Give from the Heart


A reminder to pull gifts from the heart, not the pocketbook. Give presents because you know the receiver will love it. Don’t buy gifts to spend a certain amount of money on someone to make the exchange “even.” Sometimes we do that, hey? But here’s the thing, buyers’ remorse will hit in January when you get those credit card bills so remember to use your buddhi (wisdom!) when shopping so you don’t feel bad later! Nobody wants you to go broke on gifts, and you can do a lot with a little. One Christmas when I was struggling with money, I bought my family a case of Two-Buck Chuck wine from California and brought it back to WI as my carry-on. For $24 I had presents for all my family, I also included home made San Francisco cookies (a bridge, cable car, city-scape, victorian house, etc.,) that I decorated and gave with the wine. Combined, I had fun cookies, a bottle of wine, and cute wrappings for 12 people. My family LOVED it.  Give experiences, give homemade, give small (don’t give someone else clutter), give from local shops/artists, give something you can do with your receiver – remember, they love YOU.

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