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Hey! If you ever want a fabulous place to analyze doshas (dosha watching!), do it at the airport. The airport has heaps of people from all walks of life all trying to get somewhere in a timely manner. It’s pretty funny. On Saturday morning we were at the Oakland airport about to get out of dodge for a few days and enjoy a toddler-free trip to Portland. {Hello, humidity. My vata loves you.}

Let’s play a game called, “Name that dosha!” Can you tell me which dosha(s) govern the people below?

Scenario A
Everyone is lined up for security and  two tiny-framed girls are in front of us. They were quite whispey and jibber-jabbering about how they were so tired, needed coffee and didn’t sleep well, etc., They were mostly just complaining about…anything, everything. When it came time for the security man to check their I.D.’s he called them up and they both looked at each other – deer in headlights – and stuttered for a moment. They could not decide who would go up first until finally the security guard said, “If you are traveling together, you can both come up here.” And then they scurried their tiny butts to the podium.
What kind of dosha(s) were these girls?

Scenario B
We got thru security and our buckets o’ stuff came popping through the x-ray conveyor. We started grabbing our stuff and one woman came through, pushing ahead to where the buckets are coming through those plastic flaps. She let out a HUGE sigh and said in a grouchy tone, “They need a better process for this.”
What dosha(s) do you think she was?

Scenario C
I get in line for the rental car and notice that the woman in front of me has a several cuts/gashes on the back of her arm and she was bleeding. I got a little woozy looking at it. Blood was running in streams down to her elbow. I tapped her shoulder and said, “Excuse me, are you okay? Do you know you have big cuts on your arm? You are bleeding pretty bad.” She said, “Oh…yeah I know, I fell on the escalator. I’ll deal with it later, I just want to get my car.” {WTFruit!? I mean, we’re talking several deep gashes and rivers of blood. Didn’t seem to phase her.} Then she said, “I probably should have called someone because I dumped my coffee on the escalator, I might have made mess (then took a swig of her coffee), but…oh well.” She was quite chatty and chipper despite her fall and the pain she must have been in and then said, “I’m okay, I’ll be to my daughter’s in an hour and she’s a veterinarian so she’ll fix me up.”
What was her dosha(s)?

6 Responses to Dosha Watching

  1. Monica B says:

    You guys are SO smart!! I’m impressed. You ALL got them right! A) vata B) pitta C) kapha. Would love to hear any fun examples of your dosha watching :)

  2. Love this post! Can’t wait to see if I am right.

    A) Vata
    B) Pitta
    C) Kapha

  3. Jess says:

    A) Vata
    B) Pitta
    C) Kapha or Kapha-Vata…?

  4. Kibby says:

    B) Pitta
    C) Kapha
    I am on my way to the airport right now and I am so glad I saw this post before leaving. I was going to “people watch” but I like “dosha watching” better. Great one here! xo

  5. N'Digo says:

    I’m going to take a stab at it. Vata for scenario A (very chatty, a little spacey, kind of all over the place); Pitta for scenario B (pushy, impatient); and Kapha for scenario C (friendly). So, how’d I do? :)

  6. Katie Clark says:

    A = Vata
    B = Pitta
    C = Kapha?

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