Importance of the Mind: Part 2

Hey! So, after reading part 1, you already know that mistaken intellect is the first stage in the disease process. Mistaken intellect (making wrong choices) can be anything; not doing your daily exercise, drinking lots of alcohol, eating too much, eating the wrong foods., smoking, etc., So now you might be wondering, “Ok great. So how to I help myself make the right decisions?” The goal is to move to a more sattvic state of mind…”Ok great. What’s sattvic!?” I will tell you…

There are three primal qualities in our consciousness: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. I will sum each of these up so that you have a quick idea of each. In a nutshell, Sattva is your purity of thought and right action. It is your intelligence, the way you create harmony and balance within yourself and the world around you. Rajas is responsible for creating turbulence, stimulation and transformation. It’s the goal-setting, out-reaching, ego-satisfying traits, where the desires of our egos is top priority (too much of it creates an unhappy ego maniac). Tamas is darkness, heaviness, ignorance, lack of awareness, depression and nervousness. It is the energy of disintegration, death and decay (Don’t worry, if you were tamasic you would not be open-minded enough to read a blog about Ayurveda).

Among the three, imbalanced rajas and tamas may lead to disease (Sattva never causes disease because it is pure). So the goal is to bring more sattvic qualities into our lives. Why? Because the healthier our mind, the healthier our body and spirit. If there is too much rajas, you might strive and strive and strive until you get what your ego thinks is “top-notch,” but still may never be satisfied, so you strive some more and then end up with stress-related health problems. Too much tamas would be having addictions, severe psychological problems, suicidal tendencies, hatefulness, vindictiveness, and intense attachment to pleasure and material things.

SO! To raise sattvic levels in our mind, body and spirits, I offer the following tips:

• Start with nutrition!
Sattvic foods:
milk, rice, fresh and seasonal veggies and fruits, ghee
Rajasic foods: coffee, meat, eggs, garlic, onion, spicy foods, cheese
Tamasic foods: anything fried, stale or processed foods, refined sugars, tomatoes (don’t ask me why, it’s
what the authorities say), alcohol, frozen foods, fast food
• Surround yourself with positive and loving people
• Be at the level of your Buddhi (pure wisdom) and really focus inward toward truth.
For example, you know you are full, so why have a second helping? You know you should get up early to do your exercise, but you choose to sleep in. Use your BUDDHI (love saying that) to keep yourself on track!
• Do Pranayama and meditation. These directly channels and nourishes the mind to increase sattva.

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  1. Aimee says:

    I see that frozen foods are something we should avoid. Does that count for frozen vegetables as well? Also, is that only relevant to store-bought frozen vegetables, or do the ones I freeze myself from the garden count too?

    I absolutely love your blog, and sincerely appreciate your effort to educate people in Ayurveda! Thank you! <3

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