Holiday eatery! Once Thanksgiving commences many folks toss in the nutrition towel until the new year as they are bombarded with food, busy-ness, no time for exercise, and tons of holiday treats in the office. Gaining an extra 10 lbs seems inevitable, simply because we don’t adhere to right choices. So let me remind you that this is not a time to say, “F-it!” (As in, “forget it”…get your minds out of the gutter.) as far as living an Ayurvedically managed life during the holidays. This is a time to tap into our Buddhi and get a little wiser to stay a little healthier. Because when we feel healthier we also feel happier.

Standing around, eating, talking, drinking, all at the same time is a quick way to completely lose our minds while eating. And we know that Ayurvedic nutritional guidelines say, our mind and hearts should be on the lovely meal in front of us. We should chew enough so that we can digest the food properly (our stomachs don’t have teeth…), we should taste the food, appreciate the food and thank the food. Now, do you do all that when yapping with friends at a holiday party? My guess is no because e-gads there’s a party goin’ on! Chitter-chatter chitter-chatter, drink, chew twice, gulp, chitter-chatter…then “Wait, did I even eat?” Right! So…

Instead try this:
1. Serve yourself one glass of your favorite beverage. It should not be too cold or have ice.
2. Take a plate and have your favorite samplings of foods (yes, even if it’s small appetizers). One plateful.
3. Find a person you really enjoy
4. Sit down with that friend and eat together, enjoying the food and the company.
5. You should be full and happy!
6. Now you can chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter til your heart is content, because your belly is content :)
7. If you are having cocktails, don’t have more than 2 and space it out. More than 2 and your better judgement and wisdom goes out the window, so you are likely to overeat AND overdrink. Better still, have mocktails and you’ll feel awesome all night and even in the morning ;)


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