Do Not Resist Your Urges



On of the most simple rules in Ayurveda is, “Do not resist your urges.” How many times have you held in a sneeze? How many times did you have to pee but you “held it” til the meeting was over? How many times did someone hurt you, but you didn’t say anything because you didn’t want to cause a conflict. And then over time you ended up exploding at them over something small because these old emotions were festering?

Our urges (sneezing, crying, laughing, elimination, speaking our mind) are signals from our body that something needs to be released or expelled. Often time this is to ensure proper flow or function of the body (pee, poop) or expel something quick (cough). If we don’t adhere to our natural urges (note: urges are different than cravings), our bodies will speak louder, if we still don’t listen, over time they could form physical, emotional and mental problems because we are stopping or pausing our body’s natural flow. 

If we satisfy the urge when it shows up, our body can fix small problems on its own and keep in regular balance. Let’s honor these signals and go with the flow! And if anyone asks why you have to use the loo in middle of the meeting, tell them, “Monica B said I should not resist my urges!” ;)

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