GROUCH-o-RAMA!! Why for? Are you unnecessarily grouchy or tired? Ask yourself if you had too many “spirits” this weekend. Too many spirits can quickly dampen our own spirit. If that’s the case, drink lots of extra water, have lots of fresh fruit and veggies (no meat!), do some pranayam (alternate nostril breathing, or long and deep ‘so hum‘) and write a gratitude list to set your energy on higher ground. XO!

(yes I’m still writing my book)

2 Responses to Grouch-o-rama?

  1. clara macy says:

    I love you and have for a very long time. I am a ayurvedic wellness consultant and ayurvedic therapist. I just opened an ayurvedic wellness center in fort collins colorado. I love your info keeps me motivated!

    • Monica says:

      OMG Clara you just made my day. THANK YOU for the LOOOOOOOVE and reading! There will be much more soon! Keep doing the good work. Mmmmwwwaaaah! M to the B.

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