Embrace YOU.

‘Elo! So, understanding this dosha balancing thang can be a little confusing. I get lots of emails and questions that my readers have about their own unique balance. Sometimes I even get vatas saying, “I wish I was a kapha!” Doesn’t everyone? ;) Just kidding. Oh come on now, kaphas have their problems just like every other dosha, but sometimes we do wish we could become something we are not. Maybe we wish we were more organized like pitta. Or maybe we wish we had more creativity like vata. And of course, we all wish for more peace of mind and compassion like a kapha.

Friends I have some news…YOU are always going to be YOU. You cannot become a different dosha if it’s not in your nature. I’ll break it down for you. Quite simply the doshas can be represented by animals :)

The lovely, light, free-spirited, often anxious (and bumping into windows) vata can be represented by A BIRD.


The competitive, muscular, leader (king!) of the jungle, meat-eating, and sometimes ferocious pitta, can be represented by A LION.


The slow-moving, gentle, never-forgetful, vegetarian, most peaceful and yet the strongest dosha is kapha, which can be represented by AN ELEPHANT.

Back to my point, none of these animals are wishing they were something else. They all embrace who they are and live by focusing on their strengths and positive qualities rather than their weaknesses. So remember that. While you are discovering who you are, embrace the way you are unique. XOXO.

7 Responses to Embrace YOU.

  1. Janet says:

    Thank you so much for a fab blog. 65yrs and still predominantly Vata!!!

  2. Liz Chesla says:

    Monica B., I just love everything you do :) Thank you for reminding us to embrace who we are!

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  4. Carolina Nava says:

    we really don’t appreciate the qualities we all have…..I was reading Maurice and how he first wished being more Kapha…I’m Kapha…..and I first wished I was more vata!!!!!! LOL……we must learn to live with what we have in all ways, talking bout spirit AND posessions…..we always want to have more and more, and don’t appreciate what we have surrounding us…happiness is is all the simple things life gives us and within our own mind and soul, and first f all it is in accepting ourselves!!!!! greetings from Mexico!!!!!!!

  5. Mary says:

    and the tulip is not jealous of the rose, or the daisy–it is what it is :)

  6. I LOVE this post! Ayurveda is so fascinating – everyone needs to know about it, don’t they? :)

    P.S. A bird/lion combo (me!) makes for an interesting life! And my partner is as kapha as they come!

  7. Maurice Summers says:

    Nice Post!! Im learning this myself.. at first I wished I was more kapha.. well I still do!! lol, but its important to realize the positive qualities in my doshic makeup .. were all unique and have strengths and weaknesses.. its just our nature to focus on the negatives!

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