Ghee in my Coffee?



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  1. karina says:

    Monica, the video is so great to see, because we miss you here in LA. You are one of the most adorable and smile-inducing people by far! Thank you for this interesting suggestion. Similar to a Russian cold remedy that I was given when I was a child. Except that had no coffee in it…

    • Monica says:

      Ha! I miss LA too! Thanks for your sweet words. Remember when we did our consultation in the park!? And it was sunny and lovely! :) I’m curious about your Russian remedy! xoxo. Hope life is so so super, Karina! xo

      • karina says:

        Yes, you were in full bloom for that consultation! The Russian remedy is butter melted in hot milk with sugar and egg whisked in. Sounds gross but tastes like a warm egg nog. MMM.

      • Monica says:

        Whoa! Is this said egg, raw? Does the milk kinda cook it? Or is it a chewey drink? Kidding. Seriously, it sounds like a warm cup of yummy richness!! DELISH!!

  2. Holly says:

    I’m curious about the comment you made at the end of the video – that ghee and honey in equal parts are poison… Really?! Or do you mean that it creates ama (I know, kind of like poison, but not quite as dramatic). Please elaborate!

    • Monica says:

      Hi Holly! Well, it’s not poison like Romeo & Juliet poison. But poison as in…they are 100% incompatible foods having totally opposite qualities. They fight each other and do not digest. Truthfully, I trust the advisors/teachers who say it’s poison, but knowing that it won’t strike you dead. And, but, so! Ghee and honey CAN be mixed in non-equal parts for medicines and treatments…but I am still chicken and just never use them together. Some day when I am extra-mega wise at making Ayurvedic potions, I will be able to elaborate more :) Meantime, just know these two things in equal parts are no bueno. Does this help a wee bit?

  3. Kari says:

    My hubby and I tried this over the weekend and it was fantastic!! Neither of us had our usual post coffee issues. Hubby (Vata) seems to crash and I (pitta) get a bit edgy with my 4 kiddos…and hubby :(

    We have greatly reduced our coffee intake over the last month but we still love the taste. Having this Ghee coffee to look forward to on the weekends is fantastic!!

    Thanks Monica…You ROCK!!

    • Monica says:

      NICE!! Bring on the ghee then! I love coffee too – as a ritual (warm cup o’happiness in my hands), for the smell, for the warmth, and for the taste. BUT. Coffee does bad things like gives me headaches, constipation, jitters, and anxiety (notice: all vata problems) :( So I use warm whole milk & add a smidge (4-6 ounces) of coffee and it’s perfect! Then as a special treat on the weekends…gheeeeee coffeeeee!! Thank YOU for your feedback! For more coffee-inspiredness, you and hubs might also like this other coffee post too :) xo!

  4. Marijana says:

    What to take when we are eating something sweet? Always like eating something sweet after noon …

  5. Tmice826 says:

    You are soo peppy, is that from the coffee in your veins or what : ) ? I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do sometimes add ghee to my tea, delicious! Quick question, for vata/pitta types what are some satiating, non animal forms of protein (no soy please), that will not aggravate vata mostly, or result in blood sugar surges?

    • Monica says:

      Hey T!!! :) Haha. No coffee in my veins, that’s all vata, baby :) For proteins, what about nuts or nut butters, quinoa, legumes/beans, lentils (mung dahl), edamame, and seitan (so good!) are all good choices. There are proteins in leafy veggies too, but it’s not hearty enough to sustain an active pitta person for very long. To reduce the vata effect (toots!) from the beans, add some cumin to them and/or eat a small piece of raw ginger before your meal. One thing, NO chia seeds! Or sprouts. Or sprouting things. These will bloat you out faster than you can say, “ginger, please!” :) Hope this helps!! xoxo

  6. Marijana says:

    Hi Monica! I love to take a cube two black chocolate 75%, after lunch.I am kapha dosha … whether it will disrupt my dosha, especially now that the spring … or i love to make quinoa with black chocolate, rice milk, cinnamon , rum, raisins and flax seed …. what do you think about it ..? laaarge greeting

    • Monica says:

      Hi Marijana! The two little pieces of dark chocolate is probably fine. The quinoa dish sounds pretty ok, but the run & chocolate will be a bit “sweet” for kapha. Might want to have that more when it’s closer to summer and the body needs more cooling/sweet. That help?

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