Don’t Need Anything

Not sure if it’s motherhood that’s making me extra soft and smooshy, but lately I’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude. I was rocking my baby before her bed time and I stepped out on the balcony to give us some fresh air. I took a big inhale as I paid special attention to the trees and the sky. I saw tiny airplanes and some faint stars trying to shine before it was dark, while little clouds were taking their time just hanging out. I automatically started to hum a little tune that I had forgotten existed. Waaaay back in the 90s I was a big fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket. To me, their lyrics and tunes were raw, touching, funny, smart and poetic (and also enough to depress the dickens out of me! Ah, grunge.) The lead singer of Toad was Glen Phillips and he’s since started a solo career with songs equipped with more optimism and beauty than those grungy days.

The song I started humming to my daughter is called Don’t Need Anything by Glen Phillips. It’s simple. If you’re feeling a little blue, overwhelmed, anxious, like you’re not doing enough, I encourage you to take a listen to the song and enjoy the words. They touch the heart. The lyrics are sattvic which promotes harmony in mind and body and promotes an open heart. For the past few nights, I’ve been singing this little tune to her before she sleeps to teach her about gratitude and remind her that we are lucky lucky people. Every time as she closes her eyes in my arms, I get a little teary. There are too many blessings to count.

This feeling of overwhelming gratitude pervades our entire being into our tiniest cells, and it begins to change our structure. And ayurvedically speaking, good music, good sound, and good lyrics is therapy. I hope to give you a little positive cell structure change :) Enjoy the gratitude and positivity, my friends. Listen: Don’t Need Anything by Glen Phillips.


5 Responses to Don’t Need Anything

  1. Hollie McTiernan says:

    I love this – a great reminder, Monica. Thank you :)

  2. Kristy says:

    love it, Monica. I was a Toad fan too!! I love the song “Pray your gods”

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thats beautiful, would love more music like this, any sugguestions??

    • Monica says:

      Oh, I’ve got more. Here is another one by Glen, link to Released.
      Makes me cry when I hear it (again with the tears!), especially when he sings about walking outside. Pure magic. I interpret it to be about healing and listened to it a lot when I was going through my own healing process. It’s cleansing. I can put together similar songs in another post. Would be great to share. Music touches the soul, doesn’t it? Thanks for asking <3.

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