Hot Mama!


HEAT WAVE!! A show of hands, who is on the east coast or in the midwest in the midst of this summer humid heatwave? Pitta galore! Holy moly.

Two days ago my mom sent me a txt message, “Something bit me in the eye lid. Getting the swelling down.” Photo below shows a big cucumber slice on her eye. HA! I love how it’s the butt-end. Because she knows cucumbers are cooling, it was a good Ayurvedic college try! ;)


The next day she wrote and told me that her eye was still swollen and that she was headed to the eye doctor. Bummer. After her visit, she said the doctor didn’t know what was wrong (this is when my ears perk up because if doctors don’t know…Ayurveda usually does!) but gave her antibiotics for 10 days. Then my brain started putting pieces together. Eyes are governed by pitta which is heat and there is a heatwave where she lives. Hmmm. I asked if she had eaten anything with ginger in it or anything else spicy. She said she did have ginger and that she put hot pepper flakes on her pizza the night before. Ah-hah! Ginger and pepper flakes are both heating. Then I told her I would not be surprised if she had a rash or hives on her legs (heat does that too). She said she DID have hives! Ah-HAH, Ah-HAH!! {Ayurvedic happy dance!} Then she tells me that she was outside that day horsing around in the back yard doing yard work (Mom, you know better than to do that in the heat…) too. So, that added more heat.

Now, let’s Ayurvedically put this together: My mom is a pitta/kapha (more pitta) + 90 degree heat + ginger and pepper flakes + gardening in the hot sun = puffed out eyeball and hives…because she’s overheated!!

Yikes! She needed to cool down quickly and here are some bits of advice I gave:
• No alcohol, no spicy foods, no peppers, no tomatoes
• Eat lots of fresh summer fruits and vegetables
• Pasta or rice are okay
• Ice cream or frozen fruit mash (yonana!) are good for quick cooling
• Cool the feet (feet relate to the eyes!) by walking on cool grass after sundown. (Mom beat me to it and stuck her tootsies in a bucket of cool water. That works too!)
• Drink aloe vera juice or coconut water
Cucumber or mint water are good
• Water in general is good

Helpful? Any other hotties out there in need of a cool down? And if so, how did YOU chill out? :) Inquiring minds would love to know…do share!

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  1. Smit says:

    Oh! Forgot to mention, I have started abhyanga and Ghee. Let me know if that is OK and also what dosage is indicated for me. I was considering svedana but not sure whether it’s a good idea in summer. I am 33 y/o female, 5’3”, 138 lbs (gained all the extra weight gradually after my 30th birthday and moving to cold climate), no major medical condition, sinking stools at this time. I am in Midwest.

  2. Smit says:

    Hey MonicaB,

    Thanks for the great website! I loved it!

    I have a question for you. I am vata/pitta (14/10). I can neither tolerate cold winters nor hot summers. You probably know the problem with winter but let me explain the main problem with summer that I am facing right now! I get really hot in summer and don’t cool down since I don’t sweat. Yes, I don’t sweat, not at all unless I am exercising rigorously- that too very little. Anyway, so I am feel uncomfortably hot. Air-conditioning helps some but guess what, not much, since I feel shivery due to the temp difference (body vs outside)! The thermometer does not show any fever but anyone who touches my skin can tell that I uncomfortably warm. What to do?

  3. Lois Kubota says:

    You rock Monica!! While I was doing an Ayurveda constitution quiz (part of the class project) my Rogi talked to me about her son. Angry, vomiting, heart burn etc, ding ding ding, too much pitta!! I recommended cooling foods too.

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