Ever feel completely derailed from the practices you know keep you most healthy? That’s about where I’m at. As most of you know, my family and I moved two weeks ago, hence the drought (cue the tumbleweeds) in recent articles. When life brings a new job and a long distance move while having a toddler, husband, and pets, time is pretty sacred. I’m sure you could tell me a major life change (Do tell! How did you keep it together?) when you’ve changed course, and it shook you up a bit!

Over the past couple weeks, my Ayurvedic disciplines have slacked. Here are all the non-Ayurvedic things I’ve been doing lately: I started drinking more coffee because I am not sleeping as much and I need to be on my game at work. I also don’t exercise (yoga or barre), but I still manage to walk/jog with Blossom each morning before sunrise. My commute is an hour now instead of 5 minutes and it’s not always a comfy ride on public transit. I work when I get home sometimes and am on the computer past 9:00 pm. I have not been bringing my lunch, instead spending too much money and racing to grab and eat on the go. I’ve been kinda moody. And I don’t drink enough water. I also don’t breathe much (consciously) any more or write in my journal. So sad. Sound familiar? Any of this currently happening to you? It’s certainly a very common scenario of how most Americans live and most of us don’t bat an eye. Well, my eyes are batting because I know better. I am consciously aware that I feel like junk when I live like this.

The good news? We can change any time (and it’s only been a few weeks) :) We have all the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves to make a change! So! I am going to commit to a few things this week. You are welcome to make a few changes in your world too and ride along with me if you want. Remember, when making long lasting changes, it’s important to do just a couple small ones at first so that they become habit.

Here’s what I’m going to start this week to get back on my Ayurvedic track:
1) Have just one cup of coffee (truly a mugfull, I don’t drink 16oz coffees) instead of two
2) Drink 2 full bottles of water, daily. I have a purple nalgene bottle, which is 36 oz so it’s easy to track.
3) Bring lunch
4) Breathe slowly on the train and/or if I have a place to sit, write in my journal

Who’s with me?! And what are YOU going to do to live more Ayurvedically as an American? XOXO!

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  2. karina says:

    Monica, sorry to hear about your slide into the norm. You are our beacon of aspiration butyou are certainly entitled to an adjustment period and sometimes the big new stuff gets more of our attention and focus than all the little regular stuff. But it won’t last. You are mindful, you are present and you are very capable to make the changes you know you need. No luck to you. Just you.

    • Monica says:

      Karina! What a touching note, thank you so much! I have already read it a few times…it’s a beautiful reminder an I will reread it as necessary! Thank you for your support and lovely words :) xoxo.

  3. Liss says:

    A great post. Thanks for sharing some of your personal ups-and-downs as well as the easy fixes.

  4. Alexis says:

    Congrats on everything Monica! Sounds like a lot going on but exciting. As a vata it brings the question to the forefront of my mind: when life seems to demand so much how do we simplify? But just getting up to jog with your dog is a big feat! I am on the precipice of a big but necessary change, or in rainbow as you call it :) so while I am scared just remembering to breathe is important to me.

  5. Steven says:

    “Derailed” is my middle name at this point. I just returned from a vacation where I not only skipped on my yoga and meditation, but threw caution to the wind and ate whatever I wanted. Strange that I’m feeling my immune system is a bit weak and that the beginning of a cold may be coming on. :) I really appreciated the honesty of your post and the simple reminder just to begin again. I used to beat myself up when I wasn’t more faithful to my practice and consistent. Thanks to your post, I am reminded that, despite my lofty goals of spiritual perfection :), I yet remain a human. And the best advice is to move on and move forward; to just start again.

  6. Mary says:

    I am SO with you! Started a new job last December (Love it), but it changed up my routine!! I gave up coffee long ago and am pretty good at water, BUT I need to add back yoga, regular exercise and BREATHING big time…what a difference those things make all around. Great reminder!!

    • Monica says:

      Mary, totally! Yes and, even if it’s the same company but a new job, it really throws us for a loop! I’m in the same position. Thank you for sharing your “areas of improvement” with us. We all have them – most of all it’s important to bring them to the forefront of our consciousness so we can make new choices. And…breathing…soooo easy, soooo natural, yet so hard to remember sometimes!

  7. Karen says:

    I did that. Same thing I did last fall…probably will do it again next fall…the whole run-up-to-school- starting thing.
    I went cold turkey on the coffee (but I only drink one cup a day when I’m off my game…one cup that sends hateful messages to my poor vata digestion).
    I subbed green/white tea with local honey.
    Tightened up my diet, cooking more.
    But I think my biggest change has been a walking challenge with a new buddy. We walk as fast as we can every day without fail (even if it means 7 a.m. Sunday morning) and talk about everything under the sun.
    Digestion better, depression pushed back, sleeping better.
    Love you, MB. Welcome back to the internets!

    • Monica says:

      Karen, you are such a bright light in my world. I love your notes. And I love that you say, “internets” – because my husband says that too and it cracks me up every time. Thanks for sharing your tips with us! You make my heart happy. LOVE you too!! xoxo.

  8. Liz Thompson says:

    Sorry you are shaken up:S. This time of year always seems to throw us out of whack. Rather than thinking of everyone’s individual doshic needs I just decided last nite to go back to your list of basics until we are straightened out, or at least a little more on track…whole foods, exercise, sleep, deep breathing and water. Been wondering how you are:)

    • Monica says:

      Hey Liz! Thanks for your note – I LOVE your mention of going back to the basics. So true, right? When we are in a tizzy, we just have to grab onto our foundation and keep it simple! The nice things about vata is that it goes out of whack fast, but also comes back into whack (is that even a phrase?) fast too!! :) Already feeling better just by being conscious of making change. Yeah! xoxo

  9. Samir says:

    Hey, you’re leaving all of us non-Americans feeling left out! :P

    • Monica says:

      Sorry Samir! ;) It’s what I related to most because this is how we live over here (and it’s nutty!). Hopefully where you are, it’s more calm :) Hugs!

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