How I Got Better.

Welcome to part 2! If you missed part 1, check it out.

OK, so whatever cold bug I had, it didn’t last long. And I’m 99% sure it wasn’t the flu. I had it for 2 days when I felt like pure junk and the other 2 like mild junk. For the past 4 days, my voice has been almost gone/scratchy/low, but I feel fine.

Anyway, you are wondering how I got better, so let me share. It’s super detailed and requires the utomst precise adherance to the plan. You cannot waiver from the plan and you must follow it to a tee. You ready? Ok here’s what I did to get better.

I took one day off work and slept as much as possible.

Super complicated, I know I know. But do your best. :) Ha, but seriously I slept and slept and slept. Our bodies need a chance to fight the problem without being taxed with other responsibilities, so we need to let it rest. You can mix up Ayurvedic home remedies, eat the right foods, even take over the counter medicines but if you do not sleep (a lot!), you will stay sick for much longer.

Okay and let’s be real. Sleep is not the only thing I did, but I do believe it’s the most important thing. As promised, here is a list of things I did to get better quickly. Practicing Ayurveda is not going to make us immune to absolutely everything. But! If we use the tools, we will get sick less often, we will have mild cases of the sickness, and the duration will be much shorter. Cross my heart.

Here’s what I did to get better:
• Slept a lot: 12 hours at night and took two 2-hour naps. Sleep is way better than tv or chick flicks when you need to heal!
Neti pot. Or, “hose your nose” as one of our readers commented on the first post.
Cough tea. I made a batch each day and drank it warm. A
• Steamy shower. Good to balance vata (aches) and loosen mucus.
• I took some ibuprofen to relieve the aches. Even Dr. Lad said that we can take something to relieve the pain (no sense in suffering!), but then we must discover and treat the root cause holistically.

As always, Ayurveda has a focus on disease prevention. Living according to who we are, being aware of warning signs, and taking time to rest before our sickness is full blown is key to avoiding more severe sickies, like the icky flu! And if you end up getting the flu, please just take a load off and don’t push yourself. Turn off Judge Judy and sleep. Sleep I say!

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  1. Subodh says:


    This is nice article.

    Some days back I had mild headache and I took one day off from work . Next day everyone in office was laughing.There is myth created that we should rest only in high fever and ignore the mild symptoms.

  2. Joyeaux says:

    Yay! And I didn’t know that the aches were vata-related….I am super achey lately. Especially when I wake up.

  3. Lois Kubota says:

    Just a follow up Monica. I came down with the cold Friday Feb 1st. Started drinking the tea. Went to yoga school that weekend cuz it was graduation time and I had to do my practicum. I used the tea, 6 drops of oil of oregano every day, echinacha, and sinus clear (homeo thing I found at the health food store) and by Sunday when it was time to do my practicum, cold symptoms gone. Oh and I used my netti pot twice a day.

  4. Tanya says:

    I have found for the “hose your nose” part, I have trouble with a neti pot. Can’t get myself co-ordinated. So, I use those “snot suckers” for babies. I fill it with the saline, tilt my head back, and gently fill my sinuses (each side separately) then hang over the sink while it drains. It is a great size for travel.

  5. Lois Kubota says:

    You rock Monica! My husband’s cold is coming over to me and I’m trying to be prepared.

  6. Kibby says:

    So glad you are feeling better and YES! sleep is one of the best remedies. It’s just pulling ourselves AWAY from distractions to really LET GO and allow the body to heal. Great advice, dear! :)

  7. Marsi says:

    Rest is SO important to recuperation. Unfortunately, in our work culture, sick days have become frowned upon and people martyr themselves by working through their illness — and of course spreading it throughout the office. Illness is a sign from your body to slow down and take a break, and shouldn’t be ignored.

    Glad you like the sinus rinsing suggestion for travel. Our family allergist suggested it to us years ago. The Neil Med bottles are perfect for travel.

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