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Woohoo! An Ayurvedic posting on coffee! Yesssss. Who knew such a happy thing existed?! When advising my clients, I don’t usually make them rid their coffee. Why? Because depending on the person’s dosha, coffee might not be that terrible of a thing for them.

Authentic Ayurveda says that we should not have coffee, not because of the coffee but because of the caffeine. Caffeine constricts flow, it makes you pee (diuretic to be fancy), it can make you manic/anxious, and it’s addicting. Yes, we all know that. And there is a Starbucks on every corner! THIS is why I write a little post about coffee. I know you. I know you’re going to have your coffee regardless of what myself or Ayurveda say. So! I’ll work with ya a little bit and give you the best coffee -making combinations for each dosha, to keep you balanced and happy.

Coffee’s Ayurvedic Qualities
Coffee has a bitter (cold, dry, & light qualities) taste, which is imbalancing for vata, but balancing for pitta and kapha. The bitter taste is a blood purifier (blood ruled by pitta), detoxifies the body, liver tonic (liver ruled by pitta), depletes tissues (kaphas tend to have excess tissues), especially reproductive tissues. In simple terms, bitter increases vata because it will increase the cold, dry & light qualities. Vatas need to stay warm, unctuous, and heavy, so too much coffee will be their worst enemy. The manic, scattered, jittery folks that drink coffee are most likely high vata. On the flip side coffee will cool pitta, while it dries and uplifts kapha! See the beauty of how this works?

Customize Your Cup O’ Joe!
VATA COFFEE: Vatas need lots of warm milk in your coffee to balance the bitter qualities. Start with at least 1/2 mug of warm milk and add brown sugar, stir, then add the coffee. If the coffee is strong, add warm water (use the office water cooler/heater!) to your milk and then a splash of coffee. Coffee should amount to no more than 1/2 mug. This way you get a taste of the coffee, but overall this is a nourishing, calming drink for vata without sending anxieties through the roof. As a MEGA-BONUS, vatas can add ghee to their coffee. Their coffee should always be hot.

PITTA COFFEE: Pittas can also make vata coffee because pittas will benefit from the sweet taste from milk and sugar. Pittas can handle a slightly darker coffee with a little less milk. They won’t get as anxious as vata with stronger coffee because pittas are more sturdy. Pittas are sort of in the middle. The people who are angry or crabby before their morning coffee are likely pitta people, because they need the bitter taste in coffee to “cool” them down. Pittas can also have an iced coffee during summer. Also…as a MEGA-BONUS, pittas can add ghee to their coffee too!

KAPHA COFFEE (how fun is that to say): Kaphas will actually feel uplifted from drinking coffee, rather than manic like vata. Kaphas need a little kick in the pants because they don’t like to move. They can enjoy a stronger coffee, but it should be pretty dark with less milk. Milk and sugar are NOT friends for kapha. The heaviness and sweet taste will have them craving sweets all day long. If kaphas need a sweetner, they can use honey (drying, scraping, heating)! Mind you, kaphas would love to tip the sugar shaker and hold for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+ seconds until their drink tastes like candy. But if kaphas use the bitter taste in coffee to their advantage, they can get the energy they need without the sugar crash.

Pinch of cardamom – reduces the effects of caffeine, warming, digestive. Good for vata & kapha
Cinnamon – super spice! Tri-doshic (heating, no for pitta in summer)
Brown Sugar – saweeeeet. Good for vata & pitta
Honey – sweet, but qualities are drying, heating, and scraping. Good for kapha.
Nutmeg – aphrodisiac, heating. Good for vata & kapha


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  1. Greetings! Quick question that’s totally off topic.
    Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone.
    I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able
    to correct this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share.

    Thank you!

    • Monica says:

      That is totally off topic BUT maybe i can help. My site is mobile friendly because of the theme I chose. In fact, I redesigned my site last August so that it could be mobile friendly. It has to do with the theme or design – I don’t think plugins will do it. Was that at all helpful? :/

  2. […] fall wind as the leaves whisper a bit louder while they dry out. Pumpkin lattes are popping up at coffee shops. Maybe you are tossing in some cinnamon or nutmeg in your favorite teas or in your oatmeal. […]

  3. I just found your blog, i love the post. I am totally vata and love coffee. I have to give it up because it totally makes me feel dry, acidic and exausted. Also if i drink wine, i can’t sleep, get agitated, and depressed.

  4. Dannish says:

    Wow.. What an amazing post. Just what I was looking for :)

  5. Shandra says:

    Phew!! I am glad at least one person will let me keep my coffee! I am Pitta-Vata, and indeed, most recommendations are that I give up my beloved coffee… I love a nice dark roast, with just some half n half. Mmm… I don’t even mind decaffeinated coffee, it’s really about the flavor and the ritual. :) One – two mugs in the morning make me a happy girl.

  6. Liz Thompson says:

    Yay! I totally love this post! I am vata but have no intention of quitting my coffee. The fact that I can have it with milk ( my prefered method is acutally cream ) and even sugar? Look forward to your morning cup without feeling like you are cheating. Tx Monica

  7. Deborah says:

    Oh dear. Should have read your response before I agreed to take on another committee and another blogging gig today. Thank goodness you’re here with good advice for me.

    • Monica says:

      Lol! Yes, you can only do so much. Life is to be LIVED, not just worked. Ditch things that don’t really matter! xoxo

  8. Deborah says:

    Totally vata. By the way, I posted a kichadi recipe on my blog yesterday and linked to your site. Best and most understandable info I’ve found on the web. Thanks again for being here, and do let me know if there’s a way I can become a Pitta.

    • Monica says:

      HAHA! Well Deborah, if you are naturally a vata you won’t become a pitta. BUT! You can bring more pitta-like qualities to your world. Like, favor warm, spicy foods. You can drink chai (warm & spicy) with milk. You can sit in a steam room. You can sit still or do yoga (sitting will be very helpful for you!). And try not to commit to too many things at once. That will send your vata soaring and make you wanna curl up and cry (trust me, I’ve done that). Commit to a few things you know you can do well and just stick with those until you finish them. You will feel more at peace, less scattered, and less like you have a million pieces in a million places. Big hugs to you. Also, thank you so much for posting the kitchari recipe!!

      I’m glad you enjoy me being here…thank YOU for reading!! xoxo

  9. Deborah says:

    LOVE this! A very unique topic. Next question: can I change my dosha? Because I’m not going to ruin a perfectly good cup of black coffee by adding sugar and milk.

  10. Dajana says:

    Great post!! I’m enjoying your blog.

  11. George says:

    See? Comments DO come true! ;)

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