Challenge: Small Dinner

Did you try the mindful munching challenge? How did it go? I have another one for you if you would like to add on! That’s what these challenges are all about. They are not something you can cross off a list, as much as they are small habits you can build on. And before you know it, you’ll have new habits and better health!

This week’s challenge is to have a small dinner. If you normally have dinner as your biggest meal, try making lunch bigger and eat 1/2 what you normally would at dinner.

Why it’s important: Dinners that are too large can cause weight gain, cloudiness of mind, depression, general lethargy, ama, and will make it harder to get up in the morning! Instead of feeling fresh, light, and ready to go, the heavy food from the night before might still be hanging around our digestive system. Once the sun goes down, so does our digestive fire (agni) and we just don’t have the power to tackle a big meal. Over time, this can cause loads of imbalances.

So, try it!! Have a small dinner about 1/2 the size you would normally. If you already eat dinner as your smallest meal, good job and keep it up! Let me know how it goes – we’ll want to cheer you on!

2 Responses to Challenge: Small Dinner

  1. Hollie McTiernan says:

    We took your advice on small dinners in the past because by the time my husband and I get home, dinner isn’t on the table until 8 p.m. Not only do we eat small dinners, we eat very light things, mostly vegan. I also find that having something prepared in advance (I make two or three simple bean or rice dishes on the weekend that can be eaten during the week) allows my husband and I more time to spend enjoying each other’s company in the evenings rather than cooking and doing dishes :)

    • Monica says:

      YAY! Keep up the great work. Many of us get home late and eat a later dinner – great job on keeping them small and healthy!

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