Change your energy

Our energy is a CHOICE. If you don’t love your day yet, you have all the power to change it in an instant. One of the best things I suggest to people is to move their physical bodies. Action transforms things. When we are transforming we are changing, and when we change with the right mindset, we can jump up quickly to a higher level of positivity.

This requires MOVING your body. Again, it’s action that will move you to higher ground.

Ideas on how to change your energy:

Get up, move. Touch your toes. Reach for the sky! Swirl your hips in a circle. Neck rolls! Clasp hands in front, then clasp hands behind. Take 10 deep, long inhales and exhales. Turn on a great music playlist. Do 20 squats. Drink a big glass of water. Give someone a big, sincere smile. Say “Thank you!” for anything and everything you possibly can. Find someone and say, “You rock. I appreciate you because fill-in-blank!” Go for a walk. Skip! Clap your hands! Sit for a 5-minute meditation. Make a gratitude list.

Next time you find yourself not loving the day, it probably has to do with the energy you are putting into it than the energy you are gleaning from it. The more we complain, the worse we feel. So stop that! haha. Eek!! Sorry but it’s kinda true! I don’t say that out of judgement, I say that coming from a place of empowerment. Don’t let your day take you for a ride, be the boss of your day. Change your energy. Own it and change it to a positive ANY time!! *raaawwwr*

3 Responses to Change your energy

  1. Super Great idea, I will surely gonna apply these ideas in my life too. Agreed with this point- Yes; We have the special power to change and create the Positive energy anytime. Great pieces of advice were given by you. Thanks a lot. waiting for more great advice. Regards

  2. That’s a great idea will start applying it on myself it will give a strong and positive start of the day. Thank you!!!

  3. Arun says:

    Great advises surely gonna apply in my practical life, because whenever i work I start feeling pain in my neck. And it really do not allow me to work efficiently.
    thanks for great advice.

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