot to do in a short amount of time, with less energy, shorter days, and we are house-bound due to the weather. Frick. Not only that but the dark, the cold, and the busy-ness leaves little gusto or time to exercise. No outlet for stress. Bummer! Oh and then there’s all this extra food/candy at work, parties, and cocktails in a 4-week time span too, and since we don’t have time to exercise, it’s nearly impossible to escape without holiday poundage! With all these things adding up, no wonder we are stressballs a flurry during the holidays! Wah.

Don’t cry. I’m not telling you these things to bum you out. No way. My intent is to SHOW you exactly what’s going on during this time of year. You are not crazy or lazy, so that’s the good news. Hurrah! These natural forces (dark, cold, shorter days) flow against our desired rapid pace of Christmas completion. During the flurry, I have some quick Ayurvedic tips to keep the holidays happy and I will trickle them in over the next couple weeks.

Ready? Here’s the first one:
Keep your sleep. The stuff will get done (and if it doesn’t, it wasn’t that important). You need sleep to keep your immunity strong, your emotions in tact, your mind sharp, and your skin looking perky as possible. If you keep your “bed by 10” Ayurvedic rule, you will have more energy and gusto the next day to get everything done. Trust me! You need sleep or you’ll get sick!

Sickness Tea

I’ve been inspired to share my Ayurvedic sickness tea with the world. Dude! Who caught this got this nar-sty cough/snot/ache/fever thing going around?! Show of hands! 1, 2, 3…omg that’s just too many. That’s IT! I’m fed up. It’s time to take action and make a video!! Oh yeah, and what I failed to mention in it, is to strain the tea (you don’t have to drink soggy cardamom blobs or clove bits) and take as many steam showers as you want! I did 3 steam showers and 2 pots of tea in a day. Last time I was sick, I beat the thing pretty quickly. This time, it’s taking a little longer to kick. Regardless it’s sooooo much fun to share Ayurvedic recipes and remedies with you…I wanted to bring some extra LIFE into it! What do you think? warning: the husband called me the Swedish Chef of Ayurveda.


Okay, I think I need you guys



Right, SO! Holy crudcakes I’m falling behind. I’m about to say something that most pitta-types (even though I’m only 1/2) don’t like to admit, ever ever ever. I need help! I’ve had several of you reach out and say, “Keep going, Monica B!” which springs tears to my eyes while my stomach does a twirl of, “But…HOW?!” I’ve also had others of you offer to guest blog on HeyMonicaB to keep it going.

Ya’ll already know that I have a meaty full time job, a nutty time-sucking commute, and a spritely toddler whom I love more than anything. What you don’t know…I still respond to your emails (as I can!) with advice almost daily. There are a lot of you and I LOVE your questions. They keep me going both physically but also mentally and spiritually too – I think that’s a well rounded balance, hey? :)

So…can you PLEASE ask me more questions? Email me (monica@heymonicab) your questions or include in comments, please please please! I will use those as content and share with everyone! Do you like that idea? The way I see it, this is a total win-win because YOU get the content you want, I get to help you, AND the blog keeps going for all to see and learn :) Many of my favorite posts have stemmed from your questions and stories about how Ayurveda has helped you…so let’s do this together!

I would love to have your help and really the root of HeyMonicaB is to give you the life knowledge you need. :) :) I like this as a solution, what do you think?!

Where is MonicaB?

whereismonicabquestion_mastheadHi Monica, Where are you nowadays. ?

Hi Sam! Sad! Schedule is drowning me. 11-hour work days are consuming me a little bit. Trying to find my balance so I can still write. The good news, is I am answering emails with your questions and doing some mini buds as well. I’m here! I will try to do better and write more stuff…on the train or something…it’s making me sad! Hugs, Monica

Now, Sam’s question could have meant something else, like where in the world do I live? But interpreting his question from my own perception, shined a light on the fact that I’m neglecting my site. I crave more time in my day/life and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve tried writing on the train, which works, except for when I take the bus (way too jiggly). Work days are long from 5:45am to 6:00pm and then kiddo time until 8pm. Then more work. Then bed by 10. *scratching my head* No end in sight and not sure what to do. I’ll figure it out though and it won’t be long – cause I am not usually stuck for too long. Maybe HeyMonicaB needs to take a slightly different form. But! I’m here – reading and responding to your emails. Perhaps someone can make a clone of me? Oh wait…that’s not Ayurvedic. The answer is out there and I’ll figure out a solution that works for all of us! Meantime, keep asking questions so I can help you!! XOXOX!

Two Hearts

When giving hugs, hug people over their left shoulder instead of their right. Then you will be heart to heart!! It feels totally different, better. Try it! Afterall, two hearts are better than one!! (Anyone have Stacey Q in their head now?!)

Product Review |

Heyo! I have some funzie products to share from the folks at barefootyoga. They are a great resource for enhancing your yoga practice and zen space, especially during the upcoming holidays when life can be a bit hectic.

Mysore Practice Rug: I really like this earthy soft little rug. Put it over your yoga mat (otherwise you’ll slide around the floor) and it provides extra cushion, absorbs sweat so you don’t slip, and is extra long. It’s just perfect for savasana so that your ankles don’t hang over the mat, know what I’m sayin’? In a pinch you can also fold and use for extra support under your shoulders during plow pose or shoulder stand. I have to admit, carrying it around as my “yoga blankie” is a comfort and…I absolutely love the smell. It smells like earth. Rooted. Grounded. It’s like an added sensory experience while surrendering to child’s pose and becoming one with the earth.

Silk Eye Pillow: Yes please! I love this! This super soft flax and lavender pillow is a little piece of heaven. It’s SO soft! It feels delicate yet weighted, which is perfect for calming tired computer-laded eyeballs at the end of the day. By relieving tension in the eyes (governed by pitta), stress levels decrease, tightness in the jaw releases, and it can even help prevent headaches! If there are any ladies on your gift-list who like a little luxurious pampering, this is probably not something they would buy for themselves. It even has a pretty zipper pouch that it can “sleep” in. Luscious!

So, Here’s The Scoop

Hi friendlies!

I gotta tell ya what’s goin on! Sorry I’ve been little MIA but life just keeps on…lifing (I think I made up a new word)! I’ll fill you in quick. My family and I are moving from Los Angeles to the SF Bay Area at the end of this month. I also changed jobs a few weeks ago and went back to my old company (love them!), so I have a new/old job. We’ve been trying to get day care, apartment, a job for my husband, moving company, packing, and all the other logistics that a big move brings. Hence, blog posts have been…lacking lately.

Also…I can’t get my subscriber button to work! ARRGG! You guys, I might lose my mind. I am clearly technologically challenged and this subscriber thing has been the bane of my online existence for quite some time. I’m so sorry for those of you who want updates – trust me, I want you to have them too. Send some good vibes my way – send me an easy solution – or send me someone smart who can help me fix it. Anyway, that’s your Ayurvedic homework for this week. On the inhale think <<<Subscriber button>>> and on the exhale think <<<work>>>. Totally kidding, but I will be doing some extra so hums so that I can figure it out and right quick.

I’ll be back with more frequent posts again real soon. But in a nutshell, new/old job is great – moving to our favorite city is great – not having an extra brain and set of hands is not so great but we can only do what we can do. And LIFE comes first! :)

<<<subscriber button>>> <<<work>>>>

Tip: Warm Socks

Tip for damp kapha weather. Take a sock. Put over the end of a blowdryer. Turn on blowdryer. Put sock on foot. *toasty* Repeat other side.

Tiny Bit Better

As you go around our lovely planet, leave things just a leeetle better than you found them. Just a little bit, ain’t no thang, just a tiny bit better. Lots of tinys add up!

A date for your sweetie

If you’ve got a sweetie sweet tooth, try subbing a couple medjool dates instead of eating candies. Dates are super sweet and grounding. Good for vata and pitta. And! Since they come from nature, they are way better for our bods than candy. I promise your sweet tooth will be satisfied, sweetie. xoxo.

Quick Massage

Hey! Tip! If doing the full body oil massage in the morning takes too much time, I have a little short cut for a quick massage. Keep a little container of sesame (vata) or almond (pitta) oil in the shower. After you soap up and rinse off, apply the oil like you would a lotion! Your skin will stay soft, circulation will improve, your mind will be easy, and your vata will be balanced. On the weekends, do the longer massage :)

Radio Show on Pause

Radio Show on PauseHowdy folks! As most of you know, since January 2011, I’ve had a weekly radio show on Ayurveda. If you didn’t know that, you must have a listen! We had great fun with live questions from our listeners as we all had a great time learning. As you also know in June I had a baby and my shows have only been live a couple times since then. Now, with going back to work a couple weeks ago and then coming home to be a mom (well, I guess I’m a mom even when I’m at work, but you know what I mean) it’s been really hard to get in a new radio show each week.

So, here’s a fun story. Last week I was emailing with the network owner, Vaishali, and I told her it might be too ambitious of me to continue on with the show. She totally understood with grace as I told her I would probably not renew my radio spot in 2012. I was thankful she was so supportive, but I still thought “Holy smokies. How am I going to finish out this year’s shows with a new job and a new baby? And still blog! And still do consultations. And keep my sanity. Aiiieeeee!”

Then. Get THIS. Yesterday Vaishali called me and said there was a billing error and that our whole network was going to be ending on Nov. 1. Um! Wow. Apparently Blog Talk Radio started the clock on our 12 month payment when we payed initially last November and not in January (such as we thought). How about that for timing, hey?! While I will really miss the show, I am also relieved to have a little pause. I always say how it’s not good to be too too busy because creativity cannot grow when there is no space for it. I feel like now, I have some space. And I can feel good about practicing what I preach.

THAT said…you can’t get rid of me that easy! Mwaahaahaaa (evil laugh). I will be putting together some podcasts instead. I’m not sure of the details yet, but I’ve got plenty of great topics and guests to invite back like Heidi the Professional Coach, Kimberly the yogi, and Elizabeth skincare expert, before the end of this year! That way you can still get your Ayurvedic radio fix, I can blah blah blah to anyone who wants to listen, and hopefully the world will start to heal. That said, if any of you know how to create a podcast and play it at a specific time so we can all chat on facebook during the show, let me know! I would love any techy advice. Anywho, it’s not an end, it’s just a shift :)

In the meantime, please listen to the archives and share with your friends! Everyone deserves the gift of good health, love and laughter. I whole-heartedly think that my radio show was filled with all of those things. I will let you know as soon as I have a podplan. xoxo!

Tip for Cold Hands & Feet

Brrr…if it’s chilly where you are and your handies and toesies are getting cold, you can put sesame oil on them before you head outside. Sesame oil is warming and lubricating which helps your phalanges (like that?!) stay warm and soft! xoxo

Free Time

Tip: Cooling Cucumber Water

Is it getting warm outside where you live yet? In America, we are approaching pitta season, which means that it’s heating up both outside and on our insides. One of my favorite treats to beat the heat (that was a lot of ‘eats’) is to float cucumber slices in a pitcher of cool water. Delicious! And the water doesn’t get bitter like it does with citrus fruit. You’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported to a luxury spa on the beach. Ahhh…

You can also add mint! mm!

Yoga Talk on HeyMonicaB

Hey! I’m really excited. Tomorrow night on HeyMonicaB Radio I’ll be joined by special guest star, Kimberly Manthey, seasoned yoga teacher and yoga expert. I know her from taking her yoga classes (waaayyy back in the late 90’s, maybe early 00’s), but I originally met her from our silly community theater group back in Wisconsin.

We had hootey fun (as Kimberly would say) on stage and now we’re bringing that fun to YOU with good intentions of health and well being. I learned a lot from her during my fascination with yoga and now years later we bring to you the two healing sisters, Yoga & Ayurveda, along with our knowledge, full hearts, good intentions, and of course, hootey fun. Talk to you tomorrow! xo

—– Archive of the show here ——

Lurking at Labels

Hi Friendlies!! Adding to my post earlier this week on grapples I’ve been inspired to talk about…grocery shopping. I know, I know. It’s not the most inspiring thing in the world, but it’s a necessity. And it’s a necessity to pay attention to what we are buying (because it will eventually go in our mouths!), so I’d like to shed some light on it!

Tonight on the HeyMonicaB Radio Show I’m going to be talking about what’s in our food. It’s pretty easy to make smart choices if we know what we’re looking for. In a nutshell, the least amount of ingredients, the better!! See the Lara Bar photo below. THREE ingredients! Yumm!!

Now! Check out the ever popular Power Bar below. Do you SEE (well, it’s a blurry phone photo, but you know what I mean) aaaallll those ingredients!? Why? Why do we need all those additives, preservatives and fillers!? We don’t!!

Together we’ll talk about how to choose foods wisely even if we can’t get to a “health food” store. I find “health food store” kind of ironic…because why should we have to go to a special store to get “healthy” food? Shouldn’t all grocery stores be healthy? Anyway, I’m not an expert in this area of food labeling and nutrition but I definitely have some tips to fill our lives with better food. Also, because I’m not an expert I see am able to see through the eyes of YOU and the majority of America. I make the best choices possible to work around the crappy foods. Yeah…I got some stuff to say tonight and I welcome your comments and questions. If you are an expert I’d love to hear some of your ideas too!!

If you miss it, I’ll attach the archives to this post so you can listen later :) XOXO!

What the Fruit?!

OH.m.g. I am beside myself.

We went grocery shopping today. It was produce time and usually my favorite because it’s the warmest part of the store :) My husband picks up this package which held 4 “apples.” See the label below.

My husband kinda giggles in anticipation for my reaction. I was like, “What. Did they GMO a grape and an apple? They look like apples…” And then he sticks the package in front of my nose and squeezes it. So I sniff. Smells like grape soda. Um, what the fruit? (that’s what we say instead of the offensive version…we got a kid on the way afterall ;)

Then he puts the package right in front of my eyes and says, “Look at the ingredients.” My first thought was, “Ingredients? In apples?” So take a look at the ingredients.

REALLY!?!?!? Grapple people, did you REALLY inject a perfectly nice apple with fake grape flavoring?! WTF!? LEAVE OUR FRUIT ALONE! Also, notice the patent pending. Yes, patent pending on a piece of fruit. Fruit comes from nature while patents are reserved for inventions. Huh! Someone just invented a fruit that tastes like grape kool-aid. Basically they turned this otherwise sattvic food into something tamasic, by injecting chemicals into our lovely gift from nature.

Guys, nature gives us exactly what we need and we don’t need to look any further. Start looking at labels (if you don’t already) and make sure there’s nothing funky in your food!

Also, a sweet client (thanks Chrissy!) of mine gave me this cool tip. When choosing fruit/veggies, the little sticker on them tells us a lot. Ready?
If the number starts with a 4 it’s a conventional fruit/veggie
If the number starts with a 9 it’s organic
If the number starts with 8 it’s genetically modified. Stay away from 8’s!!!

Tip: Baby Steps

Don’t be afraid of taking baby steps when changing your life. Afterall, life is a big thing to change! Do it gradually to create a strong foundation. Grab on to one small habit and then add another. Don’t go into it whole hog because it won’t stick. Just go little by little.

It’s kinda like picking raspberries. It might seem a little daunting, but it’s a peaceful (and sunny!) process if you allow it and in the end you’ll have a wonderful basket of fresh fruit. Totally worth the bit of effort.