I’m Goin’ Hungry

I don’t know why, and correct me if I’m wrong but…are people afraid to get hungry? I think of the recent trend of eating 5 or 6 small meals a day…nibbles here and there…and hearing people say, “I eat all day and I’m ever hungry!” Ok, but is that a good thing?

Hunger is our body’s way of telling us it’s digested everything we put in it last meal and that it needs more fuel. But what happens if we never let the stomach get empty? What if we just keep piling food on top of food that’s not yet digested? If you said, “Ama!” you are correct and deserve a fabulous prize when HeyMonicaB starts giving out prizes (tumbleweeds roll by).

Think of a washing machine. We don’t keep adding clothes to the washing machine without taking out the first load, do we? Imagine what would happen if we did…we’d get overflowing moldy clothes! Same as with our food. Overflowing, undigested, rotten stuff that gets clogged and steals away in our precious tissues…causing imbalance and disease.

So allow yourself to get hungry! It’s really important. It’s the only way to know if you should eat or not! How simple is that?! Not only that, but do NOT eat unless you feel hungry. You might still be digesting whatever you gave it last, so let it go through it’s process. And, if you are never hungry it’s a good indicator that you have built up ama in your system and that you need to clean it out.

Don’t eat if you are not hungry. Your body will tell you when it needs food, so embrace and honor the stomach rumblings.

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