Crossroads of Should and Must

For anyone who is struggling to either find their life purpose or GO FOR their life purpose (when you know darn well what it is), this is a read for you.

WOW. So I was on the bus yesterday and I checked my phone. Normally I just enjoy the ride or do a meditation. But for some reason, yesterday, I checked it. Know what I found? This AWESOME article from my husband awaiting my inbox.

Please enjoy The Crossroads of Should and MustI almost started crying on the bus ride home and could not read fast enough. It’s a healthy read…about 20 minutes or so. Love you and Happy Friday! We only get ONE LIFE!


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3 Responses to Crossroads of Should and Must

  1. karina says:

    We dutiful Pittas live through the shoulds. So that we can enable the vattas in our lives to live their musts. Does that count as net total balance?

    • Monica says:

      Ha! Yes and I think there are also pittas (one that I know of…whom I met in an LA park one day…who made a good career change for herself) who make good decisions for themselves and their lives when something no longer feels right or feels good :) That change can only be made once a pitta is pushed too far into the shoulds – and the musts speak louder. Pittas are usually pushed into a must because they get pissed enough at the shoulds. Vatas push into a must because they are more intuitive and don’t put as high regard into the shoulds. Kaphas push into a must usually because it will benefit the lives of others :) xoxo, Karina!!

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