Do Not Top Off

You know how it says, “do not top off” on the gas pump? I would say the same is true for our stomachs. We really should only fill our stomachs 3/4 of the way full with food and liquid. The remaining 1/4 should be left as space for the food and liquid to move around – like a washing machine! With proper amount of suds and water, clothes get properly cleaned and nothing gets stuck or off kilter. On the flip side if it’s too full, nothing can move, the suds don’t properly form, water doesn’t get in where it needs to and…the clothes stay in a lump. SAME with food. We all know that if we put too much in our bellies and we get what we call a “food coma.” Really, that means our bodies are so stuffed with food that our physical body and mental bodies cannot function well. And that could create (dun-dun duuuun), ama! And that’s not the goal of eating.

The goal of eating is to provide the right amount and the right type of nourishment for our bodies so that we can use the energy and function at our best! Let’s be mindful of the amount of food we take in, while chewing it well, and remember the overall nutritional guidelines. These things will help us avoid “topping off” and will keep our digestion running like a well fueled machine!

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