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I asked ya’ll on Facebook, “What is your favorite in-season summer food that shouts, ‘YAY! Summer!’ when you eat it?”

Examples of your favorite summer foods

 Mangoes, watermelon, cucumbers, all sorts of home-grown tomatoes (<–lots of people said that one!), cantaloupe, peaches, fresh basil (w/fresh mozzarella), corn on the cob, cherries, berries, asparagus, nectarines and ice cream!

**Monica’s MIND BLOWN here**

Um. Kay. Notice anything about these foods? Like, what they have in common?

ALL these foods are fruits and vegetables!! Almost ALL these foods are pitta-balancing! It’s pitta season and isn’t it amazing (in the true sense of the word) that nature perfectly makes available the VERY best foods for the season! On top of it, we actually CRAVE and APPRECIATE those foods! Perfect by design, these foods are all wonderfully light and cooling, which keeps our pitta levels down (in all of us) and balanced so we don’t overheat and get cranky.

One food that is not pitta-balancing are tomatoes. But vatas and kaphas can have them, and love them! Pittas can have tomatoes in small amounts, but they should be small and sweet like cherry tomatoes. Overall, tomatoes are heating and can be a bit too acidic for pittas and in the hot weather (like, don’t inflame your eye like my ma did once). Tis why it’s good to balance hottie tomatoes with cooling cilantro (like in fresh mild salsa) or cooling fresh mozarella (like a caprese salad). See how nice they go together?

What didn’t make the list

bread, rice, mac n’cheese, grilled cheese, meats, potatoes, root vegetables, pumpkin, chili, stews, pasta. Those foods make us feel heavy and hot this time of year and are therefore more balancing in the winter to keep us grounded and warm :)

Tip: The more red in color the tomato is, the more of the fire element it has in it. So if you are a pitta, you might want to pick the cute yellow or orange ones for a sweeter taste.

For those of you who weren’t on the facebook party, you’re not left out! What are YOUR favorite summer foods?? Tell us! It would be quite a most awesome party if we all showed up with our fruits and veggies together! Under a sun umbrella of course. And with good music. And the vatas would dance. Party on! XOXO!

3 Responses to Favorite Summer Foods

  1. Kibby says:

    Hey Monica! I saw the post but missed out on the reply. I agree with the others. I’ve been craving and drooling over the fresh peaches, mangoes, tomatoes, cukes, nectarines, berries,etc. I’m going to the farmers market tomorrow and can’t wait to see what there is in store. A wee bit excited can you tell. :) It’s funny that when you listen to the body and your intuition, it tells you what it want. Summer rocks, warm weather, and yummy food. Love you Monica!!!

  2. Jess says:

    TOMATOES!?!?!? I do wonder why nature provides these during this time of year, you know? Maybe because where there are tomatoes there are plenty of kapahas and vatas around. :P I know that even the thought of tomatoes gives me heartburn and the itches.
    My favorite summer foods include mangoes, blueberries, pole beans, cilantro, and coconut!

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