I Feel Swirly

Hi I feel swirly. Like my life is one big swirl and I can’t make it stop. My friend Jan, Director & Franchise owner for Ladies Who Launch Los Angeles, send me an email this past week that said, “Stop the world, I want to get off!” It’s like she read my mind.
Since I posted Seasonal Bloom, I haven’t been blogging quite as often as I normally do. It probably doesn’t bother you and maybe you didn’t even notice, but for me, it weighs on my shoulders because this is my passion. And I like it to happen fast!

I cannot discount that I also have many many other lovely things going on in my life, but those too, take up space.

So here we have this swirly colorful organic shape (I wish I could animate it because it’s always changing and it’s quite pretty) that represents how I feel. All beautiful things. All nice shapes. All somehow fitting in with one another. But MAN there’s a lot of them! I’ll count every single one of my blessings and by no means am I complaining, I just need a clone. Hah! I need reprieve. I need the world to stop for a second so I can get off and catch my breath. Right?! I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I actually had to go back and reread a post I wrote about how to manage all this stuff because I had forgotten my own advice! I guess sometimes it’s much easier to see other peoples’ lives than it is to see our own.

So anywhosies,  I’m just a little swirly. I’ll get back on track soon no doubt, but I definitely needed to get off the ferris wheel for a bit cause I was feeling sick. If you ever feel swirly, I would love to know what YOU do to stay steady (and productive!). Or maybe you just lay low for a bit and surrender. That’s kinda what I did. Afterall, if we aren’t strong enough for ourselves, we’re no good for anyone else either. Everything starts from the self and radiates outward.

Ah! So maybe my words of advice are, sit still and take care of you first. That’s how it has to be. Do you need sleep? Do you need to knit? Do you need to do your yoga? Do you need to say no to a dinner party because you can’t afford to keep going out? You see, even in airplanes we are supposed to put on our own oxygen mask before assisting others. True that! Breathe easy my friends and take care of yourselves. Remember, rest is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. And the world will keep going round while you take a few days or weeks to collect yourself. xoxo.

6 Responses to I Feel Swirly

  1. … but to actually answer your question, here’s a few things I try to do when I get swirly:

    Most of the time I turn on some music like Thievery Corporation or Lemongrass and visualize a clear road ahead of me…. or just dance and let the swirl move you!

    If that doesn’t work I clean the kitchen, douse myself in lavender, make a cup of tea and force myself to sit down on the couch and breathe.


    • Monica says:

      Gallies!! Thank goodness for girls, that’s all I have to say! Allison, I love your ideas when you get swirly! Thanks for sharing. Mostly, isn’t it just nice when chicks can come together and admit the swirls, give each other e-hugs, and then realize it’s okay to mellow out? I love that. Thanks girls, you helped me unswirl a bit :) xoxoxo

  2. Amy says:

    I’m so swirly right now that my head literally spins if I move too fast. Some serious snuggle time with my little girls helped slow the pace. Also the thought of a few days off of work this week — no matter the reason — is something to look forward to! I plan on sitting by the fire. A lot.

  3. I’m right there with you sister! I am SO swirly right now.

  4. Brooksley says:

    I have this very problem, and a two and a four-year old to boot. They just don’t care what I need. I find that the boundaries start to draw themselves when I get too swirly- like a natural check and balance. My ayurvedic colleague “prescribed” three sivasana sessions a day for me, and those stolen 5-minute stints are saving me right now.

  5. Megan says:

    I’m a student and its getting closer to finals time, and I tend to get this strange, happy, amped up energy around this time, but its all positive but still overwhelming!

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